Senator Ron Wyden Pushes For FEMA Support

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Senator Ron Wyden Pushes For FEMA Support
Oregon leaders ask FEMA assume 100% of the financial cost of debris clean up.

Ures here in southern oregon.

Newswatch 12 has been following the state's efforts for more fema assistance.

And the new deadline to register for those in need is november 30th.

Wyden says oregon leaders are not backing down until locals receive the support they need in their communities.

Boost the federal share so that our local governments, that have also been flattened with expense or all kinds of challenges whether it's housing or debris removal, don't go further in the hole.

According to the senator fema has authorized 90 percent cost share in more than 20 disasters since 20-17.

This includes wildfires -- and 100 percent cost share in 22 disasters during the same period.

Because wyden has seen oregonians suffer as a result of the fires he says he will

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