Chillicothe Family's Miracle

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Chillicothe Family's Miracle

Chillicothe Family's Miracle

A Livingston County family is finally reunited after one family member spent nearly a month on the ventilator in Kansas City for Covid-19

County family is finally reunited after one family member spent nearly a month on the ventilator in kansas city for covid-19.

Kq2's madeline mcclain found out what the family says got them through what they say is the toughest thing they've ever experienced.

<<a chillicothe family is sharing a miracle recovery after a 45-day battle with covid-19.jaime pittman, wife of covid survivor: we would not be here today, together, sitting on this couch, talking to you if it wasn't for the miracle that god has given us."

After a month and a half away from his family covid-19 -- spending nearly a month on the ventilator.jon pittman finally got to go home tuesday.jon pittman, covid survivor: "they said what do you think about going home the first part of next week and i said, are you kidding me?

And they said no and i started crying."pittman and his wife got the virus at the end of september.wednesday he had a fever -- by sunday doctors were figuring out how to transfer him from hendricks medical center to st.

Luke's hospital.a day later he was put in the icu and didn't come out for more than a month.jon pittman, covid survivor: she told me that she couldn't live without me that i was going to pull through this and i had a 7-year-old son that i had to raise yet."they say jon's survival is a story of family, community, and faith.jon pittman, covid survivor: "if it wasn't for my wife and god above, i wouldn't be here doing this."from his work... jaime pittman, wife of covid survivor: there were a couple of guys from his work that had taken up a donation for us and said you don't need anything.

If there is anything you need, you tell us and everybody at donalson will make sure you are taken care her work jaime pittman, wife of covid survivor: my boss said don't think about this place, don't worry about this place, everything will be taken care of.

Your family is your priority and taking care of whatever needs to be taken care of with them."to family and friends that took on the load when jaime pittman began driving hours to and from the hospital.jaime pittman, wife of covid survivor: an obviously that's not sustainable when you have a 7- year-old at home so i made a phone call to my mom and she has been here since that 3rd day.the community their church.jaime pittman, covid survivor: our community held a prayer service in our front yard one night and that was a beautiful thing to be a part of and something i will never forget."and the doctors, nurses, and staff -- they say jon wouldn't have made it home without them.jon pittman, covid survivor: they kept saying that i was so motivated.

I told them, i don't know if you can see that or not, that's my son and i kept telling them, this is my motivation to get home."

Wouldn't have been able to hold his boy in his arms.jon pittman, covid survivor: my little boy looked out the window and saw me and he come a running.

He almost knocked me down and he give me a hug.

They want to say thank you for helping in this miracle.jon pittman, covid survivor: i finally got in the house.

He had read a book called under the moon and had it on a video for me and i would watch that every night before i went to bed and i asked him if he would go get that book and read it to me so when we got in the house he read that book to me that night.

I'll never forget that.

It evening with my son.

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