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Friday, January 22, 2021

Ice skating is back at the Coast Coliseum

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Ice skating is back at the Coast Coliseum
Ice skating is back at the Coast Coliseum

After a delay opening in the ice rink due to Hurricane Zeta, ice skating at the Mississippi Coast Coliseum has returned for the winter season.


- - after a delay opening the ice - rink due to hurricane zeta, - ice skating at the mississippi- coast coliseum has returned for- the winter season.- skating enthusiasts to beginner- are welcome to hit- the ice.- admission is 13 dollars and - includes ice skate rental.- the rink is open to skaters two- to four times a day in 90 minut- time slots from now until - january 17th.

Hours for - skating vary each day and is- subject to change.- covid safety protocols have als- been put in place.

The- number of people per sesssion - has been limited and- masks are required whenever not- physically- skating.- for two local high school - students, ice skating has given- them a way to safely gather wit- friends and celebrate the - holiday season.

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