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Saturday, January 16, 2021

Here's how Downtown Fort Wayne gets festive for the holidays

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Here's how Downtown Fort Wayne gets festive for the holidays
Here's how Downtown Fort Wayne gets festive for the holidays

The Downtown Improvement District's Clean and Green program takes the time to decorate all177 planters that are distributed throughout the city.

So far they have 97 done.

They expect to be finished decorating by Thanksgiving.

Neal fox 55 news.

Downtown fort wayne is getting ready for the holidays.

Fox 55's nico pennisi shows us what goes into the preparation.

Ever wonder who is responsible for making the city look festive for the holidays?

Meet clean and green program coordinator anthony racic.

Him and his team have been working since early november to spruce up all the planters around the city for the christmas season.

Racic: "we put different shiny stuff and just decorate it to make it look extra festive, to really try and lift people's spirits."the planters get decorated 4 times a year.

They estimate that it costs around $50 per planter per season.

This time of year, they are filled with ornaments, garland and ?nat?

Racic tying a bow on the plant.

"it's a lot of fun man.

We get to come out and decorate for the holidays and it just brightens people's spirits."one of those people is sarah strimmenos.

She loves working downtown this time of year.strimmenos: "it gives you the christmas spirit!

It brings a little joy and happiness to downtown obviously and it just makes everything seem more festive."

The downtown improvement district also makes sure all sign and light posts are 3 decorated with wreaths and wrapped in garland.

President michael galbraith estimates that the almost 200 posts will be done just in time for thanksgiving.

Galbraith: "we're making sure that downtown is still open for business and celebrating the holiday season."the downtown improvement district doesn't do it alone.

Galbraith says it takes a village.galbraith: "decorating downtown is a really collaborative effort between the city of fort wayne, the downtown improvement district, the parks department as well as a number of local businesses."

Attorney steven shine has been putting on christmas on broadway for the past 16 years.

This year his display included a 40-foot colorado spruce, adorned with 40,000 lights.

Shine: "this has really now become the one of if not the premier holiday event in the city.

It's the gateway to the opening of the holiday season


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