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Sunday, January 17, 2021

Good Giving Challenge 12012020

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Good Giving Challenge    12012020
Good Giving Challenge 12012020

Cody and Erica spoke with Lauren Parson, Director of strategic Initiatives & Communications.Giving Tuesday starts Today.

The week, but we will get temperatures in the 40s and som dryer and more sunshine, for wednesday.

Stay safe on those roads.

I think you lissa getting challenge connects charitable individuals with local nonprofit during the giving campaign here with the details and so spent giving tuesday launches lauren parson, director of strategic initiatives and communications welcome to the show in the summer joining us ... morning i woke this is a huge venue is overview of what this is and what it does ... actually that you're getting challenge the partnership of th foundation that the spirit of getting day and we encourage ou community to rally that worked so hard to make our community great your route so we have on this year hundred and 26 nonprofit dissipating and anybody who can get.

We encourage them to get dollar and they can go to one with idg get word and make you sent you many of the organizations that they' like to is incredible talking about over 100 nonprofit are involved in.

This is a massive undertaking but share some examples i need to be a lot of good that comes from this for this nonprofit ... oh yeah, i need we've heard incredible glory from nonprofit, especially this year you know many of them had fundraising event can hold and use of their on and by day and they are having to rely on the more than ever, and you know additional t ensure they can guideline the increase need buy equipment might enhance either or either nickel equipment so they can provide virtual services, though the greater the effort is here and leave the community will the challenge.

I was out looking at the number and were already at over $100,000 in the first lesson, you know, 15 minutes of of the will, follows black friday as well as are religious and shopping waiting the sun help ... when you're doing like this is so important now people just above even the times may be tough for some ... well one thing and will actually good for you lately about getting it out.

It actually like lowers your sure increases their own in your brain.

It makes you feel good.

I think now more than ever when people stay apart from friends and family ordered a volley here for those organizations that we love.

Thi is one way that you can have them be part of the good gettin challenge and be part of the communitywide knowledge feel like europe, heart something much bigger than your out and need a lot.

These organizations here do so much lauren 10 years.

This is obviously going on for long time now and maybe changed over the years.

When these well when it out.

I think it was actually to my long so now we have sort of narrowed it.

I whe we being for the week by for the challenge that allowed you know one day, people might miss out on the is over a week so it goes like to today prefer to go to that and it really writing this year we actually have over hundred thousand dollars and challenges of so we have opportunities every day of the challenge that the new feature this year nate celebrating a decade of getting together on the dollar increase the impact of everybody you ... was easy was able to take out your phone or go to your computer your tablet and you need to give got word and you can browse their files all 120 and find one that you made your mind or you hurt i caught him over education or security are you can find all the work that do that work using online so you can your donation your shopping cart and checkout all at one breathing.

We own the car so there's no reason to use the can't do this morning.

Thank yo so much for chat


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