How Iran's Nuclear Chief, Fakhrizadeh, Was Assassinated
How Iran's Nuclear Chief, Fakhrizadeh, Was Assassinated

ABSARD, IRAN — Iranian journalist Mohamad Ahwaze claims to have received leaked information from the country's government about the assassination of Iran's leading nuclear scientist on Friday.

Ahwaze says the attack was carried out by 12 gunmen, who were supported by a team of 50 operatives providing them with information and logistics.

He says the hit squad knew Mohsen Fakhrizadeh's security convoy was on its way to his holiday home and were waiting in ambush at a traffic circle marking the entrance to the town of Absard.

As the convoy entered the traffic circle, a car bomb exploded, hitting the rear security car.

The 12 attackers then opened fire on the middle car with machine guns and 2 sniper rifles.

According to Ahwaze one of the attackers then dragged the scientist out of his car and executed him.

The attackers then disappeared, and so far not one attacker has been caught.

The Iranian Fars News Agency gave a conflicting report, saying that there were no gunmen, and that the attack was done by firing a remote-controlled machine gun mounted on the truck that later exploded.