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Saturday, February 27, 2021

What you need to know: Dec. 9

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What you need to know: Dec. 9
What you need to know: Dec. 9

Good morning, North State.

Here's what you need to know to start your day on Dec.


Now... welcome back.

Here's what you need to know to start your day.

This morning the city of chico has a new mayor.

Just moments after he was sworn in as a new member of the council.... the city council unanimously selected andrew coolidge as the city's new mayor, district 6 council member kasey reynolds is the new vice mayor.

As first business tuesday night... in a five to two vote - the council made camping in a city park a misdemeanor rather than an infraction.

## happening today... the third and final virtual community workshop to review a proposed local development.

At issue - the north chico village proposal - the development would be located north of eaton road, east of highway 99 and west of the chico airport.

For all the information on how to take part, visit action news - slash links.

### today- a judge is set to decide whether a local woman accused of embezzlement, will go to trial.

Prosecutors say teri jo buckman ... the former office coordinator of the butte college health center, stole thousands of dollars from the school.

She is also charged with forgery, identity theft and practicing medicine without certification.

## bank of america says california has paid at least 2 billion in fradulent unemployment benefits... the state contracted bank of america to distribute unemployment benefits.

In september, the state asked bank of america to freeze 345,000 accounts because of suspected fraud.

Since the start of the panedmic, california has paid roughly $110 billion in benefits this morning regulators are investigating two adverse reaction!

- 24 hours after the first pfizer coronavirus vaccine shots... ow - u.k. regulators say people who have a?significant history of allergic reactions - should no* get the vaccine just yet.

So far - no specifics on wha* the reactions are... but both people are recovering.## the u.s. supreme court on tuesday denied a lawsuit that could have overturned the results of the presidential election in pennsylvania.

Representative mike kelly argued that a 2019 state law authorizing universal mail-in voting is unconstitutional ... and that all ballots cast by mail in the general election in pennsylvania should be thrown out.

## the biden administration -- introducing more high- profile cabinet announcements this week.

The president elect just named his health team... backing his promise to vaccinate 100 million americans in his first 100 days.

But the white house coronavirus task force warns it'll be late spring before we see a significant drop in cases and deaths.


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