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Friday, March 5, 2021


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- the s-e-c championship game is- back and carries massive- implications-- however when - doesn't it?

- number 7- ranked florida faced- top-ranked alabama for the- first time since they last met- in the championship back in 201- with- a convincing 54-16 win for the- tide.

- - - - this time, things figure to be- more competitive as the gators- boast an offense that averages- 41 points per game.

Alabama,- however, manages nearly 50.

The- tide had a perfect record of- - - - 10-and-oh to keep intact going- into saturday's game, while the- gators were coming of a - close loss to a under 500 l-s-u- team and were in need of win to- help their resume for the - college playoff rankings.

- let's check out the highlights- from atlanta.

- 1.

First quarter... tide alread- up 7 - nothing... quarterback - kyle trask.... airs it out to - receiver kadarius toney - for the 51-yard score.

Gators - tie it up, 7 all.

- 2.

Later in the first...- quarterback mac jones.... - scanning- the field... jones zips it to - receiver devonta smith- who runs it to finish off the - 31-yard touchdown.- bama takes the lead, 14 - 7.- 3.

Second quarter... jones....- pass to running back- najee harris...dodging 1... 2 - florida defenders on his- way to the endzone and the- - - 7-yard score.

21 - 10, tide.

4.- just over 2 minutes left in the- half... here it is again... - jones - to harris for the 23-yard t-d.- harris goes on to finish the- - game with 178 rushing yards and- 5 touchdowns.

28- - 10, bama.

- 5.

We go to the fourth... trask- over the top to receiver kyle - pitts... who marches it all the- way down to the 1 yard line - for the 25 yard gain.

- 6.

Three plays later... running- back dameon pierce punches it - in from a yard out to make this- - - - a seven point game.

Albama stil- on top, 45 - 38.- 7.

Later in the fourth... jones- to smith in the endzone for the- 15 yard touchdown and what woul- be the final nail in- the gator's coffin, despite a - scorinf drive on florida's- ensuing - possession.

Alabama tops florid- with a final score, 52 -- 46, making it the tide's 7th- consecutive victory over the- gators.

- - the covid-19 pandemic and the - resulting unpredictable - college football season has mad- for even more - controversy than usual- surrounding the final college - football playoff rankings.- with players and coaches- sidelined due to the coronaviru- at various times throughout the- season... fewer out-of- - conference match-ups... and - numerous cancellation of- games, comparing teams to - determine who would have- a chance at the college footbal- championship- was anything other than even.

- despite all the circumstances - and controversy though, the top- 4 - teams were determined and - announced today.- no real surprises in the first- two spots.

Alabama cruising - in at number one and clemson- charging in at number two - after yesterday's convincing 34- -10 win over notre- dame in the a-c-c championship- game.

- the tigers will play ohio state- in the sugar bowl, who snuck in- at- number three with only six game- played this season, - however having just claimed a - fourth straight big ten title,- after defeating northwestern, 2- - 10.

- rounding out the four-team- playoff is notre dame, who lost- to clemson in the conference- - - - championship, however, beat the- in the regular season.

The- fightng irish will take on the- crimson tide in the rose bowl.- the aggies got snubbed from a - chance at a championship- coming in at number five, while- oklahoma sneaks in at six.- 9-and-oh cincinnati getting the- ultimate snub,- sitting at number 8.- - a possible super bowl preview - was played today in the big eas- as- the 10-and-3 saints hosted the- 12-and-1 chiefs.- the big news this week in new - orleans... quarterback- drew brees returned to the- starting line-up after missing- the - last four games due to 11 broke- ribs and a punctured lung.- although the saints are - returning their 13-time pro bow- quarterback, new orleans was- without receiver michael thomas- who was placed on the i-r with- an ankle injury this week.- the defending super bowl- champion chiefs are looking the- part again this season and ente- the game on an eight game - winning streak.

- 1.

First play of the second - quarter... chiefs lead, 7-- nothing...- mahomes with a push pass to - tight end travis kelce who gets- the one-yard touchdown... 14 -- zip, kansas city.

- 2.

Second quarter... saints - finally find the endzone with - this direct snap to quarterback- taysom hill who runs it from th- one.

New orleans trails, 14 - 7- 3.

Check out this wacky play...- 20 seconds left in the first- - - - half... saints punting... - receiver demarcus robinso with- the - return... until linebacker crai- robertson punches the ball- out right here...linebacker ale- - - - anazalone - can't recover it the endzone an- the ball squirts out of the - back, - instead resulting in a safety.- chiefs still ahead, 14 - 9.

- 4.

Third quarter... saints firs- drive of the second - half... brees... feeling the- pressure... tosses it up to - running back latavius murray wh- does the rest... murry- with the 24-yard score.

Saints- take the lead 15 - 14 after a - failed- two-point conversion.

- 5.

Later in the third...- mahomes... scrambling...- throws it up to receiver mecole- - - - hardman in the back of the- endzone for the 5-yard- touchdown.

Take another look at- this catch in the corner of the- endzone... hardman gets his - right foot in and then makes- sure to drag that left toe.

- - - - great awareness right there by- hardman.

21 - 15, chiefs.

- 6.

Fourth quarter... defensive- end cameron jordan- is ejected for thi splay as he- and guard andrew wylie get- tangled up... it appears that - jordan took a swing at wylie- during the exchange.- 7.

Next play... mahomes keeps - it... he goes up field... - pitches it- to running back le'veon bell wh- scampers in for the 13-yard t-d- chiefs have a successful- two-point conversion and- go up 29 - 15.- 8.

Under ten minutes left in th- game..

Brees hands off to - running back kamara who does th- heavy lifting weaving through - traffic to the house.

The 14- - - - - yard score cuts the lead to - seven.

29 -22, chiefs.- 9.

Just over two minutes to - play... brees loads the - cannon... and - fires it 17 yards to receiver - lil'jordan humphrey - between two chiefs defenders fo- the touchdown.- chiefs lead now by three, 32-29- the saints decide to trust thei- defense and not try an onside - kick.

That plan doesn't work- out.

Chiefs run out the clock - and get the victory, 32-29.

- in his first game back in over - month, brees went 15 of 34 for- 234 yards, 3 touchdowns, and 1- interception.

The saints will - try to snap their 2-game losing- - - - streak next week at home agains- the vikings.- - we've got a heart-warming - w-x-x-v play of the day - today....a- special moment any father and - son or daughter can relate to a- p-g-a golfers play with their - kids in the p-n-c championship.- it's the first time tiger woods- is playing with his 11-year-old- son - charlie who happens to be the - youngest participant in the - field.- the tournament is for major - champions from the p-g-a and l-- p-g-a tours, teamed with a- family member.- it's eleven-year-old charlie's- public debut at this- level, however, he has played i- numerous junior tournaments.- my favorite part is that tiger- and charlie woods are wearing - their sunday best red and black- today.

Such a special - moment and such a cool event.

- i actually wore my sunday best- red and black today too!- - - coming


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