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Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Local reaction to the Capitol Building riots

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Local reaction to the Capitol Building riots
Local reaction to the Capitol Building riots

A local congressman and local professor both react to what they saw and experienced in Washington D.C.

Wednesday night.

The table for charging the rioters.

Some people are saying they saw something like this coming.

Others say they're shocked at what we all witnessed yesterday in d.c.

News 10's sarah lehman is live in our newsroom.

She has more from a political science professor... plus -- reaction from a local congressman who was in d.c.

This was the first time since 1814 that the united states capitol building was breached.

In 1814 it was taken over by the british during the war of 1812.

Steven webster is a political science professor at indiana university.

He specializes in anger in politics and what that looks like.

He says he wasn't really surprised when he saw what was happening.

Webster says tensions had been growing across the country -- politcally for a long time.

Now -- after the protests and riots from last night many democrats and republicans are talking about a second impeachment.

Or invoking the 25th amendment which would remove president trump from office.

Vice president mike pence would take his positon until president elect joe biden was inagurated.

He says many of these things we have not ever seen in american history.

"that a sitting president is challenging the legitmacy of an election the fact that we see the capitol stormed by these protestors talks of using the 25th amendment a second impeachement this truly is unchartered waters."

Meanwhile -- illinois and indiana state leaders were in d.c.

During the riots.

Indiana congressmen larry buschon told me he was in lock down all day.

He says he was not actually in the capitol building.

Because of covid 19 restrictions.

But -- he says he was on lockdown in his office.

Congressman bucshon says the actions that took place should be condemended.

And that they should not and cannot be tolearted.

Bucshon says before the break in at the capitol he was planning on objecting two of the states election results.

To quote prove a point and continue the conversation of local and state election issues.

But -- he says after he saw what happened he changed his course and did not object.

Bucshon says he believes what president trump said at his rally on the national lawn earlier that day helped to incite what happened.

He says that is not how america settles political disputes.

"in america we have a peaceful tranistion of power.

We settle our poliotical disputes at the ballot box with a vote of the american people.

We settle our disputes in congress with heated debate with our friends many times.

We don't solve our political issues violently."

Last night congress did reconvene and congress did last night violently."

Last night congress did reconvene and finish counting the finish reconvene and finish counting the electoral college votes.

Buschon and webster say that was a symbolic moment for democracy in our country.

Reporting live in the newsroom.

I'm sarah lehman news 10.

Back to you.


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