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Saturday, August 13, 2022


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New law that could allow teachers to permanently remove students from their classrooms. and learn why a silverdale inmate is facing more charges those stories straight ahead on news 12 now at 5:30.

"news 12 now at 5:30.

Your news starts now."

Good evening.

I'm andrew harrison.

And i'm emily cassulo.


And i'm emily cassulo.

Thanks for joining us for news 12 now at 5:30.

As of sunday morning, u.s. border patrol was holding more than 4,200 unaccompanied migrant children in short-term holding facilities.

Nearly 3,000 of those unaccompanied minors have been in custody for more than 72 hours.

News 12's kenan scott joins us now live with what local legal experts are saying about the implications of this influx of migrant children.

Emily, andrew according to the department of homeland security on saturday, the biden administration is deploying fema to the mexican border to help care for thousands of unaccompanied migrant teens and children who are arriving in overwhelming numbers and being packed into detention cells and tent shelters.

The deployment marks an escalation in the administration's response to the growing crisis at the border.

It is part of what dhs said would be a 90-day government- wide effort at the border, where an unprecedented number of minors are arriving without their parents each day and must be sheltered and cared for until they can be placed with a vetted sponsor, usually a parent or relative already living in the united states.

I spoke with brittany faith, an immigration legal expert based out of chattanooga, who says this is a situation that we've seen before.

"there have been several times where this has happened previously so in 2014 this happened with the obama administration but this also happened in the trump administration in 2018 and 2019.

And a lot of that surge doesn't necessarily come from our political process, but a lot of it comes from what's happening in their home countries."

This comes as the house plans to vote this week on a measure that would protect undocumented immigrants who were brought to the u.s. as children, as well as provide legal status to farm workers.

We'll have more on this story right here at 6.

Reporting live in chattanooga, kenan scott news 12 now.

A silverdale inmate is facing more charges, after the sheriff's office says he assaulted a corrections deputy.

Hamilton count investigators say rodney ballard stepped out of his cell, and struck the deputy in the face, yesterday.

The deputy's injuries were minor, and they were checked out by medical personnel.

Ballard is being charged with simple assault.

He remains in custody.

A 73 year old man who suffered serious burns on friday when a controlled burn got out of control, has died.

Richard donham on snow hill road in harrison suffered burns over 60 to 70 of his body and died sunday morning at a burn treatment center in atlanta.

He had been pulled from the burning field and barn friday afternoon by the highway 58 fire department, and rushed to the hospital by life force.

Funeral services are pending.

Mr. donham was a brother in law of sheriff jim hammond.

More education leaders are weighing in on a law that would allow teachers to permanently remove students from their classroom.

The proposal would require a series of steps the teacher or school must exercise before making the permanent removal.

The hamilton county education association says the goal of the bill is to find an alternate solution for students.

Sometimes you have personality conflicts or there are other issues going on in the classroom.

The major thing that we have to look at is what does the student need.

What needs are not being met when their behaviors are acting up and looking at restorative practices and looking at their basic needs.

The education association would would like to see students or parents be able to appeal the removal before the bill goes into effect.

Chatanooga's mayoral runoff race is picking up steam with less than one month from election day.

Dr. elenora woods is now the latest candidate to publicly endorse tim kelly.

Dr. woods credits kelly with being able to work with diverse communities in the past.

Kim white however is endorsed by chattanooga police officers and wants to attract and keep more first responders.

I'm fortunate to be the candidate left in the race for the runoff that is representing the rest of the candidates.

It's about us.

It really is about the vision that we share.

I've been a strong proponent since day one that we need to make sure that we pay our first responders competitive wages.

We're losing so many of them right now and we need to make sure that we provide more resources so we can have the best trained.

Election day is april 13th.

Early voting for chattanooga's runoff election begins next week.

It will start next wednesday march 24th.

There are 3 locations where you can vote early: the brainered rec center, election comission, and hixson community center.

Brainerd rec and hixson community center will be open 10 in the morning to 6 in the evening monday through friday.

The election commission will be open from 8 in the morning till 6 in the evening.

All locations are open from 10 in the morning to 4 in the afternoon on saturday.

The runoff election features tim kelly vs kim white for chattanooga mayor.

Jenny hill and thomas lee are in a runoff for district 2 while dennis clark and isaiah hester are in a runoff for district 5.

Now, from the epb fiberoptics weather center, forecast.

Our 2 bekah bidsall you finally returned to the valley and the past two hours already have elected to attend 7 inches in blue color which is off to the west especially in those darker green nearly an inch of rainfall in a current look on the tight raiders of the heaviest rain th worst is going to be in jackson and counties with users to be pushing eastwards will probably be near chattanooga and in hamilton county in the next few hours if you look at this local future cost and expect more of this team tonight just a few rain showers not released a whole lot of lightning with his the a few areas and see if you areas with a rumble of thunder otherwise not really acting any severe weather in the majority of those heavy downpours will be in our north alabama nor georgia counties will have more on this springlike week coming up later in the fourth will still lead all will bellyflop 30 availability but songbird kay blevins beginning a new chapter and joining us now tell us all about it is read caldwell.

I read you doing well.

Thanks for joining us personal telephone little bit about the great news with the foundation what's coming up in the teacher will you all know summer is closed officially in august 2020 and the investors and adventure donated all the stuff within the space to the summer foundation includes the casework stage and the lighting was celsius and all that stuff you are doing is we're taking a change from being primarily explained the cars over to doin a hands-on exhibit is computer steam based exhibits.

Essentially the story of sound as told through the guitar being the central narrator of the story so it talks about what sound is how we interact with all the details about how they sounded and how that sounds bona fide as a kind of goes through the single chain of busing to through panels and amps and the pickups and there's a lot of things you can pick up and touch, you can plug in order guitar and play through working with great companies like jhs tells a tendency to make is an awesome display of one of the cars here in town.

It was another great folks to come together to help us tell storie and is real science.

A real hands-on kind of environment on the refund for not only families and kids and also adults can't wait to play the machine is pretty cool.

You also have rotating exhibits whenever his chinese history exhibit.

Our first reason is that it is to b about them.

Russians were very excited about that.

I chinese euros and we just can't wait to get that going on will also carry water solutions for the times him started like live concerts.

I timber.

We also been called one point in time still have quite a few of the space for the console on great things they started will continue as well and they are very eager to say that neon bird cut the site up on the building actually com on as well.

I read that is, you were very excited for you guys to be able to do this again in our community done so much again.

This is a for family so anybody can check it out is goo to be available starting in the house i correct read.

Yeah, we are our intention is to open up brown on september was the firs look at pandemic,wecando isgreatnewsaboutallthisisth... that, noweverythingwedoallthebest... rtsconcertwiththe newstuffgoesbacktosupportos... esprogramsoalltherevenueweg... tefromthespace willgodirectlytothatprogram... allowsostrichesstate oncelesteisexciting, twistedthingisnowwellfuncti... isanonprofitalreadysupports... ateprogram, asfarasthebuildingofhealthl... bitaboutthesketchdesigns.ho... dittakeyoutocomeupwith.this... youwantedtolookattheinterac... ccesswillbewestartedinaugust .wemetwith peopletogothesecompanieswell createdstoriesinwhichwewoul... andrespectthose.similarly donegreatworkreallyunderstand conceptsof howtomakesomethingengagingf... onlyfortolearnsciencebutals... ittleongoing.therewasspot iwasarmingthemwithouttalkin... ughwarmestregardsexhibits, eachotheranddon'ttheexactsa... ngso andwassonicallyresignscinci... andrudeforratesonwallstreet... rsationswithawesomefolkssharp 'sgreatempiresandpeoplethatyou areveryexcitedalsoheldin ampsandtitlesmoreasexciteda... eisalwayscomingtogetherwith isliketheonesthatyouare stillwantedtohavethatgreat onthelistthattheguitarsdati... nhecamein pcseeashowthatyoustillfeell... u'resurroundedbymusicand finishedyear .wealsowantedtoreallycan'te... newdemographictomakesureweh... uffthatthenwecan, andtoreallywalkoutoftherewi... einmorerobustknowledgeof, : completed rrsp guitar playing us to really working towards playing joins greatest recall well.

Thanks so much for joining us and giving us this information.

We are really excited about the exhibits with the songbird foundation and also the concerts be available for us here in the tennessee valley coming up agai, thank you so much for joining us as iraq.

They will have much more ahead and if you would lik some more information on this interview.

All you do is check our website, 33 politically corrupt or produce.

Is it worth investigating the lord with all the-what people divided over actual value added this week to rightly look at the benefits of buying keys network coverage join us on friday is bekah bidsall weekend we sprang forward and we have a very breeding like a week i had started with some rain showers maybe if you thunderstorms tonight will when they is going to be the day to watch a white light look outside right now overly quite a lot the clouds of pretty muggy and warm for most of the afternoon with the fast approaching it's also been very breezy even gusting upwards of 25 mph in th line of storms that will begin to push through the tennessee valley already impacting our western counties if you tend to finance nearly an inch of rain falling some of our most wester counties that were to be lookin for work in june tonight so current look on the service analysis warm front has passed reading that influx of warmth breezy air from the south and all the rain showers that you d see that the west by the stationary cold fronts are goin in to this future cost for tonight if you brief heavy downpour as some of us will be a thunderstorm or two that mailin enemies south of chattanooga is specially in our north alabama north georgia counties although no severe weather is six active again jewish act if you thunderstorms and breezy conditions along with some heav downpours and this is going to be continuing all the way into our tuesday morning i'm going i the afternoon at one of the most the cloudy midst axes for our high with meat basically more rain and thunderstorms towards the morning hours but could still be a more rain showers into the afternoon all the goin to be a bit of a lower chance of heading in a to renew will see warmth runs pushed through the tennis the valley and because of that will be getting a lot of moisture from it in from this out with an approaching cold front from the west and because of that we are going to have a very kind table atmospheres will start as the heavy downpours approached just after 2 pm that looks like it could be impactin mostly our tennis in counties for the majority of the athlete afternoon and evening hours i would have another round of heavy rainfall potentially brings some strong maybe even severe storms on this it can be mainly after 8 pm continue all the way into early thursday morning now this will, be the best chance to see a potential strong to severe thunderstorms and not to be continuing all th way into early thursday so this is a severe weather outlook for wednesday notice that that bigger threat is going to be mainly towards earth southwest counties that are under that enhanced and flight risk up in the yellow book really though the entire viewing area does have a chance to see potentiall sums or whether the weather had lied going into wednesday strong to severe storms possible for wednesday no threat to will be left out timing -wise can be just after 2 pm when they can continue all the way into early thursday so really this is goin to be like a two day event wiser and be expecting around two to even over 3 inches of rain they went that's all have your 70 from the epb fiberoptics weathe center here's your 74 guys as w had in a wednesday definitely one of the weather aware it all is st.

Patrick's day deftly have multiple ways to get alerts for potential severe weather this i can be continue into thursday old leftover moisture for friday but it looks like we will dry out just in time for the first weekend of bring emmeline into all things look like a government cover with the good news order for the tips that chip chapman and we're talking dog parks in today's good word charleston, tennessee.

She was one of the communities in the state pitching to win money to build one for their own.

They're taking part in this year's dog park now this wheel last year that randy and jenny boyd will hand out grants to 16 communities here in the bald state.

Remember, of course randy boyd is the president of the university of tennessee system, but his company sells pet products which inspired his desire to make tennessee the most dog friendly state in america.

Plenty of towns throughout our area boarding one just a couple of months ago we showed you photos from the new park in athens, but collegeville etowah dayton spring city signal mountain cleveland and chattanooga have all been winners this year's nominations are open through ta day if you live in charleston or anywhere in tennessee dog park com to nominate your hometown.

That's dog part com open link to that.

By the way, on our facebook page now if you have some good news.

If you'd like t share with us.

All you have to do is let us know about it that's or lacus to it through facebook.

I'm chip chapman will join us tomorrow evening about the same time for even more good the indiana last tuesday.

A video shared on social media showed kendi venturing outside for the first time with the herd, and exploring the habitat within the zoo enclosure.

The male reticulated giraffe calf was born to first-

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