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Sunday, May 16, 2021


Credit: WTVQ Lexington, KY
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The high flood waters in kentucky may have receded...but the clean up effort is still ongoing.

Abc 36's bobbi mcswine spoke with volunteers from crossroads church who have been in the trenches trying to help families come back.

######### kroger: "we understand that we can't help everyone, but we can help someone."

That's what drives darin kroger...reach out director for crossroads west side...and leader of the relief group...masters of disaster.

That...and his faith.

Kroger: "it's been super rewarding and it's great to know i'm able to make kingdom impact through this."

Kroger says masters of disaster has 100 people in winchester and beattyville helping with post-flood clean up.

It has sent 10- thousand dollars in aid over the past two weeks...and plans to send that same amount in the near future.

The group initially was helping out a church member whose house was flooded in winchester... kroger: "then we got the ask of hey can we get some more folks, can we mobilize some more olunteers to help our neighbors clean up."

Kroger says he's been helping with disaster relief for 10 years...and still he finds himself amazed at the lengths volunteers are willing to go.

He uses his crew that helped in texas as an example... kroger: "my team - the guys they did not hesistate to dive underneath these homes and some of them have about 6 to 8 inches on clearance underneath the bottom of their house."

Kroger says the loss kentuckians are facing is devastating...but he sees joy...arising from the smallest moments... kroger: "we were able to find a picture in the middle of something that was being thrown away and gave it to the homeowner last weekend and you can bring somebody to tears pretty quickly when you're able to do something just that simple amd you're not expecting it and it just happens."

In lexington...bobbi 36 news.

######## the state still is awaiting word from the federal government on a disaster declaration and federal financial aid that might be available for individual property owners.

If you want to help with their relief efforts...find out how when you visit our website at w-t- v-q dot com.

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