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Saturday, June 10, 2023

Biloxi Mayor FoFo Gilich reflects on 2020

Credit: WXXV
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Biloxi Mayor FoFo Gilich reflects on 2020
Biloxi Mayor FoFo Gilich reflects on 2020

Biloxi Mayor Andrew ‘FoFo’ Gilich reflects on the city’s past year pushing through the pandemic.


- - mayor andrew fofo gilich stoppe- by our w-x-x-v studio - today to reflect on the city of- biloxi's past year pushing- through - the pandemic.

- its been a challenging year for- the city not only fighting- covid-19 but enduring damages - from hurricane zeta.- however, mayor gilich is hopefu- for the city's future - especially with the 1.2 billion- dollar development- underway at the old broadwater- resort property location.

- the mayor stresses the- importance of citizens doing- what they need to do to stop th- spread of covid-19.

- - "we're not out of the woods yet wear the- mask wash your hands, we're too- close to the end of this thing- to let stuff go by- - - - undone."

Masks are still required when - entering city buildings in- biloxi but residents and- businesses are no

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