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Saturday, June 19, 2021

Hoosiers age 16 and older now eligible for COVID-19 vaccine

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Hoosiers age 16 and older now eligible for COVID-19 vaccine
Hoosiers age 16 and older now eligible for COVID-19 vaccine

Indiana opened up COVID-19 vaccinations Wednesday to all Hoosiers age 16 and older in the latest expansion of the state’s vaccination efforts days before it plans to lift a statewide mask mandate.

3 vaccine eligibility opens up again.good evening, i'm chris mullooly.

Thanks for joining us.

The latest expansion to 16 and older comes nearly a week before the statewide mask mandate is expected to change to an advisory on april 6th.

Anyone 16 or 17 years old can only receive the pfizer're asked to bring parent or guardian to your appointment, if possible.

But more most location will accept written consent or verbal consent over the phone.

The recent expansion makes more than one point three 3 additional people eligible for the vaccine.

This raises the number of hoosiers eligible for a vaccine to more than five point four million.

3 here's a look of current vaccinations in indiana by age.

74 percent of hoosiers age 80 and older have been vaccinated or scheduled an appointment.77 percent of ages 70 to 79 are getting vaccinated.66 percent between ages 60 and 65.48 percent among people ages 50 to 59.

35 percent of those between 40 and 49.25 percent among ages 20-29right now 10 percent of people 20 to 29 have been vaccinated or schedule an appointment.and 7 percent ages 16 to 19.

3 here's a look at state covid vaccinations within the last 24 hours.

53 thousand seven hundred 61 new doses have been administered...this includes both doses of the pfizer and moderna vaccine, as well as the single shot johnson and johnson vaccine.

24 thousand seven hundred 80 are now fully vaccinated.


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