My 52' Legs Earn Me $4000 A Month | SHAKE MY BEAUTY
My 52" Legs Earn Me $4000 A Month | SHAKE MY BEAUTY

AT 6ft 8 (and a half) inches tall, Savvy always stands out from the crowd and that’s just fine with her.

The 26-year-old used to be self-conscious about her height but has now turned it to her advantage, making around $3,000 to $4,000 a month for niche modelling jobs.

The model comes from an incredibly tall family (her dad is 6ft 8", mum is 6ft 3", while her 21-year-old brother is 7ft 4" and her younger sister (24) is 6ft 6") and from a young age Savvy and her siblings were encouraged to celebrate their tall stature rather than hide from it.

But as a teenager, Savvy struggled with her appearance.

She said: “Growing up I struggled a little bit with my height.

When you are young you just want to fit in with everyone but my mom instilled in me that being tall is beautiful.” By sixth grade Savvy was 6ft 2", wearing size 12 shoes and struggling to find clothes to wear like the rest of her peers.

Savvy kept growing and was 6ft 7" by eight grade, reaching her final height of 6ft 8.5" at age 18.

After having to medically retire from her planned basketball career, Savvy has found herself and her 52.5 inch legs embarking on a new career as a model.

Savvy said: “I got into modelling only within the last year.

It’s been a new journey for me." She added: “Now being a tall, beautiful woman is fantastic.

It’s great and I really embrace it now.

To be honest I feel more beautiful now than I ever have before.” Social: