Kitten wakes up happy after first night in new sanctuary
Kitten wakes up happy after first night in new sanctuary

Milo is a very lucky kitten who has just had his first restful night in his life at Black Dog Farm and Rescue in Texas.

He settled in and had a sound sleep, waking up refreshed and relieved to know the feeling of a full belly and a warm bed.

This was also the first time that Milo could feel safe and protected from harm.

Milo's life began a few weeks earlier as a street cat.

Texas recently experienced torrential rains and severe flooding.

Stray animals were particularly vulnerable and a difficult life was made even more so as Milo and his littermates were in danger of drowning.

They had been chased up a tree by stray dogs, likely starving themselves.

His mother and two brothers did not survive and Milo was left with a torn ear.

It seems that he had barely escaped death.

Alone and crying, Milo was not going to survive.

Somebody heard him crying and they contacted Black Dog Farm and Rescue through Facebook.

Jennifer and Jim drove right over and wrapped Milo in a blanket.

Exhausted, he slept for 12 hours straight.

This is Milo's first morning at the sanctuary.

He immediately felt the relief of a warm, dry bed and safety.

He also responded to human kindness, which he had never experienced before.

Milo rolled around in his bed in the most adorable way, purring and looking for affection.

Milo is a perfect example of what happens when people allow their animals to roam free outdoors, without being spayed and neutered.

More puppies and kittens are born each year than there are people willing to care for them.

They become wild or feral and they live lives full of danger and suffering, if they survive at all.

In Milo's short life, he experienced more than his fair share of trauma and pain.

But now, he has a second chance, all because he found people who care enough to love him, pet him, and give him a full belly.

Milo spent a few weeks at the farm and then he went on to a carefully selected forever home with a family who has as much love as Milo has.

Who wouldn't want to cuddle with this little ball of fur?!

Black Dog Farm and Rescue performs the near impossible, taking in the most hopeless and most needy animals.

Their stories are posted on Facebook and they will warm your heart.

And if you have it in your heart to support them and the animals that they rescue, they will gratefully accept any donations to help cover the cost of feeding and rehoming these beautiful souls.

Some of the animals who land at this wonderful place never leave.

And that's also a happy ending in every way imaginable.