Three thugs rob an electric scooter from a helpless victim in Luton, UK
Three thugs rob an electric scooter from a helpless victim in Luton, UK

This is the shocking moment three hooded yobs stole an e-scooter from a defenceless commuter inside a train station.Footage shows the three thugs - believed to be in their late teens - as they robbed the electronic scooter from the helpless victim in his early 20s.

One of the teens even punches the man in his face - causing him to fall to the floor clutching his cheek - as the victim desperately tries to reclaim his scooter from the thugs.

The three cowards - all wearing black hooded coats - then run away from the man as he chases after them, with one riding the victim's e-scooter out of the station.

The victim suffered minor injuries but did not require hospital treatment.

A witness said that around 20 fellow commuters watched on as the ordeal unfolded at around 5.30am yesterday (Weds) at Luton Rail Station, Beds.

The 39-year-old Amazon worker, who asked not to be named, said: "No one reacted because it happened very quickly."The three guys went past the victim and they had some issue for a couple of moments."Then very quickly they started swearing and shouting at each other."Bedfordshire Police confirmed that it had received a report of theft related to the incident.A force spokesperson said: "We were called just before 5.45am this morning (Wednesday) to a report of a theft of an e-scooter in Luton Rail Station.

"The victim was left with minor injuries, but didn't need hospital treatment.

"The case has now been passed to the British Transport Police."Video filmed 4th August 2021.