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Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Halle Berry Breaks Down Her Looks From 1986 to Now

Credit: VOGUE
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Halle Berry Breaks Down Her Looks From 1986 to Now
Halle Berry Breaks Down Her Looks From 1986 to Now

Oscar-winning actor Halle Berry gets emotional and opens up in her Vogue Life In Looks.

Halle talks about the origin of her famous hairstyle, and how she still to this day loves her iconic Catwoman outfit.

- Hi, Vogue.I'm Halle Berry.And today, I'm gonna be lookingthrough my life in looks.[upbeat jazz music][gasps] Whoa![laughs]Oh God, this was Miss World.I was wearing my prom dress.Couldn't afford a real one.That dress got me far.I became Miss Ohio,I became Miss Teen America,and then Miss USA for the World Pageant,in this dress.Oh my God, Nisi!This movie is "B.A.P.S."It's called, short forBlack American Princesses.This is iconic,especially in black community,and these characters are beloved.And it was so on point for the time.The nails have come back now,like these three inch long nails.It's all part,it was all so relevant andcurrent at that moment.I often feel like this moviewas a little bit before its time.Oh!My first Vogue cover.I'm wearing Tom Ford for YSL Rive Gauche.You knew you made it whenyou made the cover of Vogue,and as being a blackwoman, you really made it.I mean, I'm shooting withAnnie Leibovitz, right?I mean, that's,it doesn't get better or bigger than that.And I was shooting with Pierce,who had become a dearsweet friend at that point.So, that was the fun part of it.But, we knew that we were tryingto create something special.It was to highlight ourwork together on "Bond,"and "Bond" is such an iconic series.I remember the first timewalking by in an airportand seeing, going into anairport just to get a snackbefore a flight and seeingall the Vogues lined up.And it was, it was pretty arresting.Oh my goodness.This was recently.This was this year's Academy Awards.And this is Dolce,Dolce and Gabbana.And this was made especially for me,this award show.I was doing somethingdifferent with my hair.I tried this little shortwig just to have some fun,to mix it up, and I thoughtit had such a great chancefor me to show my shoulders,and it was so bare.And I thought it'd be really cool to havea little short, a little bob like this,and sort of play with baby bangs.And I love the color of this.I loved all the fabric.It was very romantic and it was very fun.I wasn't so sure I could pull a bow offacross my belly, but my wholeteam said, "You can do it.""You can do it."So I took their, I took their advice.I should have practiced the pose.

[laughs]But it was fun.You get out there, and that'sjust what I felt like doingbecause there was so much fabric.It was so flowy.It was just beautiful.Vogue, thank you so much.I so enjoyed lookingthrough all these looks.I hope you did too.See you next time.

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