City of Vultures 2 Movie
City of Vultures 2 Movie

City of Vultures 2 Movie Trailer HD - Plot synopsis: As a brash of murders engulfs the Chicago streets.

Richard Steele (Marcus Carothers), commonly known as “G”, positions himself as the centerpiece of criminal activity on the city’s Southside.

Once considered an outstanding member to his ‘Gangster Disciple street organization.

G, rejects its positive direction of community reform to ignite a string of unsolved kidnapping homicides, with his own residence as the headquarters.

His 6 year old son “Maliq” (Harper Anthony), serves as his only call to sanity as law enforcement inch closer to connecting him to multiple acts of violence.

Accompanied by a crew of career criminals, an attempt to hijack a massive heroin operation leads to a breach on his family’s safety.

City of Vultures 2 will be available on VOD & Digital on February 1, 2022.