Need to Know News (25 August 2022) with Carl Herman and Brian Davidson
Need to Know News (25 August 2022) with Carl Herman and Brian Davidson

The assassination of the daughter of an intellectual ally of Vladimir Putin may have been directed by the CIA, according to an analysis by Douglas Valensky, who describes a Urkrainian version of Operation Phoenix in Vietnam that lead to the deaths of between 25-40,000 civilians in South Vietnam.

Pelosi flips on Biden's college loan forgiveness plan, but no one is talking about who is going to pay for it, which will be the middle-class and working stiffs so the Democrats can try to bribe young men and women into voting for them in November.

A Trump-appointed judge is asking for more reasons to appoint a special master to review what was taken from Mar-a-Lago, which should be an open-and-shut case.

Obviously, it was politically driven and such an appointment would be entirely appropriate.

Meanwhile, Sen.

Ron Johnson claims multiple FBI whistleblowers are talking about steps taken to avoid any investigation into the Hunter Biden laptop until post 2020 election, where it has not happened yet and the chain-of-custody may have been broken.

There are good reasons to suspect the economy is about to crash.

The impending retirement of Tony the Rat may be to preclude being hauled before Congress after the GOP takes control to answer questions he does not want to address.

Biden's Energy Secretary suggests poor people fork over vast sums they do not have to buy solar panels they cannot afford.

The Supreme Court issues more rulings about voting practices, while a massive new lawsuit regarding Uvalde appears in the making over one more "false flag" staged event.