Fmr. FBI Agent Spoke To Media Took Bribes Shared Info, Henniges Deal Links Vanish, Forever Chemicals
Fmr. FBI Agent Spoke To Media Took Bribes Shared Info, Henniges Deal Links Vanish, Forever Chemicals

A former FBI agent took illegal gifts and had unauthorized contact with media as well as sharing information about organized crime with a lawyer representing certain organized crime clients.

According to the Washington Examiner: "On Monday, ex-California FBI agent Babak Broumand received a six-year prison sentence for pulling in at least $150,000 between 2015 and 2018 in cash bribes and gifts to hand over confidential information to a lawyer linked to organized crime, court records show.

Michael Steinbach, the FBI's former executive assistant director who oversaw the bureau's flawed Trump-Russia investigation, was found by the DOJ's inspector general in June 2022 to have violated federal law through unauthorized contacts with the media." Why is information about the Henniges Automotive deal or project Hanson now being reported on so many years later after our site and others reported on these events?

Why is the news cycle only picking up certain stories so late?

Because they ignored them on purpose before.

Why are certain links from my old news digs disappearing off the internet?

Bakhmut is practically surrounded as Wagner chief urges Zelensky to surrender.

Sweden increases money to people to voluntarily deport themselves.

The EPA is set to restrict the amounts of "forever chemicals" in U.S. drinking water.

Why are forever chemicals, as well as fluoride and other chemicals allowed in our water?

EPA admits kids should be nowhere near East Palestine drinking water, so why did they say the water was safe to drink for adults?

Florida bill would require bloggers who write about Governor Desantis to register with the state.

This doesn't sound like freedom of the press.

Electric CEO alleges he survived arsenic poisoning.

André de Ruyter, the 54-year-old CEO of Eskom told the Financial Times on Thursday.

Biden EPA says it won't test for toxic Dioxings in East Palestine Ohio.

At least 13 mayors have been arrested on child sex crimes since 2021.

Amalgamated Bank profits off Democrat cash it funnels to leftist causes.

How has Amalgamated Bank become so powerful and why only now is the mainstream beginning to cover it?

Argentina's power restored after blackout plunges half the country into darkness.

Obama linked to secret blacklist used to target American citizens.

Russia has no immediate plans to repair the damaged Nordstream 2 pipelines, why not?

Unsanctioned Russians shopped for land with Hunter Biden and dined with Joe Biden.

Yelena Baturina who allegedly gave Hunter Biden 3.5 million dollars and her husband Vladimir Yevtushenkov were not sanctioned by Joe Biden.

Georgia senate passes bill to close sneaky "zuckbucks" 2.0 loopholes.

Bill Gates says world needs an early warning system for viruses as he visits India.

Albania's socialist Prime Minister Edi Rama, denies taking FBI bribes.

GOP Congressman introduces bill to dismantle ATF's record keeping of gun purchases.

Ford files patent that can "remotely shut down parts of your vehicle making it unusable.

Top FBI agents did not want to raid Mar A Lago but DOJ prosecutors made them do it anyway.

Twitter executives scoffed at lists of supposed propaganda accounts.

BC Cannabis company gets permission to process and sell Cocaine.

Trump's 2024 pitch of cities with flying cars and more babies.

Why didn't Trump show the public any UFO technology the government had been hiding?

Why didn't he take a news crew directly into area 51 to see what's there?

Does Trump's talking about a Jetson society to some come too late?

If secret tech exists why won't anyone divulge its existence to the public?

Why Won't Trump?

U.S. Treasury introduces CBDC working group, discusses potential routes for the "digital dollar".

All Portland Walmart stores to close by late March.

Trudeau Foundation to return 200,000 dollar donation potentially linked to Chinese Communist Party.

MS-13 gang moving into Mexico to control illegal alien smuggling feds say.

Democrat Mayor arrested for possession of Child Pornography met with the Dalai Lama and Nancy Pelosi and was mentored and drank beers with Pete Buttigieg.

Semafor partners with think tank linked to Chinese Communist Party.

East Palestine residents outraged after Norfolk Southern CEO Alan Shaw failed to show up for a second time to a public meeting.

Former U.S. Army soldier sentenced to 45 years for conspiring with Satanic neo-Nazi group to launch jihadi massacre on his own platoon as it guarded a secret military site.

Gavin Newsome abandons California days after declaring an emergency hasn't shared his schedule for weeks.

Iranian warships in Rio De Janeiro.

NYPD warns people parking cars in Soho residents and visitors to watch their valuables they leave in their cars as crime spirals out of control in New York City.

The end of the line for Hunter Biden.

Why are so many of the links to mainstream news articles in my past dig on Hunter Biden been erased?

Who is doing it and why?

There are other missing links in other digs I have done also in the past.

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