9/19/23 consistent peace through the storm. ❤️
9/19/23 consistent peace through the storm. ❤️

Spirit Friendly Church and don't worry about what other people are going to say.

Don't start building programs that conform to the past generation.

We're moving into the millennial renaissance right now.

Build according to the impossible.

See others are going to follow in your footsteps.

Don't build something that is possible.

Build colleges on the moon.

Build colleges in places that men say you cannot go into this communist government and build what you plan on building, Brother Ramez.

You're going to plant churches in North Korea.

You're going to plant churches where people will say it's impossible for you to send those pastors and those associates into that nation.

The Lord says there's coming, Brother Ramez, a movement out of Dublin where the coffee is flying in here.

This is a linked coffee.

I'm telling you, because coffee.

If you get baptized in this coffee, there's a blessing in it.

Kolobakashala masattayam.

Of course, something is changing today.


There's an acceleration that is taking place right now.

The Lord says the things that were impossible to build before the movie productions, the architectural commissions, the things that were impossible before that did not prosper in the last generation.

They will prosper now in this generation.

The things that God tells you to build, even in the real estate realm.

The Lord says He is releasing 1000 King David Realtors in this hour.


The things that no one would even they would laugh at you before.

Instead of buying the castle that you're building today, they're going to run to you from the nations and buy those things that you are building.

There's a real estate mantle that the Lord is releasing in this place today that the Lord says you're not only going to receive, but you're going to release homes to others.

You're going to build impossible dreams. You're going to build castles on many mountain tops in many nations, the Lord says.

The real estate anointing today just entered into a whole new realm.

The kingly millennial Realtors that are King David's is coming over.

Many of you in here right now, you're going to prosper through real estate.

I'm not just speaking to Realtors.

I'm not speaking to people that are just in that realm.

The Lord says homes are going to pass through your hands.

You're going to prosper through real estate because the real estate that was in opposition, that couldn't be released before the Lord has been released.

Right now, real estate is being released into your hands.

You're going to have file cabinets filled with realtor type investment things, prosperity.

You're going to deal in so many marketplace rivers of financial blessings.

Real estate is just going to be one of them.

But the favor of the Lord is coming on the Joseph's right now.

We're willing to dream a crazy dream, something that is unworldly real estate.

Houses that don't look like houses that are so way out there.

The Lord says it's coming over you right now.

God is releasing homes through this meeting right now.

Some of you have had homes in the past, but you don't have a home now.

It doesn't matter.

That was all practice.

But the Lord says he's releasing homes in this meeting today.

How many of you can believe that simple word for Lord, you have a home right now.

I'm not going to ask how many of you own a home.

Literally, you're not renting your but if you could just believe God for a home today, there's favor for a home.

Homes are being released right now to you and through you you're going to give the golden keys of breakthrough in real estate even to other men and women of God who have nothing.

You're going to be so wealthy, Lord says.

The wealth of the wicked is lined up for this Valentine's year of 2014.

Everyone is speaking financial collapse.

Everyone is speaking what is obvious.

God doesn't want you to speak what's obvious.

Not at all.

He's going to turn around everything that is impossible in the natural.