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American entrepreneur

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Andrew Yang: American entrepreneur
Andrew M. Yang is an American entrepreneur, philanthropist and former presidential candidate. Originally a corporate lawyer, Yang began working in startups and early stage growth companies as a founder or executive from 2000 to 2009. In 2011, he founded Venture for America (VFA), a nonprofit organization focused on creating jobs in cities struggling to recover from the Great Recession. He then ran as a candidate in the 2020 Democratic presidential primaries.


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twitch stars are lining up to stream among us with aoc
Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) is looking for Among Us teammates. On Twitter, Ocasio-Cortez put out an open call for people to play with “to get out the vote.” In a follow-up tweet, she..
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New York doctor charged in serial sexual assaults on patients

new york doctor charged in serial sexual assaults on patients
A former New York gynaecologist accused of sexually abusing dozens of patients, including the wife of former Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang, was charged Wednesday with attacking girls..
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Andrew Yang explains Universal Basic Income

This week on "The Takeout," Democratic candidate for president Andrew Yang joins CBS News' Major Garrett for breakfast.
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Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang on "The Takeout"

Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang talks about robotics, artificial intelligence and the changing workforce in America on this week's edition of "The Takeout with Major Garrett."
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2/12: CBSN AM

CBS News projects Sen. Sanders wins NH Primary; Andrew Yang drops out of 2020 Presidential Race
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At Democratic National Convention, actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus mocks Donald Trump, Mike Pence

at democratic national convention, actress julia louis-dreyfus mocks donald trump, mike pence
Washington [US], August 21 (ANI): Actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus, who opened the final night of Democratic National Convention night took potshots at US President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike..
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Andrew Yang makes an appeal to 2016 Trump voters at DNC: "I get it"

Andrew Yang, who Joe Biden faced in the primary, said in his Democratic National Convention speech that he understood the appeal of voting for President Trump in 2016. "I get it. But we must give this..
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Job creation the goal behind entrepreneur program

Venture for America program seeks to solve what founder Andrew Yang says is a fundamental problem: the best and the brightest are serving businesses – not creating them. Jim Axelrod reports on the..
CBS News - Published

Andrew Yang Bonded with 'Warm, Friendly' Sen. Kamala Harris Early in Campaign

Andrew Yang is a big fan of Sen. Kamala Harris as a candidate, but more importantly, as a person ... and says they bonded early, when he was a political unknown. The former presidential candidate.. - Published

Andrew Yang on Democratic National Convention: 'I kind of expected to speak'

Former presidential candidate Andrew Yang voiced his disappointment in not being asked to speak at the upcoming Democratic National Convention, whose lineup was announced on Monday. - Published

Andrew Yang thinks Big Tech and capitalism need to be reined in ASAP

andrew yang thinks big tech and capitalism need to be reined in asap
Andrew Yang, a prominent 2020 Democratic Presidential candidate, ran on a platform that...
WorldNews - Published

New York's Democratic presidential primary reinstated after Andrew Yang, Bernie Sanders sue

A federal judge in Manhattan ruled Tuesday that New York must hold the primary on June 23, contending that canceling it would be unconstitutional. - Published

Andrew Yang is suing New York over its decision to cancel its Democratic presidential primary

Andrew Yang is suing his home state over its decision Monday to cancel its presidential primary in June because of the coronavirus pandemic. - Published

Coronavirus stimulus: 6 ways to soften economic blow

Accelerate jobless benefits. Channel Andrew Yang. Put strings on bailouts. Empower Federal Reserve. Expand food stamps. Urge people to shop: Our view - Published

What Bitcoin Price Would Be If Every American Invested $1K

what bitcoin price would be if every american invested $1k
When Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang proposed a Universal Base Income (UBI) of $1k per month for all Americans, he was scoffed at by most of his rivals. Now, just a month after “the..
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Former Democratic candidate Andrew Yang endorses Joe Biden's presidential run

Andrew Yang, the businessman who ended his bid for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination last month, on Tuesday endorsed Joe Biden's run for president.
Reuters - Published

What Andrew Yang is doing next: A push for UBI and “human-centered capitalism”

what andrew yang is doing next: a push for ubi and “human-centered capitalism”
Andrew Yang surrounded by supporters in New Hampshire. | Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images Yang’s new nonprofit, Humanity Forward, will try to advance the ideas he pushed in his campaign. Andrew..
WorldNews - Published

Andrew Yang’s Next Move: A New Nonprofit Organization

Through the new group, Humanity Forward, Mr. Yang wants to advance the ideas he championed during his presidential campaign with voter outreach efforts, a podcast and more. - Published

Former Democratic presidential hopeful Yang joins CNN as commentator

Former Democratic presidential contender Andrew Yang is joining CNN as a political commentator, the cable network said on Wednesday.
Reuters - Published

How Andrew Yang Handled His Asian-American Identity on the Campaign Trail

He ran on saving workers from automation, but also leaned into issues of race and representation. - Published

Where will the Yang Gang go next?

Andrew Yang attracted among the most loyal supporters in the race. So where will they go next?
BBC News - Published

Democrat Andrew Yang drops 2020 presidential bid

Democrat Andrew Yang, an entrepreneur who created buzz for his presidential campaign by championing a universal basic income that would give every American adult $1,000/month, suspended his 2020 bid.. - Published Also reported by •Reuters

'We've accomplished so much together': Andrew Yang ends his campaign for presidency

Yang's candidacy ends following an unexpected rise last year, where he outlasted a New York City mayor, governors and several U.S. senators. - Published

Businessman Andrew Yang to end presidential bid: campaign sources

Businessman Andrew Yang will suspend his bid for the Democratic nomination for U.S. president, campaign sources said on Tuesday.
Reuters - Published Also reported by •

Andrew Yang’s Campaign Is Riding on New Hampshire

The political outsider did not get pledged delegates (or a boost) from Iowa and is in need of money and momentum. Can Granite State voters keep his campaign viable? - Published

How a New Hampshire family spent Andrew Yang's 'Freedom Dividend'

A New Hampshire family that received a $1,000-a-month "freedom dividend" for a year from the campaign of Democratic presidential contender Andrew Yang spent most of the money on college bills - but..
Reuters - Published

Andrew Yang’s Improbable Run Is Strangest to the People Who Worked for Him

He has called his campaign “the journey of my life.” But what got lost in the novelty of his bid, former employees say, was scrutiny of his life before this particular journey. - Published

Yang lets dozens of staff members go. - Published

Andrew Yang doubles down on criticism of Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook. - Published

Andrew Yang bets big on New Hampshire (and says bettors are betting on him, too). - Published

Yang talks elections, vote-counting and technology. - Published

Andrew Yang says U.S. needs a president who ‘understands technology.’ - Published

The ‘Yang Gang’ recruits its newest member.

A lunch at Andrew Yang’s office in Ames attracted supporters of all sizes. - Published

Andrew Yang raised $6.7 million in January.

He was the first candidate to reveal his fund-raising haul for the month. - Published

2020 Presidential Endorsements: Biden, Sanders, Warren, Buttigieg, Bloomberg, Klobuchar, Yang, Steyer

Joe Biden has a hold on the Democratic establishment. Much of the far left supports Bernie Sanders. Mayors are backing Pete Buttigieg and Mike Bloomberg. And then there are the celebrities. - Published

Dave Chappelle is showing out for Andrew Yang in Iowa: Here's why he's a 'Yang Gang' member

Andrew Yang's policies like universal basic income would do more to address income inequality than any idea he's seen, Dave Chappelle said in Iowa. - Published

Andrew Yang qualifies for the next debate.

With four strong polls on Saturday and Sunday, Mr. Yang, who missed the last debate, has secured a spot onstage in New Hampshire on Feb. 7. - Published

Marianne Williamson Says She’ll Support Andrew Yang in Iowa

Ms. Williamson, a self-help author who dropped out of the Democratic presidential race this month, said she was not endorsing Mr. Yang per se, but wanted to help him get through the early primaries. - Published

Andrew Yang's wife says gynaecologist sexually assaulted her

Evelyn Yang is one of 31 women suing a gynaecologist over allegations of sexual assault.
BBC News - Published

Evelyn Yang, Wife of Andrew Yang, Says She Was Assaulted by Her Gynecologist

In an interview with CNN, Ms. Yang said the doctor, Robert Hadden, sexually assaulted her in 2012, when she was seven months pregnant. - Published

Evelyn Yang, Andrew Yang's wife, said she was sexually assaulted by her OB-GYN during pregnancy

Evelyn Yang, the wife of 2020 Democratic presidential hopeful Andrew Yang, says she was sexually assaulted by a doctor during her first pregnancy. - Published

Andrew Yang won the internet. But can he win a caucus?

andrew yang won the internet. but can he win a caucus?
DAVENPORT, Iowa (AP) — On a recent swing through Iowa, Andrew Yang was moving through his stump speech, a string of stories and statistics that can sound like an economics seminar. There was talk of..
WorldNews - Published

Andrew Yang: This economy's rules aren't working for us; let's change them

The Freedom Dividend of $1,000 a month, no questions asked, will enable Americans to expand the businesses and worry less about daily needs. - Published

Competing for Sanders’s New Hampshire Voters: Yang and Gabbard

The Granite State’s young people, libertarians and independent voters helped power Mr. Sanders to a primary victory in 2016. This time, some of them are eyeing Mr. Yang and Ms. Gabbard. - Published

Andrew Yang Gains Most Support From 2016 Donald Trump Voters In Emerson Poll

andrew yang gains most support from 2016 donald trump voters in emerson poll
A recent Emerson College poll showed Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang in third place with 10 percent support behind Joe Biden...
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U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Yang raises $16.5 million in fourth quarter for bid

Democratic U.S. presidential candidate Andrew Yang raised $16.5 million in the fourth quarter, his campaign said on Thursday, well ahead of the nearly $10 million he collected in the third.
Reuters - Published

Andrew Yang Raised $16.5 Million in the Last 3 Months, His Campaign Says

Donations to Mr. Yang in the fourth quarter of 2019 were his highest in any such period and put him among the top fund-raisers in the Democratic presidential field. - Published

DNC rejects Andrew Yang's request to commission polls to increase diversity at January debate

The DNC said that commissioning primary polls would break with its tradition of independent polling. - Published

Watch: Andrew Yang and Bernie Sanders Talk About Racial Representation at Democratic Debate

Seven Democratic candidates for president are debating tonight in Los Angeles. - Published

The Ultimate Jedi Mind Trick: Embracing 5 Hours of Debate and ‘Star Wars’

Fans of “Obi Bern Kenobi,” Andrew Yang and other campaigns make the most of a busy season of viewing options. - Published

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