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Likud, officially the Likud – National Liberal Movement, is a centre-right to right-wing political party in Israel. A secular party, it was founded in 1973 by Menachem Begin and Ariel Sharon in an alliance with several right-wing parties. Likud's landslide victory in the 1977 elections was a major turning point in the country's political history, marking the first time the left had lost power. In addition, it was the first time in Israel that a right-wing party won the plurality of the votes. However, after ruling the country for most of the 1980s, the party lost the Knesset election in 1992. Nevertheless, Likud's candidate Benjamin Netanyahu did win the vote for Prime Minister in 1996 and was given the task of forming a government after the 1996 elections. Netanyahu's government fell apart after a vote of no confidence, which led to elections being called in 1999 and Likud losing power to the One Israel coalition led by Ehud Barak.


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WorldView: Netanyahu primary victory, Swiss avalanche, Argentina dust cloud

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu handily defeated a primary challenger to remain leader of the ruling right-wing Likud party. Several skiers were buried by an avalanche in the Swiss Alps. And..
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If Not For The Jewish Right In America, Israel Could Never Annex The West Bank

if not for the jewish right in america, israel could never annex the west bank
Article by WN.Com Correspondent Dallas Darling Although Jews make up less than two percent of the United States’ population-about five to six million people out of a total population of 350 million,..
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Is Israel Headed for a Fourth Election? Likud Sets Down Red Lines

is israel headed for a fourth election? likud sets down red lines
After the High Court discussed on Sunday and Monday the legality of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu continuing to serve as prime minister while under indictment and the coalition deal between the..
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Netanyahu claims election victory on exit poll gains

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu claimed victory in Monday's Israeli election after exit polls predicted the strongest showing for his Likud party.
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‘There’s been no change’: Jaded Israelis head to polls for third time in a year, as polarised as ever

‘there’s been no change’: jaded israelis head to polls for third time in a year, as polarised as ever
It is Groundhog Day in Israel. For the third time in less than a year, the country is holding a general election. Despite the colossal expenditure of funds and fierce mudslinging on many sides, all the..
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Israel’s Netanyahu shores up base but obstacles remain

israel’s netanyahu shores up base but obstacles remain
By JOSEPH KRAUSS JERUSALEM (AP) — Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu shored up his base with a landslide primary victory announced early Friday, but he will need a big win in national..
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Netanyahu eyes Israel’s election after Likud landslide boost

netanyahu eyes israel’s election after likud landslide boost
Binyamin Netanyahu hopes his decisive victory in the ruling Likud party primary on Thursday will boost his standing ahead of the March election, Israel’s third within a year. Even though he failed to..
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Netanyahu wins party vote in boost ahead of Israeli election

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu easily won a vote to keep the Likud party helm, the party said on Friday, in a boost ahead of what is likely to be a hard-fought general election in March.
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Netanyahu Claims 'Huge Win' in Likud Leadership Race

netanyahu claims 'huge win' in likud leadership race
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu claimed a "huge win" in Thursday's primary election for the leadership of his ruling Likud party. "Thank you to Likud members for...
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Israel's Netanyahu declares victory in Likud party leadership primary

Embattled Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared victory in a leadership primary in his right-wing Likud party Friday, ensuring he will lead it into March elections.
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Netanyahu seen remaining at Likud helm as party votes ahead of March ballot

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu appeared to have faced down a fresh challenge to his power on Thursday when his Likud party held a leadership vote in the run-up to a March national election,..
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Netanyahu faces party leadership challenge ahead of March election

Israel's embattled Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu faced a fresh challenge to his power on Thursday as his Likud party held leadership primaries in the run-up to a national election, the country's..
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Israeli lawmaker aims to oust Netanyahu in Likud primary

israeli lawmaker aims to oust netanyahu in likud primary
Israel’s governing Likud party was holding primaries on Thursday, in the first serious internal challenge to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in his more than a decade in power. Veteran..
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Thousands rally in support of Israel's Netanyahu after graft indictment

thousands rally in support of israel's netanyahu after graft indictment
TEL AVIV: Several thousand Israelis rallied on Tuesday in support of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as he faces the gravest threat to his political survival after corruption charges and two failed..
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Netanyahu's Likud to hold party leadership vote: challenger

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's Likud party will hold a leadership vote, a Likud challenger said on Sunday, as pressure mounted on the veteran leader to step aside after his indictment on..
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Netanyahu's Likud party plans for leadership primaries: media

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's Likud party will hold leadership primaries within the next six weeks, Israeli media reported on Sunday.
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Netanyahu Rival Seeks Support From PM's Party to Form Government

netanyahu rival seeks support from pm's party to form government
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's centrist rival Benny Gantz on Saturday urged leaders of the premier's Likud party to join him in forming a government after their chief's indictment on..
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Likud Rival Slams Netanyahu and Calls for Primary to ‘Save the Country’

The demand by Gideon Saar, a popular ex-minister, was the first crack in the party’s solidarity and signaled what could be a bitter internecine fight. - Published

Israel: Gantz little time to unseat Netanyahu

israel: gantz little time to unseat netanyahu
It is a fateful day for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, his political future hanging on whether his political rival will pull off the improbable, and unseat him by forming a government...
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Israel's Netanyahu appoints far-right Bennett as defense minister

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu appointed the head of a far-right political party as defense minister of his caretaker government, a spokesman for the premier's right-wing Likud party said on..
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Gantz faces near impossible task

gantz faces near impossible task
Blue and White leader Benny Gantz has the chance of becoming Israel's post-Netanyahu leader, but Likud is confident that he will fail. A rare political process starts in Israel this morning. Prime...
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Netanyahu weighing Likud leadership election: party spokesman

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is considering a snap leadership vote in his Likud party, a spokesman said on Thursday, adding a new twist to Israeli politics after two deadlocked general elections..
Reuters - Published

Netanyahu in last-ditch effort to form unity government with Gantz

netanyahu in last-ditch effort to form unity government with gantz
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday said that he would make a final effort this week to form a unity government with his centrist election rival Benny Gantz. After an inclusive general..
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Third election looms as Israeli talks end in dispute

third election looms as israeli talks end in dispute
The prospect of Israelis going to the polls for the third time in less than a year has grown after negotiations between Likud and Blue and White ended in mutual recriminations on Friday. On Wednesday,..
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Israel's president asks Netanyahu to try to form a government

Israel's president tasked Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday with forming a new government led by his right-wing Likud party after power-sharing talks with his centrist rival, Benny Gantz,..
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Israeli negotiators seek to break Netanyahu-Gantz deadlock

israeli negotiators seek to break netanyahu-gantz deadlock
Negotiators for Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his main opponent Benny Gantz met Tuesday to discuss possibilities for a unity government that both men say they should lead after last..
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Israeli president invites rivals to break election deadlock

israeli president invites rivals to break election deadlock
Israel’s president has invited the two main victors from the country’s neck-and-neck election to meet, seeking to break a deadlock that has complicated his task of trying to choose the country’s..
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Israel's president floats unity government between Netanyahu and Gantz

Israel's president on Sunday began consulting with party leaders to discuss who should lead the country after no clear victor emerged from last week's election, suggesting Prime Minister Benjamin..
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Early election results show Israel's top two parties nearly tied

Israel's government appears to be heading toward uncertainty after an unprecedented repeat election. Partial results from yesterday's voting show Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's Likud party and..
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Netanyahu in post-election speech makes no victory claim

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made no victory claim or concession of defeat in a speech to his Likud party on Wednesday after exit polls showed no clear winner in an election race that was..
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Israeli election too close to call: exit polls

Israel's election on Tuesday was too close to call, exit polls indicated, with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's right-wing Likud party virtually level with Benny Gantz's centrist Blue and White.
Reuters - Published

Facebook briefly blocks Netanyahu chatbot on election day

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu lashed out at Facebook on Tuesday after the social network blocked a "chatbot" from his right-wing Likud party's account for violating election day rules.
Reuters - Published

Netanyahu and Gantz face off in repeat Israeli elections

netanyahu and gantz face off in repeat israeli elections
JERUSALEM (AP) — For the second time this year, Israel's long-serving Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu faces off again against a former military chief, Benny Gantz, in national elections. Opinion..
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Facebook penalizes Likud after post saying ‘Arabs want to annihilate us’

facebook penalizes likud after post saying ‘arabs want to annihilate us’
Facebook has temporarily suspended a chatbot on the Israeli right-wing political party Likud-National Liberal Movement for violating the social media giant’s hate speech policy, after messages were..
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Israel election: Netanyahu under fire for 'racist' bill allowing cameras at polling stations

israel election: netanyahu under fire for 'racist' bill allowing cameras at polling stations
Israel’s cabinet has approved a controversial bill to allow cameras at polling stations during national elections, a move critics have suggested is aimed at lowering Arab turnout. The legislation,..
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PM Modi features in Netanyahu's election campaign in Israel

Ahead of an unprecedented snap polls on September 17, Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu's Likud Party has put banners featuring his pictures with his Indian counterpart Narendra Modi, US President Trump..
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Netanyahu to visit India on Sep 9 to meet PM Modi

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu will travel to India on a day-long visit on September 9 to meet PM Modi, just eight days before an unprecedented repeat polls in the Jewish state. Netanyahu,who created..
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Benjamin Netanyahu appoints Amir Ohana, Israel's first openly gay minister

benjamin netanyahu appoints amir ohana, israel's first openly gay minister
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday tapped Amir Ohana as acting justice minister, the first openly gay minister in the country's history.The appointment of Ohana, from Netanyahu's..
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