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DW-TV: Television station
DW-TV is a set of television channels provided by Deutsche Welle. The channels concentrate on news and information and first started broadcasting 1 April 1992. They are broadcast on satellite and produced in Berlin. DW English broadcast service is aimed at the overseas market.


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Angela Merkel Snorts as Donald Trump Says He Has 'German in My Blood'

angela merkel snorts as donald trump says he has 'german in my blood'
President Donald Trump has been mocked after remarking that he has German in his blood while expressing excitement over a proposed future trip to Germany. Trump made the comments during a meeting with..
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Wildlife Summit Denies Proposal To Loosen Restrictions On Elephant Ivory Trade

wildlife summit denies proposal to loosen restrictions on elephant ivory trade
Elephant supporters celebrated on Friday after the CITES summit voted down proposals to loosen restrictions on the ivory trade by permitting countries one-off sales of stockpiles, according to Deutsche..
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Kenya To Conduct Its First Digital Census, Which Will Count Intersex People

kenya to conduct its first digital census, which will count intersex people
Kenya is preparing to hold its sixth population census since independence this weekend, with the aim of providing a clearer snapshot of the country's demographics and living conditions, Deutsche Welle..
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Ocean Viking Migrant Rescue Ship Is Running Low On Food: Doctors Without Borders

ocean viking migrant rescue ship is running low on food: doctors without borders
Doctors Without Borders (MSF) said its rescue ship the Ocean Viking was running out of food supplies for 356 migrants after two weeks on Thursday, according to Deutsche Welle. The Norwegian-flagged..
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French Police Arrest Five Over Planned Attack On G7 Summit In Biarritz

french police arrest five over planned attack on g7 summit in biarritz
Five people were detained on suspicion of planning an attack at this weekend's G7 summit at the beach resort town of Biarritz, according to Deutsche Welle. French authorities said they announced the..
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Restoration Workers Return To Notre Dame Cathedral After Toxic Lead Scare

restoration workers return to notre dame cathedral after toxic lead scare
Restoration work resumed at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris on Monday after new safety measures had been agreed for construction workers at the gothic masterpiece which was damaged and weakened in a..
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Equatorial Guinea Building Wall Along Border With Neighboring African Nation

equatorial guinea building wall along border with neighboring african nation
When word that Equatorial Guinea was building a border wall reached the Cameroonian capital Yaounde at the end of July, army chief Rene Claude Meka promptly set out to tour the 180-kilometer (111-mile)..
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European Union Says New Tariffs On Imported Steel 'Working Well'

european union says new tariffs on imported steel 'working well'
Steel tariffs introduced by the European Union to protect domestic manufacturers against a surge in imports have "worked well," the European Commission said Wednesday, Deutsche Welle reports. The EU..
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Efforts To Save Vaquitas, The World's Most Endangered Animal, Are Running Out Of Hope

efforts to save vaquitas, the world's most endangered animal, are running out of hope
After research indicated there were only 10 to 20 vaquitas left in the Gulf of California, conservationists are worried that extinction is imminent on Wednesday, according to Deutsche Welle. The World..
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Police Raid Former Austrian Vice Chancellor's Home In Corruption Probe

police raid former austrian vice chancellor's home in corruption probe
It was reported Tuesday that Heinz-Christian Strache, the former vice chancellor of Austria, had his home raided in a corruption probe, Deutsche Welle reports. The far-right politician's house was..
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U.S., Turkey Working To Create A Buffer Zone In Northern Syria

u.s., turkey working to create a buffer zone in northern syria
United States and Turkish officials met last week in Ankara to flesh out an agreement creating a safe zone along the Turkish-Syrian border, although details of the plan remain vague, Deutsche Welle..
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Thai Folk Band Seeks Asylum In France After Numerous Activist Disappearances

thai folk band seeks asylum in france after numerous activist disappearances
A Thai folk band who went into hiding last year arrived in Paris this week to apply for asylum after months of fearing for their lives from being placed on a hitlist for their political activism on..
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German Police Using More Force In Deportations As Resistance Increases

german police using more force in deportations as resistance increases
There are numerous reasons why deportations from Germany have had to be called off, Deutsche Welle reports. These include asylum-seekers who got courts to block their deportation to their home country..
WorldNews - Published

Germany Demolishes Cooling Tower Of Defunct Nuclear Plant

germany demolishes cooling tower of defunct nuclear plant
Mülheim-Kärlich, a former German nuclear plant — where dismantling operations began in 2004 after its brief power-generating life ended in 1988 amid bitter controversy — lost its cooling tower on..
WorldNews - Published

Italian Interior Minister Calls For New Elections Amid Government Deadlock

italian interior minister calls for new elections amid government deadlock
Italy's populist government may be on the brink of collapse after Interior Minister Matteo Salvini said Thursday his right-wing party was considering fresh elections, Deutsche Welle reported. Salvini..
WorldNews - Published

Former The Gambian Hitmen Released After Admissions To Reconciliation Panel

former the gambian hitmen released after admissions to reconciliation panel
Three former hitmen were released from custody in The Gambia on Monday, sparking anger among the relatives of those murdered by ex-president Yahya Jammeh's infamous paramilitary unit known as the..
WorldNews - Published

Paris Official Reassures Public About Health Risks From Notre Dame Fire After Lead Scare

paris official reassures public about health risks from notre dame fire after lead scare
After health officials posted the results of new lead tests at schools and daycare centers on Tuesday, Paris deputy mayor Emmanuel Gregoire reassured the public that necessary measures will be taken to..
WorldNews - Published

Nearly 25 Percent Of The World's Countries Could Face Extreme Water Stress

nearly 25 percent of the world's countries could face extreme water stress
The World Resources Institute released a report on Tuesday which said a quarter of the world's population were living in regions with extremely high water stress, which is a measure of the level of..
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Libyan Rebel Leader's Forces Take Responsibility For Deadly Airstrike On Southern Town

libyan rebel leader's forces take responsibility for deadly airstrike on southern town
An airstrike on the southern Libyan town of Murzuq has killed at least 42 people and injured dozens more, the United Nations-recognized Government of National Accord (GNA) said Monday, Deutsche Welle..
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Austria's Supreme Court Sides With Government Over The Future Of Adolf Hitler's Birthplace

austria's supreme court sides with government over the future of adolf hitler's birthplace
Austria's Interior Ministry announced the Supreme Court sided with Vienna in the three-year legal battle over the birthplace of Adolf Hitler on Monday, according to Deutsche Welle. Hitler was born in..
WorldNews - Published

New Law Could Allow German Police To Identify Skin Color, Age Of Criminal Suspects Using DNA

new law could allow german police to identify skin color, age of criminal suspects using dna
Germany's Justice Ministry has a new bill proposed that would allow police to build a more detailed picture of wanted fugitives using DNA on Friday, according to Deutsche Welle. The ministry said..
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Tuberculosis Outbreak At German School Infects More Than 100 Students, Staff

tuberculosis outbreak at german school infects more than 100 students, staff
Health officials on Thursday examined a school in the southwestern German town of Bad Schönborn where a tuberculosis outbreak has infected dozens of children and adults, Deutsche Welle reports. A..
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Foresters Fight To Save German Forests Threatened By Beetles, Drought

foresters fight to save german forests threatened by beetles, drought
Germany’s forests are threatened by an infestation of beetles, coupled with a drought that has affected the nation in the past few years, Deutsche Welle reports. Stephan Braun is a forester in charge..
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[UPDATE] Rwanda's Health Minister Says DRC Border Was Never Closed Due To Ebola Outbreak

[update] rwanda's health minister says drc border was never closed due to ebola outbreak
Rwanda's health minister said Thursday the country had not closed the border with the Democratic Republic of the Congo after fresh cases of Ebola were reported in the Congolese border city of Goma,..
WorldNews - Published

Germany Won't Join U.S. Naval Mission In Strait Of Hormuz, Foreign Minister Says

germany won't join u.s. naval mission in strait of hormuz, foreign minister says
Germany will not participate in a naval mission in the Strait of Hormuz that is led by the United States, Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said on Wednesday, Deutsche Welle reports."Germany will not take..
WorldNews - Published

Putin Agrees To Send Troops To Help Put Out Siberian Wildfires

putin agrees to send troops to help put out siberian wildfires
Russian President Vladimir Putin called in the army to help fight the ongoing forest fires raging across Siberia for the past several days on Wednesday, according to Deutsche Welle. Residents of the..
WorldNews - Published

German Boy, 8, Dies After Man Pushes Him And Mother In Front Of Train At Frankfurt Station

german boy, 8, dies after man pushes him and mother in front of train at frankfurt station
An eight-year-old boy was killed when a man apparently pushed him and his mother from a train platform at Frankfurt's main railway station, German police said Monday, Deutsche Welle reports. The boy's..
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Steel Plants Look To Implement New Carbon Emission-Mitigating Technology

steel plants look to implement new carbon emission-mitigating technology
The steel industry accounts for nearly a quarter of the total carbon dioxide emissions around the world which makes it the single largest industrial source of climate pollution, so it's essential for..
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German Chancellor Invites New British Prime Minister To Visit Berlin Amid Brexit Differences

german chancellor invites new british prime minister to visit berlin amid brexit differences
Britain's new prime minister, Boris Johnson, held telephone talks on Friday with German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Brexit and bilateral relations, with Merkel inviting Johnson to visit Berlin soon and..
WorldNews - Published

Indian Women Accused Of Witchcraft Fall Victim To Mob Violence

indian women accused of witchcraft fall victim to mob violence
Earlier this week, four elderly people, including two women, were lynched by a mob in the village of Siskari in the eastern Indian state of Jharkhand for allegedly practicing witchcraft, Deutsche Welle..
WorldNews - Published

More Than 400,000 Syrians Displaced After 'Dramatic Escalation' In Violence In Idlib: UN

more than 400,000 syrians displaced after 'dramatic escalation' in violence in idlib: un
The United Nations warned there was a major increase in violence in Idlib since Syrian forces started an operation to retake the province earlier this year, according to Deutsche Welle. UN Human rights..
WorldNews - Published

France Details Plans For 'Command Of Space' To Protect Its Satellites

france details plans for 'command of space' to protect its satellites
French Defense Minister Florence Parly gave more information about plans to create a space force Thursday during a visit to the Lyon-Mont Verdun air base in southeast France, Deutsche Welle reports...
WorldNews - Published

Russia Arrests Suspect In Murder Of LGBT Rights Activist Listed On 'Gay-Hunting' Website

russia arrests suspect in murder of lgbt rights activist listed on 'gay-hunting' website
St. Petersburg's Investigative Committee said they arrested an individual who stabbed LGBT Rights activist Yelena Grigoryeva eight times "in a state of alcohol intoxication" on Thursday, according to..
WorldNews - Published

Egypt Begins Restoration Work On King Tut's Golden Coffin For New Museum

egypt begins restoration work on king tut's golden coffin for new museum
Tutankhamun's gold-plated coffin will undergo its first renovation in more than 90 years, Deutsche Welle reports. The Boy King's sarcophagus has not been altered since it was found in 1922. But the..
WorldNews - Published

UN Hosts Talks In Effort To Break Yemeni War Stalemate Over Key Port City

un hosts talks in effort to break yemeni war stalemate over key port city
Yemen's warring sides had agreed on a "mechanism and new measures to reinforce the ceasefire and deescalation," the United Nations announced Monday after talks convened by former Danish general Michael..
WorldNews - Published

UN Report Warns Hunger, Famine On The Rise Around The World

un report warns hunger, famine on the rise around the world
The number of people facing starvation has increased over the last three years according to the United Nations' latest report on food security released on Monday, according to Deutsche Welle. There are..
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Sudanese Military Council Says It Foiled Attempted Coup

sudanese military council says it foiled attempted coup
A purported coup attempt in Sudan on Thursday coincided with further talks between the country's military council and pro-democracy movement on a power-sharing deal in the wake of April's military..
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Transparency International Warns Corruption In Africa Is On The Rise

transparency international warns corruption in africa is on the rise
Transparency International and Afrobarometer released the latest edition of the Global Corruption Barometer for Africa on Thursday which indicated most people on the continent think corruption is..
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Oldest Human Remains Ever Found Outside Africa Identified

oldest human remains ever found outside africa identified
Researchers at Germany’s University of Tübingen and Greece’s University of Athens on Wednesday said they have identified the earliest modern human remains found outside Africa, Deutsche Welle..
WorldNews - Published

Election Officials In Germany Receive Police Protection After Receiving Right-Wing Threats

election officials in germany receive police protection after receiving right-wing threats
Saxony election officials in Germany will receive police protection after receiving hate mail and threats when the state's election body disqualified several far-right AfD candidates from an upcoming..
WorldNews - Published

Italy Hands Life Sentences To 24 South Americans In Operation Condor Killings

italy hands life sentences to 24 south americans in operation condor killings
Judges in Rome's Court of Appeal on Monday sentenced a group of former military and police officials from Bolivia, Chile, Peru and Uruguay to life imprisonment for voluntary homicide, Deutsche Welle..
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Zelenskiy Calls For Peace Talks With Putin

zelenskiy calls for peace talks with putin
Ukraine's new President Volodymyr Zelenskiy invited Russian President Vladimir Putin to resume internationally mediated peace talks on Monday, with Moscow responding that it would consider the request,..
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German Scientists Suggest Bible's Philistines Came From Europe

german scientists suggest bible's philistines came from europe
Bones unearthed in Israel and analyzed in Germany may have revealed the origins of the ancient Philistine people, Deutsche Welle reports. The Philistines were believed to have arrived in modern-day..
WorldNews - Published

Fishing Boat Sinks Near Honduras, At Least 26 Dead

fishing boat sinks near honduras, at least 26 dead
A fishing boat capsized off the Caribbean coast of Honduras Wednesday resulted in at least 26 deaths, Deutsche Welle reported. The report said the death toll may continue to climb, Richard Bonilla,..
WorldNews - Published

Kenya Sentences 3 For Role In Garissa University Terror Attack

kenya sentences 3 for role in garissa university terror attack
A Nairobi court Wednesday sentenced three men found guilty last month of being members of the al-Shabaab terror group and accomplices to long sentences as a result of the second-deadliest attack in..
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Painting Stolen By Nazis Returned To Owners' Family

painting stolen by nazis returned to owners' family
Germany on Wednesday returned a painting stolen by the Nazis to the descendants of its original Jewish owners, Deutsche Welle reports. Culture Minister Monika Grütters welcomed the return of "Quai de..
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Italian Judge Lifts House Arrest For Migrant Rescue Ship Captain

italian judge lifts house arrest for migrant rescue ship captain
Italian judge Alessandra Vella on Tuesday ruled Carola Rackete, captain of the migrant rescue ship Sea-Watch, had not acted against the law when she refused to comply with a ban on entering Italy’s..
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Kazakhstan Switching Alphabets In Break With Soviet Past

kazakhstan switching alphabets in break with soviet past
Kazakh schoolchildren who have been practicing writing in the Cyrillic alphabet will soon have to relearn everything they have learned from scratch when their country switches to the Latin alphabet,..
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Venezuelan Navy Captain's Death Ignites International Outrage, Calls For UN Inquiry

venezuelan navy captain's death ignites international outrage, calls for un inquiry
The wife of Venezuelan navy captain Rafael Acosta called on the United Nations to investigate the suspicious circumstances surrounding his death on Monday, according to Deutsche Welle. The government..
WorldNews - Published

Polish Hotel Cancels Reservation For German Right-Wing Party

polish hotel cancels reservation for german right-wing party
The far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) party had to cancel plans for a gathering in western Poland on Friday, after the Radisson Blu Hotel in Szczecin unceremoniously nixed their reservations two..
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