Alliance for combined action

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The term "coalition" is the denotation for a group formed when two or more people, factions, states, political parties, militaries etc. agree to work together temporarily in a partnership to achieve a common goal. The word coalition connotes a coming together to achieve a goal.


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Does Scott Morrison's 'go-with-gas' recovery plan promise more than it can deliver?

Prime Minister Scott Morrison this week announced his plan for a "gas-fired" recovery from COVID-19, but not everyone - including members of the Coalition - is on board.
SBS - Published

The Night of the Coalition

As Kamala Harris accepted the vice-presidential nomination, the voters who power the modern Democratic Party were the night’s focus. - Published

Scott Morrison's approval rating plunges in latest Newspoll

Scott Morrison's approval rating has plunged and the Coalition is now trailing Labor for the first time since the federal election, a new poll indicates.
SBS - Published

Nation wants answers on climate change action

Scott Morrison must stare down the climate change denialists in the Coalition and take bold steps.
The Age - Published

Australia has changed its historic data on carbon emissions: what happened?

australia has changed its historic data on carbon emissions: what happened?
Australia’s official greenhouse gas records have been adjusted such that emissions are now significantly higher than previously believed for the years when Labor was in power, and no longer rise each..
WorldNews - Published

Why Australian conservative voters have more in common with Clinton's supporters than Trump's

A big survey of American and Australian voters exposes some fundamental differences. Less than a third of Australia's Coalition voters want Trump to be re-elected.
The Age - Published

'It's nuts': Malcolm Turnbull condemns Coalition climate change deniers

Malcolm Turnbull has taken aim at the Coalition over its approach to climate change saying it is being held to ransom by denialists within the party.
SBS - Published

Tearful Jacqui Lambie backs Coalition on medevac repeal push, amid accusations of 'secret deal'

The Morrison government has moved a motion to bring the medevac repeal bill to a vote on Wednesday.
SBS - Published

Perfect storm brewing for Coalition that lacks coherent policy

If the drought persists and water restrictions hit the capitals then the Coalition will be in the same position as John Howard in 2007.
The Age - Published

'That's the bloody disgrace': Australia is burning but NSW is cuddling up to coal

The people out in the bush know they’ve been betrayed, repeatedly, by the coal in Coalition.
The Age - Published

Coalition's family law plan 'will hurt children and families': lawyers

The peak body for the legal profession said the government had adopted a "stubborn and wrong-headed approach to family law" and should abandon its plans.
The Age - Published

'We have to do this properly': Ken Wyatt defends Coalition's plan for a 'voice to government'

Ken Wyatt has rejected the idea the Coalition's 'voice to government' for Indigenous Australians goes against community demands for constitutional recognition.
SBS - Published

Ken Wyatt defends 'voice to government' as Marcia Langton and Tom Calman named leaders of advisory group

Ken Wyatt has rejected the idea the Coalition's 'voice to government' for Indigenous Australians goes against community demands for constitutional recognition.
SBS - Published

Calls for federal integrity commission as Coalition accused of attacking charities

The Centre for Public Integrity has accused the coalition government of attacking charities and restricting their ability to shape policy and raise money.
SBS - Published

The case against the government's religious discrimination bill

Underlying the Coalition government’s proposed religious discrimination bill is the implicit assumption that “religion” has a clear definition – everyone knows what it is. But this assumption..
The Age - Published

Jacqui Lambie rejects horse-trading with 'humanity' over vote to repeal Medevac laws

The Senator with the deciding vote to determine the fate of the Coalition’s push to repeal the Medevac laws says she won’t be horse trading over "humanity".
SBS - Published

'Sensible settlement' or 'strong action': Labor divided on carbon emissions

Senior Labor figures are divided over whether the party should wind back its carbon emissions targets to match those of the Coalition moving forward.
SBS - Published

Indigenous groups condemn cashless cards as Labor pushes for voluntary scheme

Indigenous organisations have condemned federal Coalition plans to expand the use of cashless welfare cards at a Senate inquiry.
SBS - Published

'Everything you are told is a lie': Craig Kelly hits out at climate strike students

A Coalition backbencher has challenged the 'scientific consensus' on climate change.
SBS - Published

Italy crisis: Coalition closer as PD party 'ready' to join Five Star

The head of the centre-left Democratic Party says he is ready to govern with the populist Five Star.
BBC News - Published

Australian Government Report Predicts Half Of New Cars Sold Will Be Electric By 2035

australian government report predicts half of new cars sold will be electric by 2035
A new Australian government analysis predicts half the new cars sold in the nation in 2035 will be electric vehicles even if there is no policy support to drive change, The Guardian reports. It will..
WorldNews - Published

Non-lawyers should be barred from AAT, former High Court judge says

The Administrative Appeals Tribunal has been a source of controversy in recent years and the Coalition has come under fire over a recent spate of Liberal Party-linked appointments.
The Age - Published

Karnataka crisis: Coalition offers to change CM, rebels say no thanks

In a last-ditch effort to save the tottering coalition government, top leaders of the Congress and the JD(S) on Sunday proposed replacing chief minister HD Kumaraswamy with someone from the Congress to..
IndiaTimes - Published

Doctors warn of diabetes 'epidemic' as government boosts funding

The Coalition government has announced a $2.8 million funding boost to tackle diabetes-related blindness and foot complications.
SBS - Published

Karnataka crisis: Coalition, BJP leaders hold meetings with MLAs

IndiaTimes - Published

Labor to support Coalition's tax cuts in Senate

Labor will vote with the government and crossbench on tax cuts in the Senate.
SBS - Published

Jacqui Lambie's vote key to Coalition's tax cuts

Returning Tasmanian senator Jacqui Lambie could prove the crucial vote when the federal government's $158 billion tax cuts are introduced to parliament.
SBS - Published

Notorious Police Force Deployed To Papua New Guinea Refugee Camp As Tensions Rise

notorious police force deployed to papua new guinea refugee camp as tensions rise
Papua New Guinea’s notorious mobile squad – a paramilitary police unit – has been deployed around a Manus Island refugee camp amid a dramatic rise in self-harm and suicide attempts that is..
WorldNews - Published