Dr. Cuddles is Disrupting the Pet Care Market with Innovative Solutions and Research Backed Products



*DALLAS, TX / ACCESSWIRE / May 3, 2021 / *Dr. Cuddles is one of the first pet brands focused on creating medicated pet cleaning and wellness products that deliver visible results. They create all-natural, medicated pet products designed to empower the lives of modern pet parents

With a wide range of products from pet bubble shampoo, pet dental spray, to pet dry shampoo, Dr. Cuddles carry almost anything you would need for your pets! Their most popular product is their no rinse dry shampoo and innovative dental spray that helps soothe your pets' gums and neutralize bad bacteria and odor that could threaten their oral health.

*Dr. Cuddles Foaming Pet Dry Shampoo:*

Have you heard of Dry Shampoo for your dog or cat? If you're not a big fan of baths, this is perfect for you! It's great for dogs and cats with sensitive skin and the best part if no rinse required! All of the benefits of bath time, without the wet pawprints on the floor. The Dr. Cuddles Foaming Dry Shampoo human-grade formula features natural botanicals, deodorants and protein extract ingredients that actively soak up oil and dirt from fur to skin. You'll love to have this grooming product on hand after daily walks, pet play dates and road trips. It contains pine tree, gerbera daisy and starfruit that work their magic, leaving your pet with a conditioned coat and fresh, tropical scent.

*Dr. Cuddles Refreshing Pet Dental Spray:*

When you're in close quarters with your dog or cat, it can be smelly at times, but it doesn't have to be! With Dr. Cuddles' dental spray, Bye Bye Bad Breath, you can protect healthy teeth and keep your pet's breath fresh easier than ever! Their Dental Spray offers a ‘no brush solution' featuring naturally-derived ingredients that freshen up breath and help your pet maintain clean, healthy teeth all day long! Plus, the unique formula works to neutralize bacteria that soothes common gum and mouth irritations. All you have to do is spritz.

*Dr. Cuddles Our Missions:*

Dr. Cuddles, down to the name, is a clear representation of who they are. They are two co-founders consisting of a board certified veterinary surgeon and a millennial dog mom. With both the expertise and true love for pets fueling their mission, they have set out to revolutionize the way that pet owners take care of their pets. A pet is part of the family, so why not treat them as such? Dr. Cuddles insists on listening to the voices of their customers, standing at the forefront of pet humanization trends and is committed to providing pet owners with high-quality and warm solutions for all-round pet wellness.

Dr. Cuddles is here to provide dedicated pet parents products that innovate and disrupt the traditional pet care industry with warm solutions, human-grade formulas and modern design. Dr. Cuddles' goal is to supply the modern pet owner community with the tools they need to get visible benefits and results that ensure their beloved pet is healthy, happy and well taken care of. Your furry family deserves to have products in their daily routine that can nurture them from the outside, in and vice versa. Let's humanize the way we take care of our pets!

Dr. Cuddles was created by two dedicated pet parents, one is a board certified veterinarian, Dr. Mat Glassman and the other is a marketing expert, Alice Sha. This brand was brought to life with over fifteen years of holistic medicine and alternative nutrition expertise. Their mission: to empower pet owners to take care of their pets effectively. With Dr. Cuddles, Dr. Glassman can finally provide pet parents with the access they need to human-grade products that guarantee the health and safety of pets everywhere.

Here, at Dr. Cuddles, they do the most for the very best. Their commitment and passion for pets and pet parents doesn't just stop here. Dr. Cuddles is looking to enter the pet supplements and OTC market soon. They are moving into the future of holistic, natural pet care, and are so excited to expand into a new area of products for their customers to utilize.

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