Amazon adds webcam support to the Fire TV Cube

The Verge


Image: Amazon

Amazon’s Fire TV Cube can now be linked with a webcam for video chats on your TV screen. The new feature is available starting today and is limited to the newer second-generation model of the Cube. But it allows owners of that product to start two-way video calls with “any Alexa-enabled device with a screen, including tablets, phones and devices like the Echo Show.” A new software update that enables video calling will begin rolling out today through the coming weeks in the US, UK, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, and Spain.

For a webcam to be compatible, according to Amazon, it must “support UVC with at least 720p resolution and 30fps,” but you’ll get a “better experience” from “webcams with 1080p resolution and 60 to 90-degree...

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