Jimmy Kimmel Interviews a COVID Vaccine That Is Also an Antivaxxer (Video)

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Jimmy Kimmel had some fun at the expense of people who spread conspiracy theories about the COVID-19 vaccine or outright deny that COVID-19 is even a problem, when he spoke to someone dressed as the COVID-19 vaccine who turned out to be exactly like those other lunatics.

The bit came near the end of Kimmel’s Thursday night monologue, when he brought up the great news that 12 to 15-year-olds are now eligible to receive COVID-19 vaccines. Kimmel noted that this might cause anxiety since “a lot of kids are scared to get shots,” and he said that his show had created a new mascot that will encourage kids to relax about it.

Now according to the bit, Kimmel was supposed to then be joined onstage by “Maxine the Vaccine,” except that didn’t happen. Instead, a man wearing a vaccine costume came out.

“Where’s Maxine,” asked Kimmel.

“Maxine died. Yeah, she got COVID and died,” the replacement said.

“Oh my god that’s terrible. Who are you?” asked Kimmel.

“I’m Scott.”

“Scott the shot,” kimmel replied.

“No, just Scott.”

Kimmel asked Scott to put kids at ease about the vaccine, and Scott offered to do it in song form — and that’s when the conspiracy stuff came out. Scott sang a song with these lyrics:

“You know to keep your distance / scrub your hands up nice and clean / now I’m here to teach you something / about COVID vaccines / They use MRNA / which they say are A-OK / but I read on Facebook / that stuff will turn you gay / that blog post was right / the doctors are nuts / Bill Gates put a microchip / up your parents’ butts”

Kimmel ended the song at that and argued with Scott over the whole microchips in butts thing, pointing out that “it’s disinformation.”

“Uh it’s my opinion, you can’t tell me what my opinion is.”

“Bill Gates putting microchips up people’s butts isn’t an opinion,” Kimmel countered.

“You’re right, it’s a fact,” Scott said.

Then Scott tried to rap, at which point he was dragged offscreen. Which, when you think about it, is something that ought to happen to antivaxxers and COVID-deniers too.

Watch the whole clip above.

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