New MH17 documents revisit version of Ukrainian fighter jets

PRAVDA Tuesday, 18 February 2020
The crash of the Malaysian Boeing in eastern Ukraine in July 2014 occurred in the area, where there was not a single Buk anti-aircraft missile system. This is evidenced by the document from the Military Intelligence and Security Service of the Netherlands, which was published on Monday on Bonanza Media, a platform for independent journalists. As follows from the document sent to the Dutch prosecutors, Flight MH17 was flying out of reach of all the places established and used by Ukraine and Russia, where Buk-M1 systems were deployed. "For me, the main conclusion is that the Dutch side had information about the location of the Buk complexes during the conflict," said Dutch journalist Max van der Werff, who, together with Russian journalist Yana Erlashova, is the founder of the Bonanza Media platform. "We have not seen this information before, and the Dutch side concludes in its documents that it did not have information about the location of any Buk system near the crash site MH17." The journalists published four documents. The second one is a transcript of the conversation between German independent journalist Billy Six and representatives of the Australian police. In this document, Six, among other things, talks about the people, who eyewitnessed Ukrainian fighters jets in the sky on the day of the crash. Van der Werff noted that he personally knew Six. "I confirmed it with Billy himself that these documents are real [and that such a conversation indeed took place at the indicated time at the indicated place]," the independent journalist said. "This is one of the reasons that can make us believe that these documents are not fake," he said, flatly refusing to clarify any details about the source of the documents.
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