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Israeli police arrest 320 Jewish worshippers over coronavirus breach [Video]

Israeli police arrest 320 Jewish worshippers over coronavirus breach

Israeli police arrested 320 people at a Jewish bonfire festival celebrating an ancient sage after worshippers rioted over coronavirus restrictions that denied them access to his tomb, officers said on..

Credit: Reuters Studio     Duration: 00:57Published
Israel’s ultra-Orthodox lockdown challenge [Video]

Israel’s ultra-Orthodox lockdown challenge

Coronavirus has hit Israel’s ultra-Orthodox Jews disproportionately, but implementing lockdown in those communities has been challenging.

Credit: BBC World News - Affiliate     Duration: 03:15Published

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Jerusalem Mayor Lion says non-Orthodox can’t pray together at Western Wall

jerusalem mayor lion says non-orthodox can’t pray together at western wall
Lion was speaking on the ultra-Orthodox Kol Barama radio station and was asked his position on the dispute over access to the Western Wall for non-Orthodox Jews.
Jerusalem Post - Published

Jewish Americans Feel Scapegoated For The Coronavirus Spread

Violations of health regulations by Orthodox Jews have been documented by public officials and media at a level of scrutiny that Jews say others don't face.
NPR - Published

Israeli police arrest over 300 at mass gathering at shrine

Jews observed the holiday of Lag B’Omer, on which ultra-Orthodox Jews customarily gather at the tomb of a prominent rabbi in antiquity on Mount Meron
Hindu - Published

Ultra-Orthodox Jews turn to God and the web, looking for answers to coronavirus losses

The community in Israel was disproportionately hit by the pandemic, with leading Haredi figures now calling for a time of soul-searching (but not online)
Haaretz - Published

Couple arrested for tearing off masks of ultra-Orthodox Jews in Brooklyn

couple arrested for tearing off masks of ultra-orthodox jews in brooklyn
Paulo and Clelia Pinho, 35 and 46, from the borough of Queens, New York City, were both charged with hate crimes for the attack.
Jerusalem Post - Published

Wait to resume services, then proceed carefully, Orthodox Jews are told

wait to resume services, then proceed carefully, orthodox jews are told
With the Rabbinical Council of America, the Orthodox Union on Friday released a 13-point guide for gradual and controlled reopening of synagogues under their supervision.
Jerusalem Post - Published

At least 1,300 French Jews have died of COVID-19

Among the French Jews who contracted the virus and recovered was Joel Mergui, the president of the Consistoire group that provides religious services for Orthodox Jews.
Jerusalem Post - Published

Fauci to Orthodox Jews: Ease into communal prayer gatherings

fauci to orthodox jews: ease into communal prayer gatherings
He encouraged the people on the call to take baby steps toward reestablishing in-person prayer.
Jerusalem Post - Published

'Primitive, diseased invaders' threatening America: How scapegoating ultra-Orthodox Jews for coronavirus mirrors Islamophobia

Hate speech against Haredi Jews looks different from the white nationalist anti-Semitism directed at ‘globalists’ and George Soros. It resembles far more the rising anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant..
Haaretz - Published

New York City police break up another Orthodox funeral as crowds gather

new york city police break up another orthodox funeral as crowds gather
Dozens of police officers directed a large group of visibly Orthodox Jews away from the area, many of whom wore masks and stood in the street. Some were crowded together behind yellow police tape.
Jerusalem Post - Published

Orthodox Jews skeptical that widespread outrage over de Blasio tweet reflects Jewish unity

Members of the Hasidic community tell Haaretz the reactions more likely indicate an unwillingness to be associated with them: ‘It’s like a moderate Muslim saying, “Hey I’m not Al-Qaida!”’
Haaretz - Published

Mayor de Blasio is no enemy of Orthodox Jews, but others are vilifying us

mayor de blasio is no enemy of orthodox jews, but others are vilifying us
Among the most disturbing spectacles over the months since the coronavirus was unleashed on the world have been the attacks on haredi Orthodox Jews in both Israel and the United States.
Jerusalem Post - Published

New York police break up massive crowd at rabbi's funeral that defied virus shutdown

New York police broke up a massive crowd of ultra-Orthodox Jews who took part in a rabbi's funeral in defiance of a statewide coronavirus shutdown, and the mayor walked back comments on the gathering..
Reuters India - Published Also reported by •Reuters

How coronavirus sparked an open season of hate for Haredi Jews

The coronavirus crisis has set off a blood libel against Orthodox Jews, from Brooklyn to Bnei Brak. And liberal Jews have kindled it
Haaretz - Published

U.S. Orthodox Jews rush to donate plasma as states push for more antibody testing

Some 3,500 from New York and New Jersey communities have donated, says one of the organizers behind the drive
Haaretz - Published

Thousands of Orthodox Jews donate blood plasma to help beat COVID-19

thousands of orthodox jews donate blood plasma to help beat covid-19
More than 3000 Jews have already donated blood plasma at blood banks around the New York area, with another 6,000 tested on Wednesday to see whether they have the correct antibodies.
Jerusalem Post - Published

'An existential need': Israel's ultra-Orthodox Jews go online amid coronavirus lockdown

The country's largest internet provider reported a 40-percent surge in traffic in Haredi neighborhoods since March 15, despite some rabbis' objection
Haaretz - Published Also reported by •ReutersReuters India

Stereotyping the ultra-Orthodox and Jews in general

stereotyping the ultra-orthodox and jews in general
In the US, sickness and casualties among ultra-Orthodox Jews are also higher than in society in general.
Jerusalem Post - Published

Isolated ultra-Orthodox Jews at epicentre of Jerusalem’s Covid-19 outbreak

Jerusalem’s isolated ultra-Orthodox community is at the epicentre of the city’s coronavirus outbreak, but the traditional Jewish laws its population abides by means that the government’s..
France 24 - Published

Ultra-Orthodox Jews Clash With Police in Jerusalem Over Coronavirus Lockdown - Video

RIA Nov. - Published

Zoom Shivas and Prayer Hotlines: Ultra-Orthodox Jewish Traditions Upended by Coronavirus

Hundreds of ultra-Orthodox Jews are estimated to have died in Brooklyn. Here’s how the pandemic is changing their longstanding rituals. - Published

Angry at ultra-Orthodox Jews for ‘defying’ coronavirus rules? It’s more complicated than that

Researching the Haredi community's relations with the public health system, it's clear both the state and religious leaders bear responsibility for the tragic breakdown in preparing ultra-Orthodox Jews..
Haaretz - Published

Are the haredim coronavirus villains, and awful at love, as Netflix says?

are the haredim coronavirus villains, and awful at love, as netflix says?
My fear is that the unfair portrayal of ultra-Orthodox Jews is becoming the norm in global media. ;
Jerusalem Post - Published

Orthodox Jews prepare for a new kind of Passover in the age of COVID-19

As the coronavirus began to spread in New Jersey a few weeks ago, a coalition of Orthodox Jewish groups issued a statement that "upended" the holiday. - Published Also reported by •Delawareonline

Gov. Cuomo tells Orthodox Jews to abstain from large religious gatherings

“I made it clear yesterday that these social distancing regulations are not just please, they are regulations that you can be fined for,” Cuomo said. ;
Jerusalem Post - Published

Stopping COVID-19 In Its Tracks: Science Gets The Upper Hand – Analysis

Science has knocked religion and traditional healing methods out of the ring in the battle between rival approaches towards getting the coronavirus pandemic under control. Men like Indian Prime..
Eurasia Review - Published

Coronavirus: Israel’s ultra-Orthodox lockdown challenge

Coronavirus has hit Israel’s ultra-Orthodox Jews disproportionately, but implementing lockdown in those communities has been challenging.
BBC News - Published

Resisting Lockdowns: Bringing Ultra-Conservatives Into The Fold – Analysis

The Coronavirus pandemic points a finger not only at the colossal global collapse of responsible public health policy but also the importance of balancing exclusionary religious practices and social..
Eurasia Review - Published

Coronavirus hits harder in poorer NYC neighborhoods

NEW YORK (AP) — The coronavirus pandemic has hit especially hard in poorer New York City neighborhoods where telecommuting isn't an option and there are more likely to be many people living under one.. - Published

Israel Faces Challenges In Fighting Coronavirus In Ultra-Orthodox Communities

Ultra-Orthodox Jews make up about 12% of Israel's population — but account for many of Israel's COVID-19 cases. This week a senior rabbi finally urged his followers to obey government lockdown..
NPR - Published

After N.Y.C. outbreak, fearful British ultra-Orthodox fight to stave off coronavirus

Although COVID-19 has hit Britain’s Jews disproportionately hard, few of those deaths have been ultra-Orthodox Jews. But with that community late to start social distancing, will Stamford Hill become..
Haaretz - Published

Coronavirus, the greatest challenge to ultra-Orthodox Jewish life since the Holocaust

Torah no longer saves from death. The coronavirus has dealt an unimaginable blow to the rabbinical authority - and worldview - that ultra-Orthodox Jews previously regarded as infallible and eternal
Haaretz - Published

Israel's ultra-Orthodox Jews face coronavirus devastation. They need face masks

COVID-19 is spreading wildly through a Haredi community ill-equipped to understand the nature of the threat. Simple homemade face masks heighten awareness - and could help flatten a frightening curve
Haaretz - Published

Coronavirus in Israel: Cases Soar Among Ultra-Orthodox Jews

Failure to comply with government restrictions is causing the coronavirus to spread in ultra-Orthodox communities up to eight times faster than elsewhere in Israel. - Published

Virus Soars Among Ultra-Orthodox Jews as Many Flout Israel’s Rules

Failure to comply with government restrictions is causing the coronavirus to spread in ultra-Orthodox communities up to eight times faster than elsewhere in Israel. - Published

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