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Impeachment, once seen as the battle of a generation, has vanished from the political landscape.

Six months after President Trump’s Senate trial, what was once seen as the battle of a generation has essentially vanished from the political landscape, all but unmentioned at either party’s.. - Published

The Impeachment Battle Rematch That Wasn’t

Six months after President Trump’s Senate trial, what was once seen as the battle of a generation has essentially vanished from the political landscape, all but unmentioned at either party’s.. - Published

Speaker Pelosi set to announce impeachment managers

Now that the House of Representatives has approved articles of impeachment against President Trump, Speaker Nancy Pelosi will announce who she wants to represent House Democrats during the Senate..
CBS News - Published

DOJ Seeking Emergency Order To Block Publication Of John Bolton's Book

doj seeking emergency order to block publication of john bolton's book
Watch VideoThe Department of Justice is now seeking an emergency order to block the publication of former national security adviser John Bolton's upcoming book. "In the Room Where It Happened: A..
Newsy - Published

Trump meets with key Republicans amid impeachment battle

As the battle over impeachment rages in the House, President Trump hosted a lunch with key Republican senators. New details are emerging about what a Senate trial of the president might look like. Ben..
CBS News - Published

Constitutional scholars disagree on chance of impeaching Trump

Lawmakers have questioned 17 witnesses and looked at more than 3,000 pages of sworn depositions in the Trump impeachment inquiry. House Democrats say they have enough evidence to move forward...
CBS News - Published

Kellyanne Conway says White House preparing for Senate impeachment trial

Counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway says the White House is preparing for a Senate trial, but speculates that House Democrats won't vote to impeach the president.
CBS News - Published

White House and Republican leaders clash about Senate trial

GOP lawmakers continue to push for a swift resolution as the full House votes to impeach President Trump. The Senate would then hold a trial to determine if he should be removed from office.There is a..
CBS News - Published

Trump attends Army-Navy game days before from the impeachment vote

The historic House vote on articles of impeachment against President Trump — a vote that would make Mr. Trump only the third president to be impeached — is just days away. On Saturday, the..
CBS News - Published

Durbin says Trump would want to call witnesses in Senate trial if they "would exonerate him"

The Democratic whip says it's not just the president on trial as the impeachment probe moves ahead: "The Senate is on trial too."
CBS News - Published

House Republicans prepare to vote on articles of impeachment

History will be made this week in Washington. For only the third time ever, the full House will vote on articles of impeachment against an American president. Republicans promise to "deep six" a Senate..
CBS News - Published

Trump's team looks ahead to Senate trial

As he left the White House for a rally in Michigan, President Trump ignored reporters, refusing to comment on impeachment. Earlier in the day, a spokesperson said he would only catch some of the..
CBS News - Published

What the Senate trial stalemate means for impeachment

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Minority Leader Chuck Schumer have failed to agree on witnesses and procedures for a Senate impeachment trial. Washington Post national correspondent Philip..
CBS News - Published

Today in History for May 16th

Highlights of this day in history: President Andrew Johnson survives a key vote at his Senate trial after his impeachment; First Oscars are presented; Actor Henry Fonda born; Singer Sammy Davis, Jr... - Published

Blunt faults House for passing "half-baked" impeachment charges

Ahead of a Senate trial, Republican Senator Roy Blunt said the House approved "half-baked" articles of impeachment against President Trump.
CBS News - Published

Democrats push for new witnesses for impeachment trial

Senator Chuck Schumer has presented new evidence that shows the Trump administration put a hold on military aid to Ukraine shortly after President Trump's July phone call with the Ukrainian president...
CBS News - Published

Trump impeachment: Lawmakers spar over Senate trial rules

Congress is taking its fight into the holidays. A lawyer for the House Judiciary Committee says Democrats are open to impeaching President Trump again if new evidence of obstruction emerges. The..
CBS News - Published

President Trump lashes out as Democrats push for witnesses at Senate trial

At Mar-a-Lago, President Trump is not taking a holiday break from Twitter. He’s tweeted several times complaining about his impeachment. He accuses House Democrats of stall tactics, even after one..
CBS News - Published

Impeachment at standstill as Pelosi withholds articles

President Trump took to Twitter during the holidays to slam House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for holding up the impeachment process and waiting to send articles to the Senate for trial. CBS News national..
CBS News - Published

Some Senate Republicans interested in Bolton impeachment testimony

In a stunning reversal, former national security adviser John Bolton says he is willing to give testimony at President Trump's Senate impeachment trial, if he is subpoenaed. Nancy Cordes reports that..
CBS News - Published

Pelosi slams effort to dismiss Senate impeachment trial

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is slamming a new effort to dismiss impeachment charges against President Trump and Republican plans to hold a Senate trial without witnesses. Senate Majority Leader Mitch..
CBS News - Published

Trump lawyers gear up for impeachment fight with potential witness list

After first demanding an "immediate trial," President Trump is now calling for the articles of impeachment to be dismissed. Two senior administration officials say they do not believe extra witnesses..
CBS News - Published

Who's who on Trump's legal team

As the Senate's impeachment trial of President Donald Trump gets underway this week, we are learning who will be defending the president, and his legal team includes several controversial figures...
CBS News - Published

Nadler calls White House rebuttal to impeachment brief “errant nonsense”

The chairman of the House Judiciary Committee is one of seven Democrats who will prosecute the House's case against the president in his Senate trial.
CBS News - Published

Face The Nation: Gary Cohn and Jan Crawford

Missed the second half of the show? The latest on the U.S. trade deal with China and the Senate trial of President Donald Trump.
CBS News - Published

Schiff: Republicans' call for Hunter Biden testimony is "abuse" of impeachment trial

Four of the seven House impeachment managers for President Trump's Senate trial spoke with "CBS Evening News" anchor Norah O'Donnell about their case for the president's removal and why they disagree..
CBS News - Published

“Bad faith” accusations set the stage for partisan impeachment battle

House Democrats will begin their impeachment argument Wednesday after an opening session of the Senate trial, in which Senators took more than 12 hours to debate the rules. Each party accused the other..
CBS News - Published

Schiff says Democrats "proved our case" against Trump in Senate trial

The lead House impeachment manager says Democrats could not have done anything differently to convince senators to remove the president.
CBS News - Published

Senate acquits Trump of impeachment charges

The Senate voted to acquit President Trump on charges of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. Mr. Trump is now the third president to be impeached by the House and acquitted in a Senate trial...
CBS News - Published

Bolton Rips House Impeachment as ‘Grossly Partisan,’ Claims His Testimony ‘Would Have Made No Difference’ in Trump’s Senate Acquittal

bolton rips house impeachment as ‘grossly partisan,’ claims his testimony ‘would have made no difference’ in trump’s senate acquittal
Former Trump National Security Adviser John Bolton threw cold water on the impact of his own potential testimony in the Senate trial of President Donald Trump, telling an audience that it “would have..
Mediaite - Published

House impeachment manager from Texas endorses Joe Biden

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is looking ahead to the critical Super Tuesday primary slate with a new endorsement from a Texas congresswoman who served as an impeachment manager in the..
Seattle Times - Published

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