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Coming up on today's telecast >> i opened the letter and i put the spring water on me, you know, i put it on me-- $94,000 in the bank, which it came from nowhere, and we're trying to figure out where did come from- >> you've been sending me letters, and i've been sending them back in obedience- he blessed me with over $140,000.

>> i got the home, i got the car, and i got $8,000 financial blessing, hallelujah!

[ ?


] god has used reverend peter popoff throughout his entire life and ministry to bring miraculous deliverance to hundreds of thousands of people around the world.

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] stay tuned as reverend popoff ministers, prays and reveals the power of a living god able to change your life and bring you into great joy, peace, health and supernatural abundance.

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] now, get ready for god to touch you with his miracle working power!

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] >>god is touching hurting people around the world- >>and now, he wants to touch you with his miracle working power.

>> and it's always such a joy to share the reality of that power.

I'm peter popoff; this is my wife, elizabeth.

It's a joy to share the reality of his saving power, healing power, delivering power and debt canceling power... >> ( laughing ) >> amen!

>> that's right!

>> and that's- we got so many testimonies of people who've seen their debt miraculously, supernaturally erased!

>> doesn't say that if you're a borrower that you're enslaved to your lender?

>> to your debtor... that's right.

God wants to break the bondage of debt in your life.

I'm going to tell you about a faith tool that god has given me that will help you- yes, you- to erase the debt in your life.

Elizabeth is going to be reading your testimony before you know it, and don't you ever for one second quit believing that god will deliver you, that god will erase your debt, that god will supernaturally break the fetters that have held you back.

Just keep believing and expect god to massively intervene.

>> so, you don't have to be a slave to the irs?

Or a slave to nordstrom?

Or a slave to jcpenny's?

>> that's right!

>>or the gas company?

>> the bible teaches debt cancellation.

Well, you're going to hear these testimonies.

Here we go!

>> i received your letter, and at the time, i was going through a financial thing, and you know- and i had to get an apartment, so what happened is that i wrote you- i opened the letter, and i put the spring water- i mean, you know, put it on me, and i waited- at first, i didn't believe at first, but then when things started happening, $94, 000 in the bank which it came from nowhere.

We were trying to figure out where did come from- ( laughs ) >> now, just a minute.

Did i hear you say $94,000?

>> $94,000.

I thought it was 94 cents, and i'm like, "uh, uh, you made a mistake- nah, uh, $94,000!

" >> she thought it was 94 cents.

It was $94,000!

>> you sent me a letter in the mail with the miracle spring- the miracle spring water, and you told me i was going to get $10,000.

It was like $5, 000 and then $6,000- no, $600- ( laughs ) checks were flowing!

>> she was watching you on television.

She needed a miracle, so she sent for the water.

She anointed herself with the water.

She said, "god, i need a miracle, financial miracle.

" god blessed her with $25,000.

( applause ) >> you mean, you got a $25, 000 divine transfer?

>> yes, i have --- >> the first letter i received from you came in the mail, and i got it opened.

I opened it, and in it, you stated that i was going to receive- not me, but $1, 700 was coming to the house.

I say about three days later, i happen to be sitting in the store with my sister, and- they ran to me with the $1, 700 check- >> you gave me dates.

You gave me times.

You put the date on these, and true enough, it happens- it happened on the date that you said- >> you've been sending me letters, and i've been sending them back in obedience, and god has really blessed me.

Over the last year or two, he blessed me with over $140,000.

( rejoicing ) >> $140,000!

>> thank you,jesus!

Thank you, jesus!

>> you know, that was a divine transfer- >> divine transfer in jesus' name, and the best is yet to come!

>> and the best is yet to come, hallelujah!

>> i got your letter.

---get $50, 000 november 2nd.

>> what's that?

>> $50,000 november 2nd.

( applause ) >> $50,000, november 2nd?

>> yes, sir.

>> did you use the miracle spring water?

>> yes, i did!

>> you sent a letter from nowhere with some miracle water, so i got a hold of the water, and we ended up getting financed, getting $31, 000 and a house!

( applause ) >> because of god and because of you, i am sitting in a brand new home.

I don't know how i'm sitting in that home today i just- i'm sitting in and i can't even believe it.

You told me i was going to get a financial blessing to help me out in the end, and i got that financial blessing, and i want to give god the praise and the thanks!

I am sitting in a brand new home, and i don't even know how!

>> i got the oil and the water.

You told me i was going to receive several miracles right after another.

I did.

I got- i had lost everything two years prior, and when i did that, god gave me a home the same month.

You told me, the same month, everything will happen right after another.

I got the home.

I got the car, and i got $8, 000 financial blessing, hallelujah!

Glory be to god!

>> whoa!

A new home!

She lost it all, god restored it all!

Give me a hug!

>> i couldn't pay it.

I couldn't keep it.

I didn't have a job.

I have a job now.

I start may 6th.

I have a job.

God put money in my account.

He did, twice.

>> just stop right here.

I've been talking about miracle transfers.

Here's a woman who had a couple.

Money in your account!

( applause ) >> in my account from god.

I know it was from god.

>> miracle money... and that's after you use the miracle spring water?

>> yes.


>> you sent me the water, and you told me to anoint my body for a whole week, then you wrote me back, and you told met that i was going to get so many thousands and thousands of dollars in a week.

Everything that you have prophesied has came to pass in my life, >> and everything that you said was very true.

I said, thank you, but i was also blessed with your miracle water.

I was blessed tremendously.

>> what happened?

>> praise god!

I was blessed financially.

>> how much did you get?

>> it was $7,000.

I said, praise god!

And thank you.

>> $7,000 miracle.

>> i've been a partner for almost over two years now, and you wrote me a letter and said, a deed is going to be transferred in my name, a building, and i did receive the building.

It was almost a million dollar building that god blessed me with, and the deed was transferred.

>> you know, that was a divine transfer?

>> divine transfer.

Everything you wrote me in the letter came true, everything, not one thing, but everything.

>> i've been writing to you for about two and a half years, my husband and i, and you said, expect something on september 30th.

On september 30th, we sold out house, and we got $100, 000 profit, and the realtor could not believe that we could have sold that house for that much, but we got a $100, 000 profit off that house, and we are living today on our dream house.

[ ?


] are you ready to be totally debt free?

Have all of your bills erased and paid in full!

If so, this message is for you.

Reverend peter popoff wants to show you how to erase your debt, all of it!

Simply by using the two powerful instruments of faith he wants to send you.

The miracle spring water and the anointed faith tool!

>> you told me that you saw me getting a financial blessing.

Shortly after that, i was cashing a check for $26,000.

>> i did exactly what you told me.

The same day, i received enough money to pay all of my bills.

>> $110,000 check?

>> that's right.

>> i got a check for $1,900.

Now, i've been watching the tv program.

Everybody else saying this, "yeah, i got money, " but i'm a miracle.

I'm a testimony standing here telling you.

I got the first check for $1,900.

I got the second check for $8,000.

I got another check for $1,900, so i know that god is real!

When you receive your free miracle spring water and anointed faith tools in the mail, just follow reverend peter popoff's step by step instructions.

Pray all over your bills, credit cards, bank accounts, all of your debt.

Release your faith and expect your miracle.

Call the number on your screen right now, and let the power of god erase all of your debt and live debt free once and for all.

Ask for your free packet of miracle spring water and the anointed faith tool.

[ ?

] >> well, you've seen what god has done, and we got so many more testimonies coming up- total debt cancellation, miraculous debt cancellation... you will be astonished!

And i'm going to tell you more about this faith tool that's in this envelope.

God gave it to me.

>> how do you get that?

>> you have to call the number on your screen, or you have to write, and it's how much?

>> it's free.

>>its' free.

>> can you get it on the internet?

>> you can get it on the internet.

>> you can use it to supernaturally erase your debt.

Yes, debt cancellation is part of god's plan.

Dent cancellation is taught in the word of god, and liz, would you just read this verse of scripture from 2 kings- >> yes, it's verse 5 and 6: but as one cutting down a tree, the iron ax head fell into the water, and he cried out and said, "alas, master, for it was borrowed, " so the man of god said, "where did it fall?

" and he showed him the place, so he cut off a stick and threw it in there, and he made the iron float.

>> he made the iron float- >>that's impossible, isn't it?

>> with man, it's impossible, but the bible says with god, all things are possible.

Don't ever- don't ever for one second quit believing that god will totally deliver you from debt, erase our debt, supernaturally set you free from debt.

Here was a man who had borrowed an ax- well, that was a very expensive item.

Iron in the ancient world was very expensive, very valuable.

He had borrowed it.

He had lost it.

He was cutting wood, and it fell into a lake and went straight to the bottom, and he cried out.

He said, "oh, it was borrowed.

" you see, it was borrowed, so this man was in serious debt.

He was in serious trouble.

He was in a serious situation, and i see in the spirit right now that some of you are in serious debt- church people in serious debt- house notes, car notes, credit card notes... you're in serious- a serious situation!

A serious predicament!

You need the same kind of miracle that god gave to the this man.

Well, that's why god sent me to you.

How would you ever know about miraculous debt cancellation, erasure of your debts if someone didn't tell you.

It's not an accident that you're watching peter and elizabeth popoff right now.

God is telling you, he wants to get you out of your predicament, and erase your debts!

That's right.

Well, the man of god said, "where did it fall?

Where did it fall?

" and the man showed him where the ax sank, and he threw in a stick, and the bible says that miraculously the ax began to float.

Now, this man listened to the man of god.

He told him what he asked.

I'm telling you that god has given me a faith tool for you to use to miraculously supernaturally erase your debt.

This will work!

God is no respecter of persons!

He wants to erase your debt.

I want to get this to you, free.

It's in this envelope.

It's free.

It's free.

Liz, just read a couple of those debt cancellation testimonies... oh, those are so exciting!

>> okay, here's one that received $1, 000 and a tenant for his rental property.

>> $1,000 miracle.

>> that's right.

>> here's one that received $1,700, and her business is thriving.

>>thriving business in a down economy- business is thriving... >> here's one that receives $7,000.

>> a $7, 000- what city is that from, liz?

>> from atlanta.

>> from atlanta, georgia- $7,000 miracle!

>> and here's one: "followed the instructions and played the lottery and won $2, 500 first time and $1, 300 the second time.

" >>well, praise god!

>> and was healed of soreness.

>> and was healed.

You see, when god begins to bless you, it's going to be a measure that you won't even have room to contain, and i'm always drawn back to the woman who saw the $138, 000 irs debt cancelled.

>> isn't that the greatest!

>> amen!

And wiped off of her credit.

You see, when god does something, he does it right.

>> but that's because you're anointed and appointed.

>> amen!

>> we're anointed and appointed to get you healthy and wealthy... let us send you this miracle faith tool to erase your debt supernaturally!

And we also want to send you the miracle spring water.

So many people have seen the miraculous as they've used it as a powerful point of contact.

You can request it.

Call the number on your screen- we're waiting to hear from you.

Liz is going to read your testimony next!

>> i can't wait!

>> amen!

>> pastor popoff, you told me to expect a miracle.

You sent me the miracle water.

You sent me some oil.

You told me to use the oil in way that i used it, and you told me, on a certain date, i was going to get a miracle.

I want you to know that i received confirmation of a $900,000 bank draft.

( applause/rejoicing ) >> $900- >> $900,000!

>> $900- not $90,000, $900,000!

Oh, how many of you know that just burns the devil up!

( applause ) whoo!

( applause ) >> pastor popoff, i followed the instructions, and you told me what to do, and i did it, and you told me i was going to received up to $20,000, and they had to release it, god said.

>> they had released it.

>> $20,000!

>> $20,000, she got!

>> free and clear!

>> you- god gave you that home free and clear?

Cancelled the debt!

>> cancelled the debt!

---- >> listen to that!

>> i received a letter from you awhile back, and you said to keep an eye on my bank account, that some money would be arriving on my account.

Well, i was behind on my mortgage, and finally, somehow, i ended up going to the bank to see my account, and someone had deposited $1,000 on my account, and the bank couldn't trace it back to who had deposited it, and they took three months to search to see who put it in my account, and they never could figure it out.

>> how many of you know that the holy ghost transferred that money!

( applause ) >> i needed money to pay my bills, my mortgage and my insurance, and reverend popoff started writing me.

He was saying that i was going to get some money from an unexpected source while i will be able to pay my bills and my insurance because i couldn't lose my medical because i was still under the doctor.

This past monday, we got $10,000.

( applause ) >> $10, 000- >> all my bills are paid and i got money to spare!

>> i had a letter in the house, and i just couldn't rest that day unless i got it in the mail, so i happen to go to sleep that morning on a saturday.

I said, "i got to get this letter out of here," but see, it's like something just shook my whole bed and said to me, "the mailman is out there.

You better get up and go, " but the mailman was going down the street, and i said, "well, that man got to come back through.

" i said, "i'm just going to jail, he's going to get this letter for prophet peter popoff.

" i want you to know that you are a true man of god because that night, an unexpected event, i was counting out in my hand $2,800.

( applause ) >> and i went to the mailbox- i normally don't go to the mailbox, i wait, you know.

We go everyday, but this all happened- for two days, i didn't go.

When i went to the mailbox, i got a $39,927!

( laughs ) my knees buckled!

( applause ) call the toll free number, and receive the miracle spring water and the anointed faith tools.

This powerful point of contact will not only get you started on debt free living but it will also show you how to receive everything that god has for you!

When you receive the miracle spring water and the anointed faith tools in the mail, follow the instructions just like these people did!

"since i started receiving your letters, my life is changed.

Everything you wrote is coming true after i followed your instructions.

You told me in the letter that a large amount of money was coming to me.

God has blessed me with $90,000.

Everything god showed you about me is true!

" "i just want to share the good news of the blessings god has given me since your last letter.

I did what you told me to do, and within days, my miracle started unfolding right before my eyes.

I couldn't believe it.

Just like you said, god started answering my prayers.

He blessed me with a good job, and two weeks later, i got promoted to manager of my store, and then he blessed me with a place to live.

I am still in awe.

I thank you for your prayers."

Even more have had huge sums of miracle money transferred into their accounts supernaturally when they use the miracle spring water and the anointed faith tools.

Make the decision today to be financially free!

Call the number on your screen, and ask for the miracle spring water and the anointed faith tools.

[ ?

] >>god is supernaturally erasing debt.

It is phenomenal to see what god is doing and bringing money- money- you know, i- even when i was a young christian, when i read that scripture where jesus says, "i've come that you might have life and have it more abundantly.

" i thought, how can you live an abundant life if you're flat broke.

Liz, it takes a little bit of money to live an abundant life, is that right?

>> that's right, and you have to have health.

>> and you have to have health, but that's why god will put money into your hands supernaturally.

Don't ever quit believing that for one second.

Don't ever give up hope.

>>i've been reading testimonies since 1981- >> that's right.

>>-and i know my testimonies... >> amen.

>> and i only read the good ones, and there's hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of them.

>> amen.

>> every time we film, i can't even read all the ones that come in.

It's just amazing!

>> well, read a couple for us, liz.

>> all right, here's one.

It's from new jersey- montclair, new jersey: as you know, i've been out of work for a little over a year, and we lost our home.

As we were leaving- as we were moving, my attorney called and said that he may be able to help.

Ten minutes later, i had all the money to move into my apartment- pay movers, have the phone power and everything actually turned on and was able to sleep in my new apartment that night.

How great he is!

I praise his name, and thank you for your prayer.

It all happened under an hour, completely and so much more abundantly that i can ever hope for.

>> oh, you see, god has solutions, and he will bring you through situations that will absolutely astonish you.

Liz--- >> you know what's really sweet about this?

He got to sleep through the night in his own apartment.

>> amen.

>> you know, it's- when you're under all the stress of debt, you can't sleep- >> that's right.

>> you toss and turn, but this person was able to sleep through the night in his new apartment... >> liz, another testimony just comes to mind.

I read it not too long ago... another person was losing their home, and just at the last moment, they were able to sell it and make- i believe it was a $40, 000 profit instead of losing their home.

God turned it into a $40,000 miracle!

>>you know, nobody wants to be a slave to anyone or to anything... >> amen.

>>and who wants to be a slave to the irs- >> amen.

>> or slave to the mortgage company or slave to nordstrom or macy's or jcpenney's or sears... >> credit card debts- >> yes.

>>let god help you.

>> here's the faith tool that will let you see your debts erased.

It's in this envelope.

You need to have it.

Call the number on your screen right now.

We're going back into the powerful miracle service.

>> you sent me a letter.

Somebody must have loved me enough to reach you and give my address.

You sent me a letter.

You told me i was a widow.

You told me- you said, "you're getting ready to move.

" well, you know, i get a lot of stuff in the mail from fake prophets, you know what i'm saying?

You said, "in 30 days, you're going to move.

" my daughter is here, we moved in 30 days, do you hear me!

( applause ) we went right where he told us we were going to go, and then he told me- he said, "you're going to get blessed with different lump sums of money coming in.

" money started coming in from everywhere!

I went from the place i live in right now, i live in a 3-story condominium, 3- a bathroom on every floor!


>> i sent off two weeks ago for my credit report.

I had a debt of a house that i know for a fact was on there, but i just can't believe it, when peter popoff told me... he said, "trust and be obedient, " and i looked on it, it was nowhere to be found.

Not only that!

I got a letter in the mail.

I had a $1, 300 late gas bill.

It was gone!

I have a letter with me right now that says zero balance!

>> the letter came sometime- the check came sometime later, and i wasn't really looking for it, and i went to the post office to get the mail, and there, the check, was for $30,000.

( applause/rejoicing ) >> whooo!


>> you have been writing me maybe back in may, and you told me that i was struggling financially, and i was struggling financially.

Me and my husband, we didn't have a dime to our name, and you told us that just trust and believe, and god is going to bless us with miracle money- it just coming, and you gave me the exact date in june, and i went to the mailbox the day i didn't have no money to pay my bills.

I didn't have money to feed my children, but i went to the mailbox, and got an irs check that we owe the irs, $565, but we got $565 on the exact date, and after that, you said, miracle money will just going to be coming, and back in june, i didn't have a dime, and my husband, he didn't know what to do.

He was frustrated.

I was frustrated, and we went to the mailbox, and there was a check for $11,000-- >>> well, i've felt a debt cancellation anointing during this program, liz.

I felt a prosperity anointing!

>> oh, definitely!

>> amen!

>> i feel god is going to make some people watching- you say, "i don't believe it.

" all right, it won't be you- a millionaire, a multi-millionaire.

That's right, you've already sowed into the kingdom, and the harvest of the seed that you've sowed is multi-millions, and it's coming to you.

I believe that, amen.

I want you to have my debt cancellation faith tool.

>> where do you get that?

>> right here!

Call the number on your screen!

We'll be reading your testimony.

>> i love it!

>> let me read this one from waterbury, connecticut: after sending a seed faith of $17, i received a retro-active raise of $1,117.

>> praise god!

You see, you've got to give god something to work with.

>> that's right.

>>she's sowed a $17 seed, and how much was the retro-active raise?

>> $1,117.

>> oh, praise god!

Is that good measure?

>> you see, when the prophet told the woman to fill the pots with oil, she had- he asked her, "what do you have in your house?

" she said, "oil.

" you see, you got to put something into god's hands.

God has to have something to work with... i want to put this in your hands, this faith tool, so you can see god work in your life, erase your debt!

And we want to send you the miracle spring water.

So many people have been healed... you know, liz, so many people have anointed pictures of loved ones and seen loved ones in their homes, saved, delivered from drugs, miraculously brought out of situations that were hopeless.

>> that's right.

>> we want to send you the miracle- >> anoint the pillows of their loved ones.

>> anointed the pillows , anointed the doors of their homes... >> that's right.

>>--that they wanted, and god supernaturally provide, is that right?

>> right.

>> amen.

And i want to send you my book- prosperity thinking, all the secrets of debt cancellation are in this book: prosperity thinking, god wants to bring your mind into a newness that you've never experienced before.

All these items are free and postage paid.

Call the number on your screen.

How much is the call ?

>> the call is free.

>> it's free.

What jesus did from the cross in calvary for you is free!

Make that call- open up your heart, and receive jesus and all that he has done for you.

Until we hear from you, go on with god, move on with jesus christ- >> and be a true soldier of his.

>> this is our prayer for each of you.

>> amen.

>> amen.

>> i just believe that god is going to make these hips new... re-align his body, give him a divine chiropractic treatment ( applause ) oh, lord and savior right now... ( applause ) let our brother sense your mighty presence and power !

( applause ) glory to god!

Glory to god!

Glory to god!

The dev- oooh!


>> i just believe you're going to hang this in your museum.

( applause/rejoicing ) jesus!


( applause ) oh, i'm just going to make the devil mad!

( applause/rejoicing ) whooo!

( applause ) oh, glory to god!

Get up on your feet, now.

You can walk with no cane.

You're just going to give god the glory- there- there she goes.


>> in the letter, you prophesied to me.

You told me that god was going to send me somebody special that really care for me, so that person is in my life now, and then also, money has come after me, i didn't even know i had money that was available to me- and they actually tracked me down to give me money from a bank that i didn't even

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