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Midmorning With Aundrea - December 27, 2018

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Midmorning With Aundrea - December 27, 2018

Midmorning With Aundrea - December 27, 2018

Break away from your everyday with Aundrea Self!

Facebook and your privacy.

We look at the latest information.

And, a coach, his team, and their winning ways.

Plus, we take you on a unique hiking trail in Israel.


Midmorning With Aundrea - December 27, 2018

That's going to faceok a facebook and your privacy.

We look at the latest information.

And, a coach, his team, and their winning ways.

Plus, we take you on a unique hiking trail in israel.

Midmorning starts right now.

The government's top doctor issued an advisory last week to alert parents, doctors and health professionals about the dangers of e- cigarettes.

It comes as federal health officials try to combat the rapid rise in e- cigarette use among america's youth.

Mola lenghi reports from washington.

Surgeon general jerome adams officially declared e- cigarettes an epidemic in the u.s. tuesday.

We must protect our nation's young people from a lifetime of nicotine addiction and associated problems e-cigarette use has skyrocketed among america's youth.

According to the latest federal data -- the percentage of high school age children reporting e- cigarette use in the past 30 days rose 75 percent from last year.

Vaping among middle school- age children also increased nearly 50 percent.

Currenty, more than 3.6 million u.s. youth use e- cigarettes&amp; including 1 in 5 high school students.

Students are bringing e- cigarettes to the schools, using it in the school bathrooms and at times, during class.

How do we know that?

Because they are taking selfies of themselves vaping in the classroom.

The unprecedented rise in vaping comes at a time when traditional cigarette smoking, drinking and other drug use has gone down among young people.

But health experts stress less harm is not harmless.

We know that nicotine exposure dyring adolescence can uniquely harm the developing adolescent brain, impacting learning, memory and attention part of the problem they say, is many e- cigarettes look like a usb flash drive making them easy to conceal.

They calling on parents to learn more and have conversations with their children and on health professionals to screen for e- cigarette use.

Mola lenghi, cbs news, washington.

The fda introduced steps last month to cut down young people's access to flavored e- cigarettes which is driving the epidemic.

Officials say they will continue to crack down on stores that illegally sell e- cigarettes to minors.

Research has shown that going to the hospital in july or over the weekend can be riskier for patients because of factors such as medical errors, understaffing or staff fatigue.

The holiday period can also be added to the list, according to a recent study.

Here's reid binion.

If you or a loved one are hospitalized during the holidays, there may be increased risks associated with that.

Researchers found staffing issues and medical errors increased for those discharged from the hospital during the two week christmas and new year holidays.

This was compared to the four weeks before and after those holidays.

The records of over 670- thousand patients between 2002 and 2016 were examined, and their discharge dates compared.

When it came to things like follow-up with their doctors, patients discharged during the holidays were less likely to actually schedule those appointments.

And patients who first left the hospital during the holiday period were more likely to be readmitted or die within 30 days.

Medical experts believe reduced staffing during the holidays, and the patients' unwillingness to be in the hospital during those holidays play a role in the increased risks.

For today's health minute, i'm reid binion.

Bionic limbs controlled by the mind.

New technology being developed in boston is giving amputees newfound mobility.

Dr. mallika marshall has the story.

These "smar limbs" bein developed at mit are possible because of the ewing amputation.

The procedure developed between mit and brigham and women's hospital protects the nerves and muscles so the limb can continue to communicate with the brain.

So when we did our first human patient and we put the bionic limb on him and we saw natural movements emerged, emerging through the mechatronics in natural ways it was truly exhilarating mit professor hugh herr helped develop the surgery and is leading development of the robotic limbs.

He's also a double amputee himself.

So it's sort of like an extension of your body rebecca mann, a ewing amputee, tried out the robotic leg.

Pretending i'm pointing and flexing my foot and i feel my foot pointing and flexing.

Brandon korona injured his leg in afghanistan and became the first veteran to have the ewing amputation.

Being able to kind of have something that i can control with my mind still even though my foot is not there.

It kind of brings everything full circle he's now traing to run the boston marathon in 20 and this september rebecca and brandon ran the falmouth road race with fellow amputee tammy jerome.

We pushed each other to do it this group was brought together though the "stepping stron center" create at brigham by the family of marathon bombing survivor gillian reny.

It's a wonderful experience &amp; to put a robot on their leg and they walk away and start crying or laughing the grants awarded by stepping strong are part of what made the ewing amputation possible, paving the way for the future of prosthetics.

Dr. mallika marshall, cbs news, cambridge.

One of the next steps in the prosthetics project at mit is designing new sockets, improving the communication between the amputation and robotic limb.

A new privacy scandal for facebook.

New information reportedly shows the social media giant gave its corporate business partners extensive access to your personal data for years and never told anyone.

A report in the new york times says the social media giant made data-sharing deals with dozens of the world's other tech giants.

Tony dukoupil has the latest.

At a congressional hearing in april, c-e-o mark zuckerberg insisted the data of facebook's more than two billions users is safe.


Pallone : yes or no: is facebook limiting the amount or type of data facebook itself collects or uses?

Zuckerberg: congressman, yes.

We limit a lot of the data that we collect and use.

But according to a new report in the new york times, for years, facebook struck deals to share users' personal data with more than 150 companies - including netflix, spotify and amazon.

Among the allegations in the report: facebook "allowed spotify netflix and the royal bank of canada to read, write and delete users' private messages," amazon was able "to obtain users names and contact information through their friends," an microsoft's bing was able to "se the names of virtually all facebook users' friends without consent."

Privacy issues, security breaches and the distribution of fake news has plagued facebook for months.

The scandals have forced zuckerberg and chief operating officer sheryl sandberg to publicly apologize.

We know that we did not do a good enough job protecting people's data and i'm really sorry for that and mark's really sorry for that.

Facebook says it found no evidence any of its partners abused users' data.

In a statement to cbs news, netflix said "a no time did we access people's private messages on facebook, or ask for the ability to do so."

A spokesperson for microsoft's bing said: "throughout ou engagement with facebook, we respected all user preferences."

Spotify said they were unaware of the broad powers facebook had granted them.

We reached out to royal bank of canada and amazon but they did not immediately respond to our request for comment.

Tony dukoupil, cbs news, new york.

The insurance institute for highway safety is out with its list of the safest vehicles.

Overall cars performed well, but there is room from improvement.

Kenneth craig reports.

:20 - :26 david harkey/president, insurance institute for highway safety the insurance institute for highway safety crash tested cars of all shapes and sizes to determine the top safety picks.

Front crash prevention systems and headlight performance were also put to the test.

I-h-s president david harkey.

31:18 "we ar encouraged to see manufacturers continuing to produce safe vehicles for consumers."

Fifty-seven 2019 models received the top two awards... that's five fewer than last year, but the i-h-s also raised the bar.

Vehicles must show advanced front crash prevention to earn - "to safety pick"..

An must meet higher standards in several categories to be a "top safety pic plus."

Only one vehicle from a u-s automaker... the chrysler pacifica... made the grade.

34:00 "we ar disappointed we don't have more us models in the top safety picks this year 34:23 they missed, like a number of auto makers on the headlight ratings and so they had a few near misses to achieving that good or acceptable rating on our headlight tests."

Harkey says improvements are needed when it comes to headlights but he's seen advancements in crash protection and prevention.

42:33 we are very encouraged that automakers are stepping up to the plate, making changes where it counts and providing consumers with a good variety of vehicles to choose from.

The group says that's making cars on the road today safer than ever.

Kenneth craig, cbs news, new york.

One transportation visionary says the future of travel may be underground.

We'll take you there next on mid morning.

Dring l driving in large cities can be super frustrating.

At peak times, traffic slows to a crawl.

Or worse, you just sit there.

Commuters across the country may welcome tech titan elon musk's latest big idea: underground tunnels to beat traffic congestion.

Recently in los angeles, he unveiled the first tunnel in what he hopes will become a network of underground highways.

This initial stretch is only for tests and áwon'tá be used by the public.

It runs between the headquarters of musk's space- x company and a parking lot behind a closed business, a little more than a mile away.

Musk took gayle king for a ride.

This isn't just any tunnel ... "we can go t 100 no problem ... ... but we'll take it easy for you.

Don't worry, don't worry!"

... it's elon musk's tunnel, and to understand why we're speeding through it, you need to go back a couple of years when he decided he'd had enough of los angeles traffic gridlock.

"either we tr something new or we will be stuck in traffic hell for the rest of our lives.

I started thinking, well, maybe-- this could be underground" this is the underground network he envisions: electric cars using street level elevators to drop down into a series of tunnels.

Autonomous technology in the cars ensure they don't run into each other, despite going speeds over 125 miles per hour.

"tunnels ar the-- in my view, the only solution to open congestion.

Because we have a 2-d road network and we have buildings in 3-d ... like, and everyone wants to pile out of those buildings and into those buildings at the same time.

Obviously, you're gonna have a traffic jam" no one was building such a system, so musk formed the amusingly-named boring company and started building it himself.

About a year ago, that company started digging what has become today's 1- point-2 mile long test tunnel in hawthorne, near los angeles.

"unless we ca make-- tunnel digging-- at least-- at least ten times cheaper then digging tunnels will not be an effective means of t-- alleviating traffic.

It'll just cost too much."


The city of hawthorne granted musk an exemption from typical environmental impact reviews required under california law.

And in nearby neighborhoods where the tunnel runs, some residents told us they never heard about the project until it was almost finished.

"some member of the community seemed to feel that they didn't really have input into that decision?"

"we actually- sent letters to everyone-- i think, th-- there's normally, like-- a radius that you have to inform people.

We doubled that radius and informed people i think in any situation, there's gonna be a few percentage of people that grumble."

"you can't g off the tracks, right?

That's what-- ... no ... --you're saying?

--no, you cannot go off the tracks."

At first glance the tunnel is a bit daunting.

It's only 12 feet in diameter, so its much more claustrophobic than most transportation tunnels.

And at the end of our four minute adventure, the verdict?

"that was scary but that was kinda cool!"

And by the time we started up the elevator that returned us to the surface ... "it'll be faste in practice.

This is just going slow because it's-- early days."

"i don't wann go any faster than what we just did, no thank you!"

When it was all over, it was easier to see how this proof- of-concept tunnel could actually be a preview of the world to come.

"at this point i' confident this can revolutionize cities and get rid of-- soul- destroying traffic."

For this to work, musk's vision depends on him being able to do it all faster and cheaper than current industry standards.

While modern subway tunnels in los angeles cost around 900 million dollars per mile, he claims he built this for about 10 million.

For airports, the official holiday season began before thanksgiving.

And at least in atlanta, it will last through the super bowl.

The hartsfield- jackson atlanta international airport is one of the busiest in the world.

And people who forget the list of banned items can hold up lines.

Its common for travelers to pack aerosol cans or bottle water in their carry on luggage.

That's a no-no but, on one recent day at the airport, 293 weapons were recovered.

Most of those were found in the tsa passenger security lines, while 45 firearms were discovered in checked baggage.

Tsa recently displayed throwing stars, knives, screw drivers, torch lighters and mace found carry on luggage in the security boarding line.

There's winning in sports - and there's winning in life.

One coach is showing how to do both.

That story ahead on mid morning.

Baskball a basketball coach in mississippi gives a new meaning to hands-on leadership.

Jamie yuccas has this amazing story.

No cg's given the bulldogs are like any other high school basketball team.

Except for one thing: this is the mississippi school for the deaf.

We talked to the team through sign language and interpreters.

How do you dribble and sign?

No,no no// just move if you can communicate through your movement.

No one moves quite like the school's coach&amp; sekoe white.

At a recent game against nearby jackson prep.

A fan tweeted this video of the coach imploring the team to play better defense, and signing&amp;.

"who's house?

The players sign back emphatically: "our house" what was your reaction to the video?

You know, my first reaction//what's the big deal?//because i do it every day.//but then you know, when i stepped back i started to realize that maybe it is a big deal for the whole community.

You think you're an inspiring coach?

I try as much as possible to inspire my players, because i used to be like them.

Coach white grew up being bullied as the only deaf player on his high school basketball team in lexington kentucky - but persevered&amp; playing overseas and in the deaf olympics.

I always think that basketball really saved my life.


I trained and i practiced and i worked hard//really if not for basketball i might have been dead, in jail.

I would never have gotten this job.

I'd never be a coach.

Its something he's passed on to his players.

Never give up?

Never give you, you have to keep going and keep focusing on your education and sports at the same time.

To be winners on and off the court - a universal lesson...worth celebrating.

Jamie yuccas, cbs news, jackson mississippi.

A hing t a hiking trail in israel offers a unique blend of stunning views with historical perspective.

The so- called "jesus trail attracts thousands of tourists from around the world every year, especially during the holiday season.

Seth doane laced up his shoes to embark on an adventure of biblical proportions.

Many, many places mentioned in the bible - we can actually see them, we can see them right here&amp;' that body of water, for instance, is the sea of galilee.

The "river jordan" runs into i and, in the distance, is the mount of beatitudes - where it's said jesus delivered his most famous sermon.

Sd: 'you have so many of the highlights of jesus' time, teachings right here along the shore.'

Mg: 'exactly - because all of this happened pretty much around the sea of galilee, its where he walked on water&amp; where he performed many miracles.'

Mark gordon - a spiritual outdoorsman - introduced us to the breathtaking 40-mile "jesu trail" whic winds through north-eastern israel&amp; drawing about 3- thousand hikers annually.

'basically the trail is meant to connect the sites relevant to the journey of jesus&amp;' gordon works for "abraha tours" whic sees interest from a range of visitors.

'you have religious people - for them it's a pilgrimage - it's a spiritual journey&amp; and also we have hikers who just like to come to see the nature and see this land and this country - which is not something usual.'

Dan dragland - from sacramento - is traversing israel&amp; partly on the "jesu trail" dd: 'it's a good mixture of terrain - so it's some flats and some peaks' sd: // you've hiked a lot - is there something different about the "jesus trail" dd:there's a lot more history on the jesus trail than on your average trek.

Most places - it's just the vistas&amp; with the jesus trail it's the views and the historical sites.

Mark gordon took us to some of those sites &amp; including the millennia-old ruins of a synagogue&amp; 'it dates back to the time of jesus' unlike another trail created by isreal's government which avoids arab villages - the jesus trail takes travelers though sites significant to various religions - including the town of cana: mg: 'the water- to-wine miracle&amp;' sd: 'this is where that happened&amp;' mg: 'this where this happened' here, a modern church marks the spot where christians believe that miracle took place&amp; not far away is a mosque.

'just to make this hiking package work - it depends on muslims, jewish and christians working together, co- operating, providing services.

It doesn't' matter if they cook your food, give you a place to stay, transfer your luggage&amp;' suraida shomar- nasser is a palestinian citizen of israeli who owns an inn in nazareth&amp; where many begin their hike.

'in israel we are palestinians, israelis, arabs, jews - our religions are christianity, islam, judaism // so it's kind of trying to taste from each of these cultures - and this you can find it on the trail.'

We first met dan dragland at the inn.

Dd: 'as with all places - there's the tour bus view of the world - then there's the actual walking view of the world' sd: 'you see things totally differently - hiking&amp;' dd: 'massively.

It also causes you to appreciate the vistas a lot more than when you're hiking - because every view you see - you have to earn.'

On this trail - those vistas are, indeed, stunning&amp; and offer not just the chance to look out&amp; but to peer back - into history.

Hope you are among this group.

Forbes has published its list of america's richest celebrities for 2018.

"star wars creator george lucas tops this year's list with a net worth of 5- point-4 billion dollars -- much of it from the four billion he made selling lucasfilm to disney.

His fellow director steven spielberg is in the number two spot.

Spielberg's four decades of blockbuster movie-making has left him with a net worth of three-point- seven billion dollars.

Media mogul oprah is the third richest celebrity in the u-s.

Her net worth is two-point-eight billion dollars.

Sports star michael jordan climbs up the rankings to the number four spot, thanks to his sneaker fortune and a stake in the charlotte hornets -- his net worth is one- point-seven billion.

Kylie jenner has a net worth 900- million, which puts her at a tie for the fifth place spot... with music mogul jay z, who also boasts a fortune of 900-million dollars.

We'll be right back to wrap things up.

Th andor that and more on the

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