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Midmorning with Aundrea - January 15, 2019

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Midmorning with Aundrea - January 15, 2019

Midmorning with Aundrea - January 15, 2019

Break away from your everyday with Aundrea Self!

Today, we take a look at a universal flu vaccine that can combat different strains and last for several years.

And the New Orleans Mayor wants to direct more tourism revenue to benefit the city.

And finally we explore the pros and cons of freezing your eggs in a fertility clinic.


Midmorning with Aundrea - January 15, 2019

But, man, h e last o the latest on the flu and protecting your family.

And, the dave matthews band is going home to lend a hand.

Plus, women choosing to delay motherhood, but turning to fertility clinics to help keep it a possibility in the future.

Midmorning starts right now.

Instd of instead of relying on people to get vaccinated every year, scientists are getting closer to a universal flu vaccine.

And officials say it would last through multiple seasons.

Elizabeth cohen has more details.

A shot... a jab... a poke... year after year after year.

That's the way it is with flu shots.

You have to get one every year.

That's pretty inconvenient and maybe why less than half of american adults get a flu shot&amp;.the results: an estimated 80,000 americans died during last year's severe flu season.

But now scientists are getting closer to a flu vaccine that would last for many years.

Dr. anthony fauci/director, national institute of allergy and infectious diseases: "i will be a game changer."

It's called the universal flu vaccine.

This version is already in large scale trials in europe.

Another advantage: even when you get a flu shot, it only works about half the time&amp; but with a universal flu vaccine-- dr. anthony fauci/director, national institute of allergy and infectious diseases: "would very likely be a muc more effective vaccine than the ones we have to make each year, hoping that we guess accurately as what the influenza virus that season will be."

This year new numbers out friday from the centers for disease control and prevention show that between 6.2 and 7.3 million people have already been sick with the flu this season.

A universal flu vaccine in future flu seasons isn't a given.

ánats of congressional hearingá in march, at a congressional hearing on flu preparedness, dr. fauci with the national institutes of health emphasized the need for a universal flu vaccine and the difficulty making one.

Dr. anthony fauci/director, national institute of allergy and infectious diseases: "s the trick is how do you make a response selectively against the part of the virus that does not change."

There's a possibility it might not work.

Dr. anthony fauci/director, national institute of allergy and infectious diseases: "we'l know probably by the end of 20, the beginning of 2021 whether or not we do have a successful universal flu vaccine."

Until then - we'll have to keep getting vaccinated with a flu shot every year - which is still better than no flu shot at all.

Elizabeth cohen, cnn, reporting according to the c-d-c-- we will not know for at least several more weeks how well this season's flu vaccine is working.

Health officials say last season's flu shot was only 40-percent effective... and only 37-percent of adults got vaccinated.

That flu season was the deadliest season in more than four decades.

For the first time, government health officials are releasing real time information on how many people have had the flu so far this season.

With millions of people already ill, experts say disinfecting your home after someone is sick is key.

Giovanna drpic has more.

New data from the cdc shows between 6 and 7 million people have been sick with flu so far this season.

Up to half saw a doctor and up to 84,000 have been hospitalized.

These numbers are a reminder that flu can cause severe illnesses and hospitalizations been vaccinated yet we still expect several more weeks of flu activity so get your vaccine now.

Flu activity is now widespread in 30 states.

While it's too early to know how the rest of the season will shape up, government health officials say flu activity áisá lower compared to last year's record breaking season.

If you or a loved one has been sick , experts say it's critical to disinfect high touch surfaces in your home so you don't set your family up for re-infection.

Any of the flu viruses that are common, probably one of the most hearty viruses that we see is the norovirus which can last for weeks on a surface, so you want to be very careful in cleaning sinks, the handles on the refrigerator , doorknobs // cell phones, tablets, game controllers dr. dan allan from the cleveland clinic says bleach based cleaners are best because they can kill even the toughest viruses and bacteria.

And it's easy to make a solution at home.

Two ounces of bleach in about a quart of water and you want to make it up the day that you use it , if it sits it will become much less effective and don't forget the bedding.

That needs to be washed in hot water and high heat in the dryer.

Giovanna drpic, cbs news, new york.

Once you disinfect your home after someone is sick, take off the clothes you cleaned in and wash them and of course wash your hands thoroughly.

A new report suggests people who eat high- fiber diets have lower risk of death and chronic diseases.

A new zealand researcher co- authored a report published thursday in the journal-- the lancet.

After looking at 40 years worth of studies and tests, he found that higher intakes of fiber reduced body weight... total cholesterol and mortality.

There was also a drop in a range of diseases including heart disease... type two diabetes and colorectal cancer.

Dietary fiber includes plant- based carbohydrates like beans... whole-grain cereal and seeds.

A former virginia son finds a reason for people to stay in the community where his musical career began.

Mid morning will be right back.

Etheyou whether you live in new orleans -- work or enjoy visiting new orleans, this can impact you: a war of words between the mayor of new orleans and one of the city's tourism leaders.

It has to do with the mayor's push to redirect local tourism tax revenue from the tourism industry to city government.

Caresse jackman has details.

Nns/n source: wwl correspondent: caresse jackman supers: new orleans, la suggested lead: whether you live in new or enjoy visiting new orleans...this can impact you.

A war of words between the mayor of new orleans and one of the city's tourism leaders.

It has to do with the mayor's push to redirect local tourism tax revenue from the tourism city government.

Caresse jackman has details.

Pkg script: stephen perry and mayor latoya cantrell are at odds over how state dollars should be spent.

Perry wants to keep the money where it is right now...but cantrell wants to redirect some of that money to the city's crumbling infrastructure.

"we don't se that plan."

"if we stop doin that, and threw it into the pot of the city, the city would start decling...immedi ately."

Strong words by stephen of new orleans and company, a major marketing organization.

He's now at odds with mayor latoya cantrell over ááhowáá much tax money should go towards tourism.

"most of i actually does go to city government.

And that's why we're a little confused about the dialogue now."

Mayor cantrell wants a greater portion of the state's hotel/motel tax invested into the city's infrastructure.

"new orlean residents generate hundreds and millions of dollars each year...yet the lions share is going back into tourism agencies...not the people that live and work here."

This commercial on "action ne orleans" political action committee--backs the mayor's argument.

The website says last year--the city generated more than 200 million in hospitality revenue--but less than 1.5 percent of each dollar spent came to the city.

"when city hal says that only 1.5% of the hotel tax goes to the city, that's just not true.

It goes to the rta.

It goes to the orleans parish school board.

It goes to paying for the building and the renovation and operation of the two biggest economic drivers in the city, superdome and the convention center.

And the other is, it pays for the marketing that drives the whole economy of the city."

Marketing and promoting the city is what new orleans and company it gets a portion of the tax revenue that's now being disputed.

Perry says that money pays off in a big way.

Perry has met with the mayor three times..

He says he likes her...wants to work with her...but if she's determined to the dave matthews band is among the world's most successful groups in popular music.

Their first new album in six years "com tomorrow" wa released over the summer - and without missing a beat - it was a record setting seventh in a row to debut at number one.

But for all its fame, the dave matthews band hasn't forgotten the city of charlottesville, virginia, where it all began.

John dickerson met up with dave matthews there recently to see how the band is giving back to the city.

"tell me abou the joy of playing music.

Explain the joy to me.

Where is it?"

"well / "it's somethin that when it's perfect // it's, like, being lifted out of your body.

It's like you're not there anymore.

And-- it's so-- it feels so good."

No matter how loud the crowd cheers - something about playing in charlottesville, virginia keeps dave matthews grounded.

"what's it lik coming to play here?"

"it's alway harder to play-- at home.

// it's a weird thing.

It always is a homecoming.

It's always joyful, but you always wanna do better."

"i wrote a lott my songs in that pink warehouse.

Is it pink?

Is it-- what color is that?

It's, like, peach?"

"yeah, that' pink."

Though he now lives out west, frontman dave matthews says his roots remain here... ...where his eponymous band began its record ascent to the top of the billboard charts in the early 1990s.

"i couldn't hav begged to have a greater experience than play in this band in my life, really.

I mean i couldn't-- you know, i want some other experiences, but i-- i-- i don't feel like i'm entitled to them because, jesus, how can this happen to one person?"

Blessed with fame, but also generosity, the dave matthews band has made a habit of sharing its good fortune.

"you've give away, like, more than $40 million.

Like, this is some-" "what " "we're- " "right?

What we'll put an end to that immediately."

"so this i crescent hall."

The band recently commited five- million dollars to re-imagine public housing in charlottesville.

Beginning with a compete renovation of this residental apartment building downtown.

"things ar falling apart, elevators don't work."

"and just to b clear.

Crescent halls is two blocks from where you used to live, where you used to work?"


"it's in the middl of everything.

And it's amazing that you can be in the middle of everything and still be this neglected."

"you talke about feeling roots in charlottesville.

You bounced around a lot before that.

Run through all the places before you set roots down in charlottesville."

"my-- father an mo-- mother are south african.

// my dad was a physicist and he did research at uva.

// he passed away when i was kid.

And then we went back to south africa // for the support of family that was there."

ááámatthews went to high school there while the segregationist apartheid was still in place.

"and then when finished high school, i got my call up papers to join the military there that's not something i'm desperate to do.

And so i moved back to the states."

"but // when came back to america, i-- i suddenly w-- just-- i-- it was-- i-- like, everywhere i looked i-- there was racism.

And it was sort of amazing, but it s-- hit me in the face all the time."

"you said yo were hit in the face by the racism in america.

Charlottesville itself was hit in the fact in anthony scaramucci is coming back to t- v-- and not as a pundit for the republican party.

Scaramucci will appear on the upcoming season of "celebrity bi brother," on c-b s.

This is the second time, in as many years, that a one-time member of the trump administration has appeared on the program.

Scaramucci was the white house communications director for 11- days.

Former white house aide omarosa manigault- newman was on the show last year.

Among those joing scaramucci, o-j simpson trial figure kato kaelin, actor joey lawrence and comedian tom green.

The show, hosted by julie chen moonves, makes its premiere on january 21-st.

Hbo released its first official tease trailer for the eighth and final season of its hit emmy- winning drama "game o thrones."

The debut date for the much- anticipated six- episode season has been set for sunday, april 14.

"game o thrones," whic has won multiple emmy awards, is hbo's biggest hit ever with some 30 million viewers in the united states and an army of devoted fans worldwide.

The series is based on novels by george r.

Martin in a series called "a song o ice and fire."

Still to come, a look at how new fertility clinics are marketing their services to single women.

Mid morning returns in a moment.

Men ving women having trouble conceiving a child have often reached out to fertility clinics for help.

But now a new breed of boutique fertility operations are encouraging clients to freeze their eggs, to preserve the prospect of a future pregnancy.

But not everyone is convinced this for-profit outreach is appropriate -- though many clients are grateful they took up the offer.

Dana jacobson reports.

"i've alway known that i want kids.

I always tell everyone "i' destined to be a mom."

So when model krista mays found herself single in her early 30's, with a goal of being a mom by age 35, she decided she'd have to find a less traditional approach than most to motherhood.

"i was having conversation with my girlfriends about egg freezing and fertility, and the conversation i had was like, " think i'm going to do this.

I don't know anything about it.

I don't know what offices to go to like, how do i look up on the computer fertility clinic that wants somebody like me?

She came across ads for kindbody on instagram.

The fertility startup known for these bright yellow vans offering blood tests to measure the antim?llerian hormone.


Which thought to be a marker of a woman's remaing egg supply "when i foun out that my amh was at .78, which is low, i basically just kind of said "ok.

What do have to do?"

Mays went to have more testing done at kindbody's new york city clinic.

That's when she decided to freeze her eggs 12;41;53;14 dj: "what was i like?"

12;42;42;06 km: you just lay down on the bed// and then your anesthesiologist just you know get your i.v.

Going and then before you know it you wake up."

"feeling prett good, just woke up from anesthesia" doctors were able to retrieve 7 eggs, and with them, the hopes of a baby.

12;45;39;11 dj: you've slowed your biological clock in a way, or you've taken your biological clock out of the mix?

12;45;47;04 km: yeah.


So, i mean my eggs are you know... 12;45;51;08 dj: they'll be 32 forever.

12;45;52;25 km: it was taking the opportunity to ensure that i'll have children regardless of my relationship situation.

Kindbody is one of a growing crop of companies suggesting young women protect themselves against future infertility.

"you don't d anything about fertility until you have a fertility problem and we want to change."

Founding physician dr. fahimeh san talks to a packed room of young women at monthly "egg freezing 101" events.

And says ads like this one..which say freezing eggs is like freezing time... are not misleading.

"if you'r natural fertility is going to start to decline in your mid 30s.// by freezing your eggs, you're giving yourself the gift of time.// egg freezing is not a guarantee to motherhood// however in a woman who is having difficulty conceiving, if she happens to have eggs that are from her younger healthier better quality version of herself.

// it will be easier for her to get pregnant than if she who is having fertility issues tries to use her own eggs at that time.

According to the american society for reproductive medicine, the rate of women between the ages of 40 to 44 becoming first- time moms has been rising since the early 80's.

The reasons include careers, a less-than-ideal relationship status or finances.

11;23;00;20 dj: do women in their 20s really need to be concerned with their fertility?

11;23;06;16 fs: so concerning means i'm trying to scare you into something and that's definitely not the process i want you to be aware of it because i think that knowledge is power.// that knowledge bringing it to those 20 year olds allows them to make a decision that's right for them.

Gina bartasi is the founder &amp; ceo of kindbody.

At about 6- thousand dollars, she says one egg- freezing cycle here, not including medication, costs far less than at some major fertility centers &amp;.and could mean more savings if a woman requires in vitro fertilization later.

If you measure the cost of having a child with your frozen eggs// and you compare it to multiple failed rounds of ivf, every single time, the one cycle with those frozen eggs yields a better outcome and a more affordable solution but not everyone is on board.

"if there ar issues, a reproductive endocrinologist should the be the person that should be providing all this information to women and not entrepreneurs."

Dr. pasquale patrizio is the director at the yale fertility center.

He worries about startups baiting young women with flashy ads and a.m.h.


For the great overwhelming overwhelming majority of women in their young age there is no reason to offer to put down to their throat a test in a single test that by itself is completely inefficient and only generates fear and panic and it's totally unnecessary.

But dr. san says kindbody makes this clear: the initial test in the yellow van is not meant to be diagnostic.

"amh is a piece o the puzzle// some of the other pieces are one just going over your medical history// then an antral follicle count which is a special type of pelvic ultrasound or sonogram where we can actually count the number of follicles which are basically premature eggs there isn't much data on the long-term safety and effectiveness of planned egg freezing.

Especially when it comes to eggs that were flash- frozen using a relatively new technique called vitrification.

"the eggs ar cooled at an ultra-rapid rate to -196 degrees celsius" one 2017 study suggested a 34 year old woman with 20 frozen eggs is expected to have a 90 percent chance of having at least one live birth.

A 42 year old is expected to have a 37 percent chance.

Krista mays says she will likely go through two more rounds of egg- freezing&amp;becaus e she is hoping for more than one child.

"my goal kind o that we've talked // about with my doctors is // - freezing 20 eggs.

/ it is an investment, but i felt like it's a justified investment.

Dj: and an important one to you.

Km: yeah, because backup plan.// if i don't have a partner, and i can't do it the natural way, and the free way then you know my next option would be to do this.

A promise to serve is 4 generations in the making.

That story ahead on mid morning.

Texafami a texas family is honoring a fourth generation eagle scout and continuing a decades-old family legacy.

Destiny richards looks at what the scouting program means to them.

As sixteen-year- old tyler paul makes the transition from boy scout to eagle scout, he's also carrying on a 100-year-old family legacy.

My brother was an eagle scout and my father was an eagle scout and so there is a long legacy within our family for eagle scouting.

You could just see that it was coming down the line that he was going to be an eagle scout.

The first eagle scout in the paul family dates back to 19 in ohio.

Tyler's grandfather is a second generation eagle scout from 1954, and his uncle, a third generation eagle scout in the year 1990.

At the court of honor ceremony, his family was able to participate in honoring tyler as the fourth generation to achieve the rank.

That's always been, i think, part of what's driven tyler is that family heritage of scouting and it's always been evident in the support his family has shown for tyler's efforts in scouting.

I know that i have some nephews and a son and a daughter that are on their way to get eagle and tyler will be part of that as they look up to him and the things that he has done and the leadership that he has shown.

Tyler's mother says the scout program has helped him grow in character, morality and leadership.

When he came through the cub scouting program, some of it was as simple as, you know, this was a program and this is what you did and this was different opportunities.

Now you see a different growth in it that it is serving other people and it's him stepping up and stepping out of his comfort zone.

Tyler believes no matter the generation, the journey to eagle scout is never- ending and about how you can continue to serve others.

It's not always about the merit badge or anything or the rank.

It's only about how you accomplished anything and how you are keeping together.

How you're helping your troop out.

As long as you're helping, you're ok.

He has this advice for future generations of eagle scouts: don't quit.

And just keep going.

Just make sure you keep going.

Destiny richards, newschannel 10.

We'll be right back to wrap things thatnd m that and more on the next midmorning.

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