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WCBI NEWS AT 10 01-15-19

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WCBI NEWS AT 10 01-15-19

Take developing story stinger a small community in lowndes county rattled after three people are found dead inside an artesia mobile home.

Wcbi's cash matlock has been on the scene as investigators comb through evidence.

He joins us live with the very latest.

Investigators are still on scene here on ellis loop in artesia.

Sheriff mike arledge confirmed late this evening they are speaking with a person of interest.

3 people have been confirmed dead.

One woman says she was classmates with one of victims and is left on shock.

Nats of people crying or causing commotion if ya have itááá an area neighborhood in artesia is shaken up after a reported shooting.

Some were friends, neighbors, and family members.

"i was shocked to hear that one of my classmates had passed.

It was very devastating now."

Dominique roby says she knew one of the victims and can't believe something like this would happen in her community.

"when i first got here i just seen a lot of police cars everywhere and i was like oh my god it's got to be something serious.

What's going on?

So i just come running down the road trying to see what's going on."

And like many others waiting along the roadside..

She turned to the one thing she felt she could do to help " so i am praying for the family i'm praying for each and everyone involved i know."

One thing that isn't clear to community members... the motive "why would somebody do something like this?

Why would you do it?"

Mbi has been called in to assist the investigation.

Stay with wcbi and wcbi dot com for come for the latest as this story develops two mississippi department of corrections employees are arrested at the noxubee county community work center.

Keyshun smith is charged with possession of a controlled substance on mdoc grounds.

The noxubee county sheriff's office says the drug found was marijuana.

27 year-old shanteria tate is charged with possession of an alcoholic beverage on mdoc grounds.

Bond for smith and tate was set at ten thousand dollars each.

Underpaid, underappreciate d, understaffed, and extremely important.

Correctional facility workers keep inmates under control and deal with dangerous situations.

Our rylie livingston takes a look at what these workers face everyday..

"in december we hired seven new employees at our correctional facility and we lost seven employees at our correctional facility."

Nine dollars and nine cents... barely over minimum wage... that's the starting pay at a local facility.

And that paycheck comes with lots of sacrifices.

"it's very difficult we have a very high turnover rate due to several factors one as we are not able to pay a whole lot is not the best paying job in the world and it's also very stressful job you have long hours you work holidays you work weekends and you work with inmates every you come to work can you work with inmates and all the problems that come with that."

And when workers are faced with low pay, they sometimes look to those on the inside to supplement their income..

"mostly for money there's a lot of money and contraband officers are offered money to bring in contraband and i've got bills to pay sometimes to make a poor decision."

"convicts are good con men a lot of times they are constantly after those guards hey i'll pay you x amount of dollars to bring me this i'll pay you x amount of dollars to bring me that.

Evidently a cell phone can we worth as much as $400 inside of the facility so that is a very good payday for somebody who has financial distress."

Often the problem arises from an occupational hazard unique to correctional officers: working around the same people everyday, but being discouraged from forming relationships with them..

"one of the problem with working in correctional is fraternization with an inmate.

It's human nature to interact with people that you're around but when you're working with corrections you cannot develop a friendly relation with inmates.

That's one of the things that does lead to contraband issues, security issues, and it's just not allowed."

But what can be done to improve the situation?

"that's one of the million dollar question's in the world and i would say a pay increase would help that and i think it would but in reality it was still the problem with still exist."

To help reduce the amount of contraband coming in all workers are searched before and after each shift and work in a buddy system to keep everyone accountable.

Illegal drugs, sex and guns all behind the jail house doors.

That's the story with the latest arrests in the ongoing investigation into the webster county sheriff's office.

Tonight, we're learning more details about the charges that now loom over the department's former chief investigator and jailor.

Two additional arrests have been made including the former chief investigator, landon griffin and a jailor, santana townsend.

Court documents state that townsend was involved with an inmate engaging in sexual acts about or between february of 2018 to september of 2018.

On another count, she's accused of being involved sexually with a second inmate around may 12th to october 29th of that same year.

Townsend also faces charges of furnishing contraband and the sell or possession of drugs in a jail facility.

Landon griffin is charged with embezzlement and trafficking stolen firearms. the indictment alleges griffin and sheriff tim mitchell planned together to sell a weapon for their own use to get the money.

Griffin is accused of trafficking multiple fire arms. this investigation started last month after tim mitchell was arrested days after rescinding his letter of resignation to the board of supervisors.

Mitchell faces charged with over a dozen crimes including attempting a sexual act with an inmate, to giving weapons to a prisoner.

He sits in the lee county jail.

First look stinger first look tuesday night: we're expecting variably cloudy conditions with overnight lows in the lower 30s.

If clouds remain persistent then lows many only be in the mid 30s.

Winds are going to remain light.

Wednesday: look for a mix of clouds and sun .

Highs are going to rebound back into the low to mid 50s if we can squeeze out enough sunshine.

Light southerly winds continue between 2 and 6 40%.

Governor phil bryant is offering up his final legislative requests.

Tonight was his eighth and final state of the state address.

Much of the governor's speech focused on education successes like the third grade reading gate, improved high school graduation rates, early childhood learning collaboratives, and charter schools.

The governor also called workforce development the highest priority.

But his specific requests were limited.

Courtney ann jackson has more.

Governor phil bryant has three main "asks" of lawmakers but is leaving the details of each up to them.

"i now call on the members of this body to join me in giving teachers their second pay raise in five years."

"to help protect our students and those who teach them, i will ask you to pass a comprehensive plan to keep our school children safe."

"this session i will ask you to take the next step in criminal justice reform."


Governor tate reeves notes that the 2015 criminal justice reforms have resulted in a significant drop in the department of corrections budget.

"one of the things that everyone can support is that those that are coming out of the system with an ability to go out and support themselves and support their families so they don't turn back to whatever crime got them in the system in the first place.

And so i think we need more and better reentry programs."

As for the state's pocketbook?

"the state of our state is financially sound and better than we could have ever imagined.

State revenues are reflective of an economy that is gaining and expanding."

Democrats seemed mostly pleased with the speech but some wished their districts were seeing the results of the successes.

"some of the bills that i have we will have no reason to say they can't get funded because i heard the governor say that we have the money.

Sounds like we can do what we should've been doing all the time."

"some of those jobs that he talked about, i wish they'd find themselves in the delta.

We need jobs really bad there."

While the governor did brag on the accomplishments since he's been in office, he says hes not done.

"before 2020 sees its beginning, we will have more accomplishments and more transformative change."

Some democrats are also still holding out hope for medicaid expansion.

But governor bryant said last week that he is not in favor of it.

With hundreds of thousands of dollars on the line, lowndes county leaders hope legislators will change a law on the books.

Last year, it was discovered businesses on airport grounds are not required to pay property tax.

A number of industries are located at the golden triangle regional airport.

The county and school district lost money because of the seldom used law.

A state supreme court decision in 2013 upheld the law after a lawsuit in rankin county.

Today, lowndes county supervisors sent a letter to state leaders asking for them to change the law this session to allow the county to collect taxes.

Supervisors also pave the way for coming road improvements.

Road manager ronnie burns presented the plan at this morning's meeting.

Plans are to overlay 12 roads throughout the county, from caledonia to crawford.

That includes portions of wolf road, pleasant hill road and hotel street, just to name a few.

Crews will also reseal sam hill road.

Stinger wx open tuesday night: we're expecting variably cloudy conditions with overnight lows in the lower 30s.

If clouds remain persistent then lows many only be in the mid 30s.

Winds are going to remain light.

Wednesday: look for a mix of clouds and sun .

Highs are going to rebound back into tuesday night: we're expecting variably cloudy conditions with overnight lows in the lower 30s.

If clouds remain persistent then lows many only be in the mid 30s.

Winds are going to remain light.

Wednesday: look for a mix of clouds and sun .

Highs are going to rebound back into the low to mid 50s if we can squeeze out enough sunshine.

Light southerly winds continue between 2 and 6 mph.

Thursday: another mostly cloudy day is on tap along with highs in the mid to upper 50s.

Some showers will be out and about as well with the rain chance around 40%.

Friday: most of the day is looking quiet but some rain is possible by the evening hours.

Mild highs in the low 60s still appear likely.

Saturday: plan on unseasonably mild highs in the 60s once again.

A batch of gusty storms and heavy rain is possible, especially during the 2nd half of the day.

The severe weather threat looks to be isolated with the setup but we'll continue to monitor things.

The chance of rain is close to 100% and some model data suggest the possibility of 1/2?

To 2" of rain.

Sunday: cold air will rush back into the area on the heels of gusty nw winds.

While a few passing flurries still can't be ruled out sunday morning there won't be any impacts in our area.

The big story is going to be the cold air with mlk day but we may struggle up to around 40.

Stinger the curtain closes on a broadway legend - we take a look a back on a "thoroughly modern" stage career when we come back..

Welcome back... she starred on screen and appeared regularly on television, but carol channing was best known for her work on broadway..

Including the role of dolly levi, which would define her career..

Channing died today just over 2 weeks shy of her 98th birthday.

Cbs's jim axel- rod has more on her career and helps us say áágood byeáá dolly nat/hello dolly narr: when you perform a more role 5-thousand times&amp; people may forget you ever did anything else&amp; nat/diamonds are a girl's best friend narr: and though carol channing..

Had other songs..

Nat/thoroughly modern millie narr: and other roles... like the oscar nominated one in "thoroughly modern millie&amp;" and was even the first celebrity headliners for the superbowl halftime show in 1972&amp; it was "hello dolly" - that made her&amp; carol channing.

Nat/dolly narr: first playing the matchmaker dolly levi in 1964&amp; channing never missed a performance&amp; even while dealing with ovarian cancer sot/channing i kept doing the shows for selfish reasons.//you feel nothing.

You feel no pain.

Narr: born in 1921 in seattle - the daughter of a newspaper editor&amp;.

Channing knew by age 7 she wanted to star on stage.

Nat/streissand narr: and while she'd know some disappointment..

Barbara streissand played dolly in the movies.

Sot/channing i was coming from london to new york on the plane when they showed "hello, dolly!", so i got kind airsick.

Narr: channing lived her childhood dream.

55 years ago tomorrow&amp; she made her broadway debut as dolly- nat/look at the old girl now fellows narr: and more than half a century later..

She still has plenty of fans - mourning that this dolly&amp; dolly don't ever go away again&amp; narr: has sadly..

And finally gone away&amp; at 97.

Stinger a must win game for mississippi state inside the hump the dawgs avoid getting chomped...the highlights must win territory for mississippi state the bulldogs hoping use homecourt advantage to avoid an 0-3 start to sec play dawgs vs the gators...ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the lamar peters show bulldogs down three...not anymore....peters with the triple ties the ball game msu in transition...nick weatherspoon kicks to peters....heat money chef the special.....shakes the defender....pull up....three bomb...a 9-0 peters run and he wasn't done off the ball screen.....splits the d....gets right into the paint and finish with the left....11- 0 run for peters himself....msu leads but florida makes a run....right before the halftime horn.....keyontae johnson for the buzzer....two point halftime lead florida comes out of the gates 8-0 run to start....staying in front with the dunk from kavarrius from noah locke....gators up 5 back and forth we go...late in the ball game....peters going to work...blows past defender, and a beautiful feed to q weatherspoon for two...dawgs tie the ball game just over a minute left to go....dawgs ball quindarry going to the ball screen, drops a dime into aric holman's lap....for the lead with under 30 to go next possession for florida.....three for the lead....blocked by abdul ado....madness insues....nick weatherspoon trying to save it....stripped from aric holman...and the gators tie the ball game with 10 seconds to go it'd be up to the senior.....q weatherspoon.... taking it the length of the court....gets a step on the d....nice jump stop, takes the contact and one!

Three points play put msu up late last chance for florida....gets across halfcourt......nev er able to get a shot off at the buzzer bulldogs hang on for its first sec win....71-68 clutch q the hero again bulldogs improve to 13- to vanderbilt saturday #18 ole miss taking on lsu.....rebels trying to stay red hot...on a 10 game burner looking good early.....breein tyree on the fastbreak...yam time.....finsihing with authority....rebel s up 6 ole miss down 9 in the second half.....looking for the comeback.....tere nce davis 3-ball is good... but every ole miss run was answered by lsu....tremont waters from the parking cold lsu snaps ole miss' 10 game win streak....winning 81-69......lsu, perfect in sec play....ole miss falls to 3-1 in conference rivalry soccer for the division crown....caledoni a taking on new hope lady feds up 2-0 nice run from clara allen....caledonia on the attack.....cross from allen into the box for lizzie trulock who delivers.....make it 3-0 caledonia....gott a get the handshake in later on in the second half.....nice tackle from shelby box.....nice ball to to the races...trulock on the run.....finishes with the beauty caledonia clinches the division title......blanking new hope 4-0 same thing on the boys side....caledonia looking to clinch the division title..would have to get through its rivals..

New hope came to ball....on the attack....ellis clark....skreettt tt.....gets into the box....battling.....a ustin rickert with the finish......1-0 new hope corner kick for the trojans....clark with a beaut....tipped by two caledonia players and it's a goal....2-0 new hope caledonia would rally late...but the trojans edge em out for the win....3-2..... the louisville wildcats have chosen its newest head coach to lead the defending 4a state champions.... the louisville municipal school district approves the hiring of noxubee county head coach tyrone shorter.... shorter won four state championships in nine seasons as the head coach of the tigers.....winning more than 100 games, and only losing two division games during his tenure shorter will replace longtime louisville head coach mc miller, who retired at the end of the 2018 season last lows in the lower 30s.

If clouds remain persistent then lows many only be in the mid 30s.

Winds are going to remain light.

Wednesday: look for a mix of clouds and sun .

Highs are going to rebound back into the low to mid 50s if we can squeeze out enough sunshine.

Light southerly winds continue between 2 and 6 mph.

Thursday: another mostly cloudy day is on tap along with highs

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