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Friday, August 12, 2022

WCBI NEWS AT SIX - July 31, 2019

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WCBI NEWS AT SIX - July 31, 2019
WCBI NEWS AT SIX - July 31, 2019
WCBI NEWS AT SIX - July 31, 2019

Good night.

Good evening and thanks for joing us..

Lowndes county's board of supervisors meeting takes a dramatic turn this morning, when a citizen proposes the board remove the two lowndes county emcc board of trustees.

Our scott martin was there as tempers flared.

He joins us live with the story.

It was a move that supervisor leroy brooks took very personally.

This all stems from a prior emcc trustee budget meeting when trustees couldn't agree on a budget issue.

That meeting ended with a threat from a lauderdale county trustee to a former employee who dropped the f bomb in a meeting and was asked to resign.

At another meeting, half of the trustees walked out.

And the spiraling continued today when a citizen asked for the lowndes county trustees to be removed.

--nats---"i'm pissed off.

You'r talking about bad words.

I think you're completely out of order.

We should have stopped you from the beginning.

Tempers were raised as supervisor leroy brooks tells boomer brown he was out of line.

Brown addressed supervisors, asking them to appoint new trustees to represent lowndes county at emcc.

Brown claims their representation puts the golden triangle in a negative light.

"there's discontent in th board right now.

Our members, there was a staged walked out they were a part of and the following meeting they didn't show up all together.

I was there i witnessed it."

That's not how the lowndes county trustees view the situation.

---nats---"the meeting that wa referred to that was walked out up on, we actually did vote and actually did close the information that needed to be filled that day.

We just didn't address all the items on the agenda.

Lance walters says the meeting he didn't attend was a make up meeting that fell under a scheduling conflict for him, but business went on as usual.

For supervisor brooks, brown's proposal was a vendetta against the board of supervisors and emcc trustees.

---nats---"all you have said i some hearsay stuff.

About this and that.

You said you was at some meetings.

Fact is i think we should cut this discussion off.

I'm not interested in hearing anything else and if dr. alsobrooks, if that's how he govern, maybe should call and talk to him.

I think you're out of order."

It's no secret the last few trustee meetings have been heated.

Trustees confirm threats were made and one employee was forced to resign after dropping the f word.

Trustee rudy johnson says it isn't fair because other employees at emcc have used the word on a national platform and go unpunished which is what he says led to the walk out.

"i said i'm tired of doubl standards.

We lost a good employee because he dropped the f word.

But we've got 10 hours of the football coach doing it.

That's double standards."

Another big issue was emcc's budget which trustee lance walters says the school is losing money and the budget is a big issue.

We dive into that tomorrow.

First look stinger first look we have scattered showers and storms out there at the moment.

Some of these have produced wind gusts to 40 mph, small hail, and torrential rainfall.

This activity will fade away as we go into the early evening.

Wednesday night: partly cloudy and quiet.

Lows in the upper 60s to around 70 with calm wind.

Some fog is possible again.

Thursday: seasonably warm an attempt to make a quick buck lands a suspected burglar behind bars..

49-year-old ricky long of columbus is charged with burglary of a dwelling.

Clay county sheriff eddie scott says long allegedly posted stolen items from the a clay county home on a buy sell and trade site.

Investigators with both clay and lowndes county initiated a sting operation to buy an autographed university of alabama basketball.

Sheriff scott says other stolen items were recovered and suspects long had worked as a contractor for the homeowners before the burglary.

He is encouraging people to change their locks after construction projects are completed.

"what we are investigating i somehow or another he possibly maybe had a duplicate key made so we are advising everybody when you were dealing with contractors be very careful with the keys to your house make sure you keep up with him even change the locks once your work is done around your house to be on the safe side."

Long remains in custody on a 10- thousand dollar bond.

Take vo in monitor anthony brown's death is making national headlines after he was gunned down in the walmart store he managed in southaven.

But in caledonia his loss is being felt at a more personal level..

Brown grew up there and graduated from caledonia high school.

He played little league as a child and was a standout on the high school team.

Our quentin smith speaks with two of his coaches.

So quentin, how are they remembering anthony?

Aundrea... his coaches remember him as soft-spoken person with a good work ethic-- and someone who loved his family..

Brown was the manager of the southhaven walmart, but began his career with walmart in the columbus... now..

Family members and friends are trying to make sense of such a senseless tragedy... before he was a team member and manager at walmart, anthony brown's dreams were tied to another team..

"he was a darn good pitcher.

This is brown pictured with some of his teammates at caledonia high school.

Brown started out in youth league.

Bubba williams was his coach.

" he was a pretty good hitte and he could play about any position you put him on the field.

He was that good."

He was so good that he earned a baseball scholarship to east mississippi community college after high school.

New hope high school principal matt smith coached brown when he was in high school.

" i have several memories of u on the practice field and traveling to games.

He coached first base for me.

His contribution to my life was probably much more than i ever contributed to his" woods and smith both had a huge impact on brown's life and watched him from childhood to adult hood..that's why they're taking the devastating news of his death so hard.

" i get choked up when i thin about it., because memories came back.

To lose a life that young and the daddy of two little boys, the husband to a fine young lady, and just a good family man all the way around."

The caledonia man was shot and killed inside the southaven walmart... investigators say he was killed by a former employee who was recently fired from that store... " it's a tragic loss, senseles loss.

This town and this country, it's a darker place because of this."

" walmart lost probably on of their top managers in the system when they lost anthony brown."

Woods says he's still having a hard time coming to grips with this tragedy.

But he says he will continue to reflect on the fond memories he shared with his former player to get him through this tough and difficult time.

"you don't spend that man years with the young man and forget them.

And that was the type of young man anthony brown wires.

You don't forget them."

Take vo in monitor both coaches says as good as brown was on the baseball diamond... he was an even better person off the field... after leaving columbus..

Brown worked in shreveport, louisiana... before moving to southhaven..

Funeral arrangements are still pending..

Stinger with primary elections just around the corner, we're taking a look at one of the races ádown the ticketá when we come back..

Primaries for county offices are less than a week away.

While some of the positions are familiar: supervisors, coroner, sheriff..

Others, like constable, are less well known..

Our rylie livingston finds out more about their duties..

She joins us live with more.

Aundrea if you've visited justice court you may have met a constable.

They serve papers like subpoenas or arrest warrants.

But they also serve another role.

Constables... a job the community relies on, but what exactly do they do?

"our main job i guess you migh say is working for the justice court."

That comes with a lot of responsibility.

"we serve all of the civi processes that comes out of justice court the subpoenas the summons can serve warrants, we do bailiff work during court times, and we call the docket we call up who's going to be in front of the judge and to keep order in the court room."

While serving papers is their main job they also have other powers.

"we actually have full polic powers as any other law- enforcement officer does we all have to be certified through the state board and jackson on traing to be certified."

"he's able to make arrest traffic stops anything that he needs to do law-enforcement wise he is able to do it.

They also serve as the eyes and ears for us they are law enforcement officers so anytime that we need assistance they are always there coming to lend a helping hand."

But helping out doesn't mean they work for those agencies.

"a lot of folks have conception that we work for the sheriffs department and we work with them we don't work for them."

"there has been times wher we have need assistance that these guys have actually come out and helped us so again they are tremendous asset."

Constable lewis stafford says even though he is an elected official, the county doesn't pay for much.

"all the equipment that we us as constables we purchase it ourselves with the exception of two uniforms and a radio vehicles and upkeep and gas all of that is comes out of our pocket."

Stafford says the position is fee based instead of a salary..

Constables are paid based on the papers that they serve..

Reporting live in lowndes county - rylie livingston wcbi news... stinger weather open summary: reasonably quiet summer weather is going the norm for the next few days.

Odds of rain and storms will lessen thursday & friday before rebounding a bit during the weekend.

No big weather maker is coming our way and no tropical trouble is expected in the gulf anytime soon.

First look we have scattered showers and storms out there at the moment.

Some of these have produced wind gusts to 40 mph, small hail, and torrential rainfall.

This activity will fade away as we go into the early evening.

Wednesday night: partly cloudy and quiet.

Lows in the upper 60s to around 70 with calm wind.

Some fog is possible again.

Thursday: seasonably warm and humid.

A few pop-up showers and storms are possible but overall odds should be around 20-30%.

Highs top out in the low 90s with heat indices in the mid 90s to upper 90s.

Light northerly winds between 4 and 8 mph can be expected.

Thursday night: mainly clear.

Lows in the upper 60s.

Friday: partly cloudy.

Highs in the low 90s.

The chance of a pop-up shower or storm will remain around 20%.

Weekend: look for highs to range from the upper 80s to lower 90s with overnight lows near 70.

There is a 30% chance of rain on saturday but the odds go up to 40% on sunday.

Some spots may not even get a drop of rain all weekend long but some of you may get a good soaking.

Follow @wcbiweather on facebook, twitter, an instagram the norm for the next few days.

Odds of rain and storms will lessen thursday & friday spx open prep school previews stop in on oak hill academy in west point the raiders are a close knit bond with something to prove this year oak hill academy is stop #38 on the high school football tour ááábillboardááá daniel harrington, senior te/de: "oak hill academy...that' a special place for me.

It's like a family here.

Everything i've gone through in my life i've been able to rely on these people to help me through it."

There's a special and unique bond for the players at oak hill academy.

These guys have grown up together and formed a tight brotherhood which is translating on the field.

Jaden craven, senior og/mlb: "the tighter you are as a team think the more you'll be able to get through tough times.

Football is a game of adversity.

Who can overcome the adversity.

A close knit group of guys can do it better than guys who are just out there doing a football game."

Chris craven, head coach: "they are a byproduct of a endeavor over the past five, six years.

I've been here thirteen years, fifteenth year as a head coach.

So these guys are a year four, year five product of that.

We're strong.

That's what it takes to compete in the game i coach.

The raiders welcome back plenty of experience on both sides of the ball with a good amount of returning seniors that are hungry for wins.

Craven: " a 21 man roster and 1 of them are seniors.

We do have a lot of returning starters on both sides of the ball.

They have to play both ways but i have high expectations from them.

They have high expectations from us as a coaching staff.

You know we work hard in the off- season so we can win.

That's what we want to do when it's time for competion.

We want to win."

Jaden: "we have something t prove.

People have been saying we're just going to be average this year and we want to come out and shock the state of mississippi."

That all gets started with a match-up against mantachie.

The mustangs are a team that oak hill has never competed against before.

The raiders say that they're ready for a brand new challenge.

Harrington: "i love it.

The don't know anything about us and we don't know anything about them.

So it's like a clean slate.

I think they already think that they've won, but we're preparing for them right now.

We're getting ready for them.

I think we're going to shock them."

That first match-up against mantachie will kick-off oak hill academy's season on august 23rd.

With the raiders on the hsft, courtney robb wcbi sports.

ááábillboardááá academy week continues all through this week..

The winona christian stars hit the tour on thursday... wrapping academy week with columbus christian and victory christian...befor e jumping into 2a with east webster on sunday and eupora on monday check out any stops you may have missed on our website, or on our social media accounts on twitter and facebook, at wcbi endzone belmont-native and former mississippi state bulldog luke alexander to continue his coaching career here in mississippi... blue mountain college makes it offical, the topper hiring alexander to join as an assistant baseball coach alexander spent the past season as the first base coach for mississippi state on its journey back starkville's summer reading program ends on a áwildá note... the young readers got a visit from the "tickled pin petting" zo featuring animals like camels and crocodiles.

Director loraine walker says this gives children a chance to see in person some of the animals they've only seen on the page.

" i thought it'd be really fu to have some exotic animals, to have some hands-on fun with them and just have a big blowout to end the summer on.

This is the first time they gotten to get up close and personal with the animals, to touch them and to really interact with them."

Walker hopes to have another event like this next year.

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