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Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Midmorning With Aundrea - September 20, 2019 (Part 1)

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Midmorning With Aundrea - September 20, 2019 (Part 1)
Midmorning With Aundrea - September 20, 2019 (Part 1)

(Part 1 of 2) Break away from your everyday with Aundrea Self!

Today, with the holidays approaching, many people are worried the packages arriving at their doorsteps may not be safe from porch pirates.

We meet a woman who developed a system to prevent such thefts.

And this week's Educator of the Week will be a familiar face to WCBI viewers.

And Scott Martin is on the hunt for the perfect tailgating wine in this week's Uncorked!


It a ptt it's a pretty compelling message.

We some people just take things that don't belong to them.

It happens as the holidays approach and gifts arrive on doorsteps.

But one oklahoma woman has an idea that she hopes will keep her packages - and yours safe.

Jessi mitchell has her story.

After being a victim herself, donna tells me she wanted to keep the porch pirates at bay by thinking inside the box donna clark/fred delivery box creator 24;46;12 i never thought it would happen to me, but it certainly did.

The growing crime trend has been hard to curb -- until now.

Donna clark/fred delivery box creator fred stands for frozen, refrigerated, electronic and dry 25;28;02 one box that's insulated that would hold everything the design allows you to share a lock code ahead of delivery -- ensuring your package is safe.

31;43;19 he types in the code.

Heard the click inside, an optional camera upgrade can send you a real- time feed.

32;06;22 put it in there.

You get a notification.

You can see it right there.

That's right, after you get the notification.

Close it back up.


Easy, yeah.

Ahead of the holidays, police are preparing for an influx of porch pirates -- and donna and the fred box team are preparing to protect packages of any size.

Donna clark/fred delivery box creator 27;15;05 you can be at work.

You can know the delivery driver has your code to your box to put your packages in and then lock it.

It's priceless to have that peace of mind the actual price starts at 2- thousand dollars -- in addition to options like a solar panel, delivery and installation.

For donna, though, her porch pirate problems are a thing of the past.

Donna clark/fred delivery box creator 27;57;09 every day when i come home from work, i open my fred box and get my package out.

It's the best feeling in the world.

You can check out the fred box for yourself in the bennett event center all fair long -- to deliver your own sense of security.

From the state fairgrounds, jessi mitchell, oklahoma's own in the cbs eye on earth series, we're looking at global warming issues ahead of a landmark united nations climate action summit next week.

Tom hanson shows us how climate change is helping tiny creatures invade our forests.

Rican forests, according to the u.s. forest service.

Forester jason denham is fighting an invasion... that's killing trees across the northeast... jason: "we'r looking for a teensy, tiny little black pepper speck with a fringe of white around it right now."

The hemlock woolly adelgid... is hard to see with the naked eye... jason: right near the base..

But the tiny invasive species of insect - is having a gigantic impact from georgia to maine... threatening delicate eco- systems that rely on the hemlock tree.

Tom: how bad has the problem gotten?

Jason: right now hemlock woolly adelgid is present in about half of new york state... from the hemlock woolly adelgid... to the emerald ash borer... to the mountain pine beetle ..

Invasive insects are killing large swaths of our nation's forests.

And according to a new report... extreme weather events linked to climate change -- like droughts and flooding -- make the problem even worse... that becomes an additional stress on these trees and they are more likely to succumb and die when they're infested//eventu ally they rot and that carbon dioxide is released back into the atmosphere..

A recent study from purdue university shows invasive pests kill so many trees each year, it's equal to 5 million car emissions... the study also estimates that if unchecked... invasive insects could áeventually kill off a staggering 41 percent of trees in the continental u-s... denham and teams at the new york department of environmental conservation are doing what they can to save the trees& spraying insecticides... and releasing natural enemies of the insects.

It's a high stakes battle.

There will be life here when these hemlock trees are gone but it won't be the same place he hopes to prevent a shattering blow to the habitat of the countless species that live in the shade of the hemlocks.

Tom hanson... cbs news... ulster county new york... more than 430 non-native insects and diseases have invaded american forests, according to the u.s. forest service.

From anchor to eductor.

We're pretty proud help honor this top teacher when onloca one local educator, who's a familiar face, found himself in front of a familiar place!

---our camera!

Here's renae skinner with our educator of the week.

Nat pop: robby-"impressin your employer...always important" track: this is what you do..when you're at a job interview... track: and this...students have what you shouldn't do... track: from a teacher who has an extensive resume...of his own... track: if you're a fan of those friday night remember former wcbi sports director, robby donoho-- track: but this isn't a reboot of endzone...and it's definetly not ... track: but instead..

I'm going to push you outside of your comfort zone" track: mr. donoho pushes students to their fullest lousiville high shool.

Track: he teaches speech and broadcast journalism...inco rporating real world scenerios... sot: robby donoho/teacher- -" kids may no understand that you need to have a resume, you need to have questions prepared, you need to be positive, you need to have a smile on your face" track: while having fun...and learning a thing or two from between... sot: robby donoho/teacher- -"when i first go here i didn't know who nba young boy is now...but now i i'm getting there...i'm getting more hip... " track: whether he's on camera or in front of his students...the energy mr. donoho gives certainly deserves more than some play by play action.

Sot: robby donoho/teacher- -"it's toug waking up at 6 everyday but when i come here and i'm ready to go it brings out a new energy and enthusiasm and life in me" track: so we thought we'd pop in for a quick reunion.... track: with the sports caster who lights up just the same on he front of his class.... robby donoho was nominated on our website!

Visit wcbi dot com to find out how you can recognize your favorite teacher.

A scientific breakthrough may eventually allow many blind people to see.

A handful of volunteers are already seeing results, about 18 months into a five- year clinical study.

Jonathan vigliotti shows us how a new device is changing their lives.

"hope" for jason esterhuiz was that one day... he might see again.

The south african lost his sight in a car accident when he was just 23 years old.

Lost control of the car.

The car hit the curve, and i hit the steering wheel and the window and went out the sunroof.

Injuries from the crash left jason in a world of total darkness.

I think in the first couple of years of being blind it was just you have to accept the fact that you're blind until a friend of his heard about a clinical trial only for people who could once see but became blind... starting half a world away.... at the university of california los angeles.

Nats its a brand new device.

Its never been used in in humans before.

Doctor nader pouratian leads the study of an experimental device called the "orion" here's how it works - using a camera attached to a pair of sunglasses, orion captures images a person would see and sends it through a handheld device to an implant thats been surgically inserted into the visual part of the brain.

The implant then turns those images into dots of light that the patient can see.

Jason is one of only six people in the world who qualified for the study and to receive the implant... the first time i saw a little white dot i was speechless.

While not restoring sight in the traditional sense... what he can "see" a flashes of light... if i look around, i can perceive movement, i can see light and dark can tell you whether a line is vertical or horizontal or at a 45 degree angle.

Nats of jason finding the cell phone on the bed the device not only allowed jason to regain a small part of vision... but some true independance.

I cook, i clean.

I can take out the trash i can sort laundry but just the darks from the lights.

No color yet.

In fact, the study has gone so well in jason's case.... that sometimes even he doesn't realize how amazing it's been.

Very dark dive bar.

The bartender was wearing a white shirt 07;12;45;01 and i just saw 2 little dots lighting up and then three and then five then she was right in front of me and she was all shiny and i though, wow that's cool a glimpse into the future that could give countless people... a second chance at sight.

Jonathan vigliotti, cbs news, los angeles.

The dog days of summer are finally starting to wind down -- making way for porch season!

Mandy gaither shares some fun fall fitness activities that will make you want to head outside.

As we begin to head into cooler months, it's time to leave the comfort of your air conditioning and enjoy all that autumn has to offer.

Take a hike!

Find a new trail and take the family exploring.

You don't have to worry about getting overheated, and seeing all the gorgeous autumn foliage is a bonus.

Head out on a bike ride!

Fall is the perfect time to put in some miles on your bike.

And like hiking, it's a good way to enjoy the changing colors in the trees.

Go apple picking!

Not only are you logging the steps, but at the end you will have some delicious fresh fruit you picked!

Hit a neighborhood festival!

This is another great low impact activity, perfect for families or solo.

Plus you will get a chance to learn about local businesses and mingle with your neighbors.

Participate in some flag football.

Don't just spend these months on your couch yelling at your tv, go outside and practice your best touch down dance.

For today's health minute, i'm mandy gaither.

Coming up -- wines to take your tailgate experience you' got you've got the food, big screen, and friends.

All you're missing is the pefrect wine to top off your tailgate.

Here's scott martin with "uncorked.

Scott: hi everyone.

We're back with our official line expert bobbie burgis and today we're talking about tailgating.

Otba sea football season is here, that's everybody in the south's favorite time of year.

I know i'm ready for it.

And you've got a few great choices of wine that you can actually take tailgating.

Bobbie: absolutely.

So i'll just go ahead and get started with the first one which is going to be a white.

This is a pinot gris from oregon.

I love oregon in the summertime.

It's a very fresh, white, crisp wine.

And so yeah, i picked the pinot gris just because one it's got a screw top.

As you'll see most of these are going to be user friendly.

You don't have to bring a wine tool which i think is one of the benefits of this one right here.

Scott: yeah especially if you're going to watch football on a saturday you don't want to mess with all that stuff.

And you have another one that's in a can, wine in a can which we've got some cans up here but this was your favorite you said.

Bobbie: yes.

So we do canned wines and there's a few reasons.

It's more convenient.

They tend to be a lot less expensive.

You can throw them in a cooler.

Scott: anybody tailgating they're taking their coolers with them.

Bobbie: yes.

So just throw it in a cooler.

You can also recycle these which i think is one of the benefits.

Most of these also tend to have a little spritz to them which i think is fun especially in the morning time for morning time games.

Scott: i was about to say this one is a little bubbly so.

Bobbie: yeah i love this rosa.

It's nice.

It's got fresh strawberries, raspberries.

This is acrobat again.

This is valley.

Scott: and they have different kinds of wine.

Bobbie: yeah, they have different ones in a can and it's delicious.

Scott: perfect.

Love it.

And then last but not least we've got a, the french hens.

Is that what it's called?

Bobbie: the french hens, three french hens.

So this is going to be a merlot mourvedre blend.

I love celebrating with a big wine especially when the flavor's going to last as long as my screaming at the end of the game and we win.

So, my celebration wine's always a red and i'm a merlot girl.

So i picked the three french hens for you today.

Scott: and i love the name three french hens so i don't know why but that's perfect.

And like you said a perfect way to celebrate that big win.

We'll take that right?

Bobbie: yeah absolutely.

Scott: all right.

Well thanks bobbie.

Until next time cheers.

Imagine the new neighbors --have a spaceship on the front lawn.

We travel to the


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