Taiwan's military debuts new Kamikaze drones
Taiwan's military debuts new Kamikaze drones

TAIPEI — Taiwan unveiled two military suicide drones at the Taipei Aerospace & Defense Technology Exhibition in August in a bid to counter Chinese military aggression.

One of the suicide drones, called Chien Hsiang, features delta wings and two retractable side-force panels for stability.

The drone is powered by a rotor engine and can travel at speeds of up to 185 kilometers per hour, according to Taiwan Sentinel.

Chien Hsiang was first showcased at a 2017 aerospace exhibition in Taiwan.

The drone is combined with an anti-radiation missile and is able to identify and attack radar emitters from an enemy's weapon system, according to Focus Taiwan.

The report added that the unmanned aerial vehicle will be also able to counter China's S400 anti-aircraft missiles and has a range that covers China's coastline.

The National Interest pointed out that the drone bears a strong resemblance to Israel's Harpy anti-radar drone.

The second drone, called the Fire Cardinal drone, consists of a twin propeller and includes electro-optical and infrared sensors, the National Interest reports.

The drone is around four feet in length and has a wingspan of six feet and weighs roughly 15 pounds.

According to Alert 5, the unmanned aerial vehicle uses an intelligence object detection system to select its target.

The Taiwanese military plans to manufacture 104 Chien Hsiang drones in the next six years, as reported by Taiwan's Central News Agency.

The report didn't mention how many Fire Cardinal drones the Taiwanese military plans to produce.