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WCBI News at Six - November 19, 2019

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WCBI News at Six - November 19, 2019
WCBI News at Six - November 19, 2019
WCBI News at Six - November 19, 2019

Thanks for joining us..

Plans are moving forward for redeveloping the old kerr mcgee site.

Members with the greenfield environmental multi state trust have come up with three potential layouts for the area.

Today they allowed the public to come in and take at the proposals and give their feedback.

Our quentin smith takes a look at the proposed plans and joins us live from columbus' north side with more..

Aundrea, i'm here at multistate trust's community resource building... and all morning long residents and members of the public have been coming inside to look at those proposals... i'm told so far the feed back has been positive..

One concept will consists of a more passive and open space usage on the site.

The second one is geared towards a mixed- use neighborhood center.

And the third one scenario features employment type usage on the site.

Representatives inside wouldn't say which concept has been the favorite so far..

I'm told they will gather all of the input from the session.... see which concept residents expressed the most interest in, then make their decision.

" the greenfield environmental trust wants to create a redevelopment plan that is reflective of the wishes and desires of the community as much as this feasible, given market constraints and very similar environmental factors.

In order to understand that, of course we have to have input and feedback into the process .

We've had that on multiple occasions prior to this set of sessions, but this is another step in the process, and these availability sessions to further refine the concepts as we go forward."

The greenfield environmental trust hopes to have a proposal selected by the beginning of 2020..

If you haven't had time to come out to the availability sessions so far today you have until 7 o'clock to do so..

The sessions will also take place again on tomorrow morning from 9 until 11.

The building is located just off of 14th ave.

On columbus' northside..

Reporting live in columbus..

Quentin smith..

Wcbi news... over the years, people in the recycling business have stockpiled materials to sell to consumers.

Now, much of that material is ?decreasing?

In value..

Recent changes in the recycling market have wreaked havoc for many businesses and public recycling programs. our stephanie poole joins us live in columbus with more on this story.

Recycling affects the economy.

Many small towns around the states have to limit their curbside programs due to the value of recycled materials and it's putting a lot of those programs at risk.




Those three words now have a greater meaning in the recent change of the value of recycled materials.

Starkville alderman sandra sistrunk says those changes have trickled down to the city's curbside program.

" over time, particularly over the last two or three years, as china has become much more restricted in what they will buy.

The market for most of the materials that in recycling have tanked.

And as result we no longer sell our recycling,we collect it and we pay for another company to take it to the next step in the process."

Cardboard, plastic, aluminum cans, scrap metal, and mixed paper are just a few popular things that recycled// now, it costs the program more to send off the materials than what they're actually worth.

" paper at one time sold for 90 to 120 dollars per ton and now it's 30 to 35 dollars per ton.

Water bottles were gold.

They were easy to sell and that sort of thing but now they're about a penny a pound."

Manager at columbus recycling ken mansfield says it's affecting his business too.

" you don't see the customers like you used to.

Back when everything was up so high everybody was scrapping and now it's kind of slowed down.

" a pound of aluminum cans sold for two or 3 dollars years it's valued for less than a dollar.

"we are at a standstill and we're just waiting on the market and the economy."

" we want to do something that is sustainable, something that is reasonable and we want to be prepared to do more when there is a market rebound."

And it could take several years before the market returns to good standing... in the meantime, the city of starkville is working on a more feasible way of sustaining their curbside program.

" as a community, we need to look at our recycling and decide whether what we're doing is accomplishing what we're hoping to do."

For more information about the curbside program or what you can do to help please visit our website at w-c-b-i-dot- com.

Reporting live in columbus, stephanie poole, wcbi news.

Centred up bank first financial services is giving the phrase "community banking" a new meaning.

The merger of bank first with f- n-b of central alabama is complete.

Starting this week, f-n-b branches in aliceville, carrolton, gordo, northport, and tuscaloosa will be branded as ?and?

Operated by bank first.

Bank first president, moak griffin, says the move increases the bank's visibility in the region.

"this merger with fnb of central alabama is a really important strategic move for bank first.

We've been in tuscaloosa for about five years, but we mainly have been a mississippi bank.

With this acquisition of fnb, now we have a lot larger presence in alabama.

So, strategically, it allows our bank to grow in mississippi and alabama versus just mississippi."

The two banks have been working on the merger for a little over a year.

When is the last time you stepped foot in a bank?

Your age may actually have a lot to do with your answer.

Our cash matlock joins us live in the studio with more on how community based banks are keeping up with the changing times.

Different generations have different ways of banking.

Some people like to bank face-to- face... and some prefer online, or mobile banking.

Industry insiders say despite this, banks still play a very important role in the community.

Walking into the local bank is an experience... if you're a regular, tellers and clerks will often call you by your first name, or maybe ask about your family.

In fact, this is what community banks pride themselves in.

"when people walk in the door, they're going to know who our bankers are.

Local tellers, local customer service representatives, local loan officers and usually a local bank president."

Alice pittman mccallum is a one such banker.

Mccallum is a columbus native who's been working in the industry since 2006.

She says she's come to know a lot of her clients on a personal level.

"we have a lot of people here that they'll text us with a problem, or they'll email us, or they'll call our direct number, so they do still know us personally, and we try to kind of keep that personal touch with all of our branches with our customers."

However, with online and mobile banking on the rise, fewer and fewer people are making their way into mccallum's office... in fact, some clients don't even live in the area.

"we have a lot of people that have their children that open accounts, and if they go off to school, especially in oxford, ole miss, something like that, they can still bank with us because we do have the mobile options, and they can check their accounts."

Mccallum says the younger generations are less likely to write checks, therefore, they prefer to bank electronically.

"you don't have to kind of keep up with anything on a register because most of the stuff that people are doing now days are electronic."

But even millenials will have to make their way into the bank every once in a while... "at some point, they're going to have a problem or an issue, or they may have a questions about something, so you're going to talk to them at some point."

Bankers say communication puts the ?community?

In community banks.

"community banking is what we bankers like to say.

We're a community bank.

If we lose that part of our bank, we lose who we are."

Mccallum doesn't seem to think that's going anywhere, anytime soon... "i hoping, obviously, that having banks like this will not ever go away, but i think it wil become more and more of an electronic industry just because that's where it's heading, but i think you're always going to have people that are going to want to come in the bank."

And talk about staying power bankfirst just celebrated its one hundred and thirty-first anniversary..

First look stinger first look summary: nice weather will hold for wednesday and most of thursday.

Rain and a few storms are likely friday and friday night but most of the weekend is going to be pretty good.

We're closely monitoring the potential for a weather system during the middle of next week that, if it develops, could have some risk for strong storms somewhere in the region.

Tuesday night: clear, calm, and chilly.

Lows in the upper 30s.

Wednesday: mostly sunny to a mississippi highway patrolman is arrested, accused of punching a windshield and grabbing a woman.

An affidavit was filed against devodrick sims. he's charged with misdemeanor domestic violence and malicious mischief.

The victim accuses sims of grabbing her arm and pushing her into a car, which made her hit her head on the vehicle.

In the affidavit, sims is also accused of hitting a car windshield with his fist.

The victim claims the windshield was damaged.

Sims was booked into the lowndes county jail on monday.

The alleged incidents reportedly happened on november 11th at lehmberg cove apartments in columbus.

A probable cause hearing was held but it was found sims was not in the scope of his job duties when the reported incident occurred.

Sims is assigned to troop g in starkville and does patrol in lowndes county.

We are waiting to hear back from mhp on sims' status with the agency.

Wipe to gfx an early morning fight in starkville lands a macon man in jail.

Starkville p-d says it was called about a fight at collegiate heights just after one.

Taylor connor allegedly left the apartment as officers were on the way.

Spd stopped the car but taylor ran.

He was caught and arrested.

Conner is charged with possession of a stolen firearm and disorderly conduct.

Wipe to gfx vo a columbus man is sentenced in a deadly shooting case.

Johnathan lee majors pleased pleaded guilty to murder.

He was ordered to serve 20 years in prison.

Michael garth of starkville was shot and killed at a motel on december 22, 2017.

Majors was found at an abandoned house a little over three weeks later.

He was originally indicted on a first degree murder charge.

Stinger everybody could use a little help during the holidays ?even santa?..

We check in with some unlikely elves when we come back... tis the season to give back.

And the oktibbeha county sheriff's department is teaming up with businesses around starkville to do just with their 4th- annual toy drive.

The department is putting out the call for new toys for families in need this holiday season.

The sheriff's office will serve as a drop off location.

Deputies will be pulling double duty as elves, wrapping the gifts and making sure they're delivered on christmas eve and christmas day.

" a-lot of people going through difficult times right now and if it's anything we can do to make it a little bit bettr for them or brighten somebody's day or make a child's day that's exactly what we'll do.

" if you would like to donate to the toy drive, drop off hours are monday through friday from 8 a.m to 5p.m.


Stinger wx open hold for wednesday and most of thursday.

Rain and a few storms are likely friday and friday night but most of the weekend is going to be pretty good.

We're closely monitoring the potential for a weather system during the middle of next week that, if it develops, could have some risk for strong storms somewhere in the region.

Tuesday night: clear, calm, and chilly.

Lows in the upper 30s.

Wednesday: mostly sunny to partly cloudy.

Continued mild with highs in the mid to upper 60s.

Winds se 5-10 mph.

Wednesday night: variably cloudy.

Lows in the 40s.

Thursday: partly to mostly cloudy.

Some showers are possible but the chance of rain is just 20%.

Look for milder highs around 70.

Thursday night: mostly cloudy with the chance of showers.

Lows in the 50s.

Friday: areas of rain and storms will develop with some locally heavy rain possible.

A strong storm or two can't be ruled out but no widespread severe weather is expected at this time.

Highs should still top out in near 70.

Friday night: rain showers continue.

Lows in the 40s to low 50s.

Saturday: morning clouds and showers will give way to clearing as the day wears on.

Highs should remain in the 50s.

Saturday night: mainly clear and cold.

Lows near freezing.

Sunday: sunny & seasonable.

Highs in the upper 50s.

Next week: both the american gfs model and the european ecmwf model suggest that a potential storm system could develop in the central plains by tuesday or wednesday.

The end result for us here in mississippi and alabama would be a batch of strong to severe storms out ahead of a cold front... assuming this actually develops.

Your best bet now is to just stay with us here at wcbi for updates on things once we get into the upcoming weekend.

Follow @wcbiweather on facebook, twitter, instagram, and the wcbi news app weather wrap storms are likely friday and friday night but most of the weekend is going to be pretty good.

We're closely monitoring the potential for a weather system during the middle of next week that, if it develops, could have some risk for strong storms somewhere in the region.

Tuesday night: clear, calm, and chilly.

Lows in the upper 30s.

Wednesday: mostly sunny to stinger while six wins is out of the picture, there's still a path to a bowl for ole miss... we go through the sitting at 4- 7.....there is still a pathway for ole miss to reach it's first bowl game since 2015 the rebels will have to rely on the apr, and other 5-6 teams to not reach to 6-win mark....but what would come first would be an egg bowl win the rebels are on bye the weekend before the rivalry matchup, with almost two weeks to prepare for mississippi state while matt luke and company know what it'll take to reach a bowl.....the egg bowl is all that matters right now "it's coach's talk again but all we can do is focus on a one- game season and then we'll figure out the scenarios after that.

Let's go find a way to win this game.

One game season.

Everything goes into it.

One game season, and then we'll let the chips fall where they may."

The path to a bowl for ole miss...the academic progress rate 78 teams will go bowling in 2019....64 teams have already qualified with 6 wins...14 teams with a chance at six wins, excluding missouri who is on bowl ban boston college and arizona state are above ole miss with 5 wins...they both win one more, they're in.

Duke and ohio are 4-6.....they reach six, or even 5...they're above ole miss in apr stanford is above ole miss...but at 4-6, they'll need to miss...but at 4-6, they'll need to win out being that the pac-12 requires 6 wins to go bowling but none of this matters without the fifth win for ole miss.

Mississippi state sophomore forward jesskia carter is named the sec player of the week for her recent performance..he r first career player of the week in two blowout wins over troy and murray state, carter averaged 22 points, 16 rebounds, and 2.5 blocks per game....while posting back to back double doubles... carter ranks top five in scoring and rebounding in the conference in the early season time again for our lineman of the week...the honor this week going to a group that's known for its punishing style, especially come playoff time... "tonight's lineman of the week with west point is brought to you by the city of west point electric department."

This week's lineman of the week is brad davis...brad has 18 years of service with the city of west point water and light head coach chris chamblee says the entire offensive line from the green wave is deserving of the honor in its 49-28 win over provine 251 yards rushing, and nearly 400 yards of total offense in the win.... big time second round rematch between lafayette and west point coming up on friday..... when we return...chief meteorologist keith gibson will have a last look at your forecast.



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