Return of the Christmas Kid

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Return of the Christmas Kid

Return of the Christmas Kid

The Joplin Little Theatre teams up with the KOAM Toybox - and another partner out of Ottawa County helps a single mother in Miami, Oklahoma.

(phone number at bottom of screen only available during Toybox Tuesdays)

>> the return of the christmas kid is an updated version of charles dickens a christmas carol presented by the joplin little theater the holiday production opens tomorrow night and gives you the opportunity to bring a new unwrapped toy to the performance in place at the front of the stage.

These toys will be used during the show for the plays 20 bucks store.

After the production all of the toys will be donated to the koam toy box and dispersed to children through the joplin salvation army.

>> bring something for other people and especially since it's christmas and usually people are on christmas.

Well people usually buy things for themselves.

I thought people so then it needs to fund the get themselves stuff.

>> all seats are reserved and tickets are on sale now at joplin little theater dot org.

Or you can call the jail tee box office during regular.

Office hours.

Each year koam partners with dozens of local organizations to make christmas merrier for children through our annual toy box campaign.

>> to kelly joins us with details on one in particular.

That's right the ottawa county angel tree is a perfect example.

>> for one family in miami oklahoma, the angel tree program has made all the difference shanna bass is a single mother of 2.

Now while she loves christmas paying for presidents can be hard with donations from the community though the holidays are now less stressful and she's thankful.

>> and i can't afford it, you know i can get a kid and so.

I want them help and everybody in the community.

It's like a.

It's like a day.


I think it's more than what they know.

>> ottawa county angel tree is a group effort on the part of community college miami police and fire along with other area agencies it provides toys unneeded items each year for children from birth to 17 years of age and the koam to a box is proud to partner with them.

Now let's get those phones ringing call 1, 8, 8, 6, 2, o for toy and our awesome call takers hear from the pittsburgh and joplin salvation army.

We'll take your credit card donation over the phone to help this year's toy box campaign.

Already we've got the phones ringing and we have real burden bigelow from shell the missouri giving us $25 and it just keeps going up from there.

Vicki morris from parsons $50 and so far highest number we've got.

Peggy and rick radish from joplin with $100 that's amazing and i challenge you to match those that this year hundreds of families will need some help at christmas time it's up to you to help them whether it's 1020 $50 or more every dollar you give states in your community.

So we want to hear from our viewers in newton county jasper county crawford cherokee and yes we want to hear of course from our

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