Midmorning With Aundrea - December 3, 2019 (Part 2)

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Midmorning With Aundrea - December 3, 2019 (Part 2)

Midmorning With Aundrea - December 3, 2019 (Part 2)

(Part 2 of 2) Truck stop cuisine has gone international!

And we take a look at First Lady Melania Trump's eye-popping Christmas decorations at the White House!

Uck ops truck stops are known to serve simple cuisine like hamburgers and fries.

But as jim axelrod reports, at one truck stop in wyoming, an unlikely dining adventure begins.

Behind this hole in the wall ..

At this hole-in-the- wall&in laramie wyoming is a you-won't- believe-it situation from the world of truck stop cuisine.

ááá the indian food mintu pander and his staff are cooking up in this small kitchen off exit 290 on i-80.

18:43:15 - a cam 2 walk and talk broll 24 "this smells lik we're in mumbai, not in laramie.

Not in laramie.

No doubt.

" just a few feet away from the motor oil&the military hats& and trucker shirts 17:52:37 - a cam 2 walk and talk broll 01 "oh.

That's a ver familiar smell for indian food.

That's it.

Are storage shelves full of fresh tumeric&coriand er&and others spices maybe you haven't heard of&& this is a leaf, it's called kassori methi.//i mean, if you start putting this on, you will not eat anything without it there's a rice steamer with no off-switch&an always full pot of chai - and the soul of any indian kitchen - a clay oven&.the tandoor 182622 - a cam 2 walk and talk b- roll 12 the tandoor, the flavor goes in the meat, not out of the meat.

Like, if you put on a grill, everything kind of drips down, this way the heat is all around, it's surrounded by the heat.

When pander bought this truck stop in 2014 it came with a griddle for hot dogs and hamburgers.

But figuring truckers could get those up and down i-80 - he went with a menu they would't find anywhere else.

19:05:09 - a cam 2 walk and talk broll 3 do they ever come in and say, "all you got' indian food" yes.

--"and i wan meatloaf," i wan a hamburger," " want a-- strip steak."

/ so then we tell 'em, "hey, try this you're gonna have that on the next stop anyway."

From cross country truckers& 12:33:54 - a cam 3 sitdown broll 16 "i don't kno how to rate it.

You know- one to ten?

I'm-- i mean, i'd say it's probably, you know, a good nine.

I mean, to locals like sheriff's deputies bill yates " if this is th area i'm patrolling, i know where i'm gonna stop to eat lunch.

Mintu's food has been a hit.

Deputy yates is partial to both the yellow curry - and the broader field of vision - that comes with it.

121450 - a cam 3 sit down broll 09 "it's bringing th world here rather than keeping our world small.//" áá stictly speaking the restaurant accounts for a small part of mintu's revenue - strictly speaking.

11:21:12 - a cam 3 sitdown broll 03 "i would say 5 to 10% at the most-- 10%.

So why bother?// well, this is a-- this is not a whole picture.

So they would come in and spend rest $500, $600 on fuel because they know they can get their meal they desire from last 800 miles here."

No surprise for you that you can create all that stuff in the middle of a truck stop on i-80?

Well, that was the plan.

So we succeeded.

&all it took was for mintu pander to trust his gut - and those of hungry truckers driving by& ja cbsn laramie wyo the christmas season is officially underway - with parades and tree lightings.

And at the white house this year's theme, "the spiri of america," is tribute to the traditions, customs, and history that make our nation great.

Designed by first lady melania trump, the white house decorations celebrate the individuals who have shaped our country and kept the american spirit alive.

The east wing is home to the gold star family tree.

The east garden room displays the first family's annual ornament and christmas card.

Upstairs in the east room, for the 52nd year the white house cr?che is on display.

The official white house christmas tree takes its place in the blue room measuring over 18 feet tall the state dining room includes the gingerbread house featuring the south portico of the white house and landmarks from across the country, including the golden gate bridge, space needle, mount rushmore, the alamo, gateway arch, liberty bell, and statue of liberty.

Idina menzel isn't just on big screens as the voice of elsa in "frozen two."

T singer has a new christmas album out, where she's joined by a "frozen" co-sta rick damigella gives us a listen.

Idina menzel has unwrapped her second set of christmas songs on the new album, "christmas: a season of love.

"i was working on some ne music, original music with my friend jonas myrin, who's an incredible songwriter, and we wrote this song called 'at this table.,' it's a ballad, but it's of sort about inclusivity and acceptance and forgiveness."

"once we ha written that song i wanted to go and start curating other music and i wanted to explore some big band music which i love and i used to sing when i was younger and i don't get to sing as much anymore."

Menzel duets with several singers on the album, including billy porter, ariana grande and her "froze two" co-star josh gad."

"'we wish you th merriest' which i had frankly never heard before, but i guess it was this song that was sung by bing crosby."

"i would hav sung 'happy birthday' with her.

I have been obsessed with idina menzel since i was in high school and i saw her in 'rent,' and then subsequently when i saw her in 'wicked,' and to now all these years later get to call her not only my co-star but my friend is just such an incredible gift."

Feeling merry in hollywood, i'm rick damigella.

We'll be right back to wrap things up.

Thatnd m that and more on the next midmorning.

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