I’m Dating 4 Guys – And Now I’m Pregnant
I’m Dating 4 Guys – And Now I’m Pregnant

A POLYAMOROUS woman has vowed never to go back to monogamy after finding love in four separate partners.

In Jacksonville, Florida, 20-year-old Tory Ojeda resides with three of her four partners; Travis, 23, Ethan, 22, Christopher, 22, and Marc, 18.

Despite being in an open relationship, Tory is currently the only one who has multiple romantic partners.

However she says that her boyfriends are “welcome” to pursue other people if they wish to.

She even encourages the idea.

Tory told Barcroft TV: “Honestly, I would love it if somebody found a second partner.” Seven months ago, Tory found out that she was pregnant with a baby girl who they will welcome into their unconventional family in February.

“Chris is the biological father.

We just know that because of timing and when the approximate conception date was,” Tory explained.

“But as far as I guess, socially goes, we're all raising the baby together, so everyone's dad.” Despite their enthusiasm to raise a child as a five, some members of their respective families are yet to come around to their relationship and to the pregnancy news.

Christopher said: “My family is slowly coming around to the idea.

The pregnancy has helped with that.

But at the very beginning, I know my mother and father were hesitant about it.” However Ethan’s family are “very active” in their support, along with Tory’s older brother, Alistair.

After having to overcome judgement in public spaces, Tory hopes that she will eventually see more acceptance of polyamory in wider society.

She said: “I’ve had people just say rude comments when we've just been hanging out at a fast food place.

Maybe in our future, we might see it become a common thing where people don't bat an eye on it anymore at all.

One can hope.”