Taco Bell robber makes himself a meal and has a nap

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Taco Bell robber makes himself a meal and has a nap

Taco Bell robber makes himself a meal and has a nap

LAWRENCEVILLE, GEORGIA — A burglar who broke into a Taco Bell in Georgia made the opposite of a quick getaway after he made himself a snack and then had a nap.

According to ABC News, the Gwinnett County Police Department released photos and surveillance video of a guy who broke into the Taco Hell on Dec.

25, because they need help locating him.

Surveillance footage shows the man crawl through the drive-thru window around 12:15 a.m.

After getting in, he then makes a run for the — fryers, which he proceeds to turn on.

The taco thief then walks into the cooler and comes out with a whole mess of food, which he then whips up and scarfs down like a champ.

That's apparently when he gets hit with a serious case of the itis, which knocks him out for a good couple of hours right on the floor.

Sleepy head finally wakes up from his slumber around 3 a.m.

He then five finger discounts a laptop and a tablet, before making his way out the back door, which triggers an alarm.

When the cops showed up on scene, the burrito bandito was nowhere to be seen.

Officers were called back to the fine dining establishment when it opened because a manager found the suspect's headphones and black beanie cap.

The manager told police that the suspect might have worked at Taco Bell before as he knew how to use the fryer and where all the fine quality food was located.

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