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Sunday, February 25, 2024

Scott Chase

Credit: WDEF CBS Chattanooga, TN
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Scott Chase
Scott Chase

KZ 106 personality Scott Chase joins Chip & talks about the surprise announcment that he'll be inducted into the Tennessee Radio Hall of Fame.

10 year old in florida got to become a real life super hero my friend had to say about scott.

Of course the afternoon host on chattanooga's classic rock easy 106 and scotts could be joining us periodically when just continues her maternity leaves will be going to get som driver seat little bit early show you the ropes.

All is you megaliths doing well about that thank you so we can my spectacular.

You know how it wa a do the one at the moment to tell you.

For those of you who don't know we got to surprise scott this past weekend saturday tivoli theater just before the kansas concert.

Scott found out he is going to be among the latest inductees in the tennessee radio hall of fame.

Have a look at this and many major and love and be a one priceless night i was so have and see the look of surprise an it was a total shock.

It really was.

I mean, it was a busy day.

The home so we can route their went home and got ready and down in the corner of the station for kansas viewer there my pup will in a deluxe kansas program pick up whatever my youngest son mason drops julie and i off.

I put nothing feeling nothing happened in the end so we don't station in that and then just at home and then we walk out.

Am i melissa tanner's restaurants were walking out your car floating.

It was the boom and loose leaves.

There is doing video and we put daughter programs or conversation elevated dispositions radio station to dir.

Marketing promotion.

Additional housing white to go.

Dr. manny got the cameras and social way to go away when you really grab and g for still just anything is going on until chemical mix enough.

What you think when you heard those words come out of her mouth ... well you know ... i did no fun.

Make it or not i almost reserved figure.

I wasn't a get the house with that of the of of everything together would send it off and i was lik what you know i don't get in that's okay family, my muscles and your legal matter, but will inform the real one for the when it happened.

I was shocked you referred a moment to go to your oldest son lives in richmond ready to and unbeknownst to scott, his wife and a couple other folks managed to pull off his son actually coming in town we will share that with you as well ... no seriously i did not know it makes me feel what to say really.

I really don't know wha say what i and here's the cool thing.

My wife and and mason and tanner are both the outcome was about to say something about me there at the really happy ... and then at one point scott see his older son, and you had no idea it was coming to know when i got.

I have no i that he can use one of those but yeah well that's so that's how we tried t design the whole thing and hopefully came off that way as well.

We are long overdue and will do well thank you.


Five years on page 16 i came started on new year's day in 1985 and is just been a blessing chattanooga just becoming a better place to be today and i wasn't a long time ago but just in iowa is it's absolutely what you're going ou with such great cesar wing will john ward, voice of the eyeball for gosh how many years tried here in town few.

The lender or by the freedom bird and jean love and scott shannon just had a really cool people there in the 20 mill you get to step up on the stage become a member.

The rest of your life more hour of what an honor.

Thank you.

I think you put all that together the other night and back to kelly mccoy and my family.

Julie does being so supportive great moment in a few tears coming ou my sweater, so julie you may summon tanner altogether.

That was early in the indelible family yellowing moment.

It was for mom my last momentous birthday julie through the party.

I had no idea you can have.

I must be virgo judge i will if you did catch already knew beforehand by trying to regulate a big thanks to louis lee to l2 l images is his company.

He also works for you guys a great job.

Great job with the video so all sorts really really cool things happen at tivoli which by not been a sellout, but their work but jus to have a look to his left, right, it was so fascinating because the bailout is presentational states that we had to jump through.

The defendant is so the basket were to go on stage and their same way.

What ago to myself like well kansas is accurate, abrasive and hopefully as we closer to the induction time will be able to show you some o that video of kids in school 20 oh scott was a pretty drama yet with ottawa.

Kate was six.

Some of the finest listeners on planet earth.

You i was at the home show i was talking about the german language got spread the word about his company is a roofing company and he said you know all of the all which is 16 listeners.

We do work for our of the nicest people i've ever met not that much of the other yard they are great great people.

I do know that complement to our you and your staff so congratulations.

I want to guid our larger here.

Stick around and talk about the story here.

See this or not but it's his 10- year-old down in florida to become a real-life superhero, thanks in part to the make-a- wish foundation got stolen them over the years.

This is gage pike mail gauges got a pretty rare tissue abnormalities is recovering from open-heart surgery ... told folks that he wanted to be alone but superhero to help people out.

While the server will gage with morrill gage.

You about that the other one county sheriff department offic staging a robbery at a bank so the bridge could sell to break even equipped with laser still been dad the bad guys nice and not only to stop the robbery.

Also, the defined the rescue.

The far victim and likely to get woodbridge up from the make-a- wish mirror is really a very worthy cause her to euros.

Talk about the lot, especially our morning show lot on tuesday 106 stone ugo w i europe well thank you bridget.

It is a good basis i guess is anyway gradually

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