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Midmorning With Aundrea - March 26, 2020 (Part 1)

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Midmorning With Aundrea - March 26, 2020 (Part 1)
Midmorning With Aundrea - March 26, 2020 (Part 1)

(Part 1 of 2) Community members in Starkville are helping the shortage of protective equipment at the hospital by sewing face masks.

And they cover 2/3 of the earth's surface but scientists still know little about clouds.

We look at a scientific team that studies them in-depth on the Caribbean island of Barbados.

And a dad finds his son's first baseball card.

>> they like many medical facilities, och regional medical center in starkville has been facing a shortage protective equipment in recent weeks due to the corona virus.

In an effort to help those health care workers, some community members are helping out by sewing face masks..

And thanks to social media - some local people are volunteering their personal time to help make face masks for those workers at och.

Bobby martinez spoke to the women who started the initiative on facebook.

"they told us the have a two week supply of masks."

A shortage of masks has healthcare workers on edge.

And in a time when americans are being told to stay home to avoid any potential spread of the corona virus... social media has been crucial to spreading the word.

"it started wit the girl scouts troop 20230 first got really excited and reached out to och and we found others have reached out so we combine forces and we started posting on facebook and immediately people started getting excited."

Emily marett, who helped create the facebook page "starkville se strong" - says th page became an immediate hit.

But getting the number of masks need by och, is going to take a team effort.

"we know that oc needs 500 masks as soon as possible so that's our first priority and once och is served we are going to hopefully get masks to other healthcare providers that are in desperate need as well."

Holly fron, who helped marett stitch together this issue... says health care workers are on the frontline in the fight against the virus.

"i have quite a fe friends actually who are nurses at och.

Who are nurses all over the state, all over the world even.

And just knowing that this is such a global worldwide cris, i cannot go to china and help those over there but here in my locality i can i can do good and that's my main goal."

Fron says anyone who is interested in sewing masks for och must follow this one rule..

"they do not wan people going to och with their donations.

They do not want people going up to the hospital who do not need to be there."

If you're wondering how you can help, that information is on our website... with so many people working from home, animal shelters and rescue groups across the country have been flooded with foster and adoption requests at unprecedented levels.

But as nancy chen reports, the need to get these pets into homes is now more urgent than ever.

For more than a year, the holzers in maryland had been looking to adopt a dog -- and en came the news that everyone in the family would suddenly be staying home.

"my husband and both work full time.

We just didn't know how we'd manage integrating a puppy into our family and house- training the dog, and i just thought wow, we gotta do it now!"

Through lucky dog animal rescue in washington d-c, they brought home two-month-old "georgie," w quickly became a member of the family.

"what a silve lining for my children, who are out of school -- there's this scary virus going around, they can't have playdates miracle for us!"

Rescue groups and animal shelters say they're getting offers to help out like never before - and the need could grow... if owners suddenly become unable to care for their pets...or shelter staff is reduced.

If people aren't in a place to make it a more permanent decision, there are still other ways to help -- like fostering: bringing home a pet until they're ready for adoption.

Sarah brasky is the executive director of foster dogs, inc -- placing thousands of dogs each year in new york city homes.

"we're actuall flooded right now with people interested in fostering."

Through virtual adoption events, her group and others nationwide have been working nonstop to get as many pets into homes as possible..

"there ar shelters around the country that are mobilizing in ways that they've never done before where they are saying it is so urgent that we get all our animals out of our facility and be able to take in new animals and get these animals into safe places because we don't know what the next days/weeks will be."

Erin trotta usually only fosters on the weekend...but she's now hosting 10- month-old mastiff mix "bubba" ful time, as she works from home.

"it's definitel made a difference in my day to day life.

Just having someone who's there for me, keep me entertained, make me laugh."

It's certain uncertain times.

Nancy chen, cbs news, new york.

Each year, about 6.5 million dogs and cats are taken in by shelters nationwide, according to the a-s-p-c-a.

Rescue groups say they're also in need of donations right now.

The tupelo-lee humane society has come up with a clever way to allow residents to foster pets at their shelter without having to get out of their cars.

Wcbi's chad groening has details.

The new facility on cliff gookin boulevard was bustling with activity as area residents took advantage of the drive through fostering program.

The tupelo-lee humane society, like every one else, is having to cope with the fear and uncertainty brought on by the coronavirus cris.

"obviously we ar restricting all of our public operations as far as people walking through the facility and things of that sort in order to keep our community safe as well.

So we decided to do a foster drive through.

And what's so great about this is that people can kind of pull up they don't even have to get out of their vehicle.

There's a brief questionaire and some counseling that we do with them.

And we set them up with a pet that's actually going to be suitable for their lifestyle for the next thirty days."

But allred says they encourage foster families to consider permanent adoption if possible.

"the reason tha we're doing this is so that these animals are in a home and that way we're not so overwhelmed here.

But definitely if anybody that takes home a foster pet you know decides after thirty days that they've been missing something in their life that maybe it's this sweet little four legged creature that they've taken home.

By far if anybody can't keep that pet we're already working over here inside the building making sure that we're marketing that baby for adoption if it's available for transport and it qualifies we're going to continue to try to push them out into homes.

But the foster does have first choice and it's a wonderful experience for them to have."

Staci morgan of tupelo thought it was a good time to foster a pet.

"this is my firs time fostering a dog.

I'm at home.

I have a lot of time at home especially with the coronavirus everybody is inside and i thought i need to do something.

I need to do my part and even if it's just for awhile, i think i can give a dog a good home.

I'm going to grow attached to her, i'm going to want to keep her i know i am."

Tammy long of blue springs decided to foster a shelter dog even though she already has a collection of pets at home.

"we'll we're anima lovers and just want to help out in this time.

There's lots of pets in need and especially during this time they're not getting the social interaction since the shelter's closed."

Kelsey torres made the trip all the way from starkville to foster a dog.

"i've always wante another dog.

I have one right now but we figured we'd step out and help foster to help the dogs in the area.

" why do you think its important especially with what's going on around the world today?

"well wit everything shutting down i feel like it's important to come out here and either adopt or foster so these dogs have a home to go in case the city has a quarenteen or something like that so that way they do have a loving family to be there with."

Chad groening, wcbi news, tupelo.

Look up.

How clouds and climate work together next on mid morning.

They cover, on average, two thirds of the earth's surface, but scientists still understand precious little about clouds.

Most climatologists believe they hold the key to unlocking the mysteries of climate change.

Recently, an unprecedented study was launched to explore them.

It all took place as far east as you can go in the caribbean islands, the most ideal place to do it, and jeff glor was invited along for an up close look.

It's the dead of night on the caribbean island of barbados & &.

But for the crew of noaa's orion p-3 aircraft ... "let's start th engines, get up, and go ..."

... the day is just getting started.

"i do have mm up.."

This hurricane hunter usually flies into monster storms to learn how they grow & "let's go ahead an turn and start climbing ..."


But tonight, its team is dropping remote sensors & & almost 60 of them over 8 hours & "i'm going to hea that sound in my sleep for weeks!"


To gather scientific data about a subject that only becomes visible with the rising sun & "so where w wanna be is just below cloud base ..

" "it looks lik there's some cells lining up ..."


The white, puffy cumulus clouds this tropical region is famous for - clouds that may be the crucial missing puzzle piece for anyone trying to predict the rate of climate change.

"if we don' understand clouds, can we ever be accurate in climate modeling?"

"no, as a matte of fact, you can't.

Because they're a huge part of the climate system."

"e-vacs releas combo now ..."

Chris fairall is noaa's lead investigator in an unprecedented 6- week long science exercise called atomic.

"this is th biggest large scale, open air cloud laboratory on the atlantic."

"you're as fa east as you're gonna get here, which is why barbados is-- is the spot to do this."

"that's right ..

... it's a sweet spot for doing this kind of thing" "you're floodin the atmosphere with just about everything i can think of, i mean, it's drones ...."

"... two, one ... " we brought out you know, a fleet of ships and aircrafts and weather balloons, everything we could think of."

" ..

That's the ide is just to try to get as many different data points?"

"right clouds may live in the air, but they're created by conditions far below, on and beneath the surface of the ocean.

So to fully understand them, you need a ship & "how you doing i'm jeff ..."


Noaa has one & the ron brown, a state-of-the-art floating science platform.

"this is a heavil instrumented surfboard" dr. elizabeth thompson runs the science program on board.

" ... it's surfboard that's taking these incredibly complicated measurements?"

"i don't think human would enjoy surfing on it but the instruments do a really fine job."

"the issue wit tropical clouds is they're really shallow ... ... and so it's really difficult for our satellites properties of those small little clouds right."

Instead of relying on satellites, thompson and her team unleashed dozens of remote vehicles across hundreds of square miles of ocean for six full weeks.

"most of the hea in the global climate system is at the equator.

Where the suns beats down is the most strong on the ocean surface gets-- has to get dissipated somewhere.

Clouds are like air conditioning systems. clouds are trying to redistribute energy."

"the globa models that are tasked with predicting sea level rise in florida, how hurricane strength will change in 100 years of determined on how well we can predict weather in the tropics" "the tropic affects everything else?

Et: "yeah ... ... the rate at which the earth warms is really dependent on how these clouds work, and that's why we're here."

"my team ha instruments for measuring temperature, humidity, wind ...."

But thompson is not alone here.

The project is multinational, involving british, french and german scientists ... "that's our mos sophisticated instrument ..."

... including bjorn stevens, who's been studying clouds from the barbados cloud observatory for more than a decade.

"these sort o clouds are very interesting because they regulate earth's energy budget quite a lot.

So if you change these type of clouds a little bit it influences the climate.

And so as the climate warms the real question is what happens to these sorts of clouds?"

"if you fill it to full it bursts too soon, right?"

Stevens hopes the data collected here will help climate scientists narrow down the wide range of predictions about how much the planet will warm and how fast.

"i'll go launch i now, huh?


Some forecast a worst case scenario where these clouds, and the protection from sunlight they provide, disappear completely as we pump more c-o-2 into the atmosphere.

" ... and that'l lead to more sunlight at the surface which will enhance or increase the pace of warming.

But the models treat these things pretty crudely ... and we're here to see if we can figure out what's right."

"oh, here we go.

Think we're already in the cloud layer" "you see cloud every day and you don't think at what a massive role they play?"

"yeah, that's righ ... ... i'm, like, a guy that builds radars and flies on airplanes and tries to understand one cloud at a time ... ... i'm just, like, one of the guys out there pushing that -- my little rock up the hill" "you get gidd when you're talking about clouds?"


I'm miste cloud now."

And of it means barbados, typically known as a destination for sun-seekers ... "one, two, three ..

" ..

Is now gaing fame as a place for cloud-hunters too.

May be sitting out the spring.

But one dad has found a way to enjoy his son's success.

Matt baumeister is a baseball card enthusiast and he couldn't believe it when he found his son's first card.

Staying in shape while staying at odds of's first card is astronomical jackson's cars comes out and were so amped up that's my son and i got one of them in jacksonville florida of my son of his first court in its critical but couldn't find one the marketing director reaches out to me that he goes to multiple boxes of stars & stripes did not come across one jackson card one i rember hearing in the back that out at three years old a plane at the local park seem on a national level it is humbling now the search is on for another keepsake i guess people get those guards staying in shape while to staying at home as people are asked to stay home from work, school and public businesses due to the coronavirus threat -- area athletes and coaches are trying to find normalcy during this new reality wcbi sports' courtney robb has more " the cdc continues to spread the word of staying home in hopes of slowing down the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Many communities are taking that advice, closing schools, and non- essential businesses, such as gyms. however, that leaves many, whether it's parents or student-athletes, without access to their accustomed traditional exercise.

Thomas berkery: "it's strange.

I puts them in a place they're not used to.

For a lot of people they don't really care how nice the gym is they just know it's their place, it has the machines they're comfortable with."

When berkery isn't coaching at starkville academy, he runs the starkville swing batting cages.

As a former mississippi state diamond dawg and minor league player, he knows how vital consistent practice is for young athletes.

That's why berkey has left the starkville swing cages open.

Berkery: "it almos resembles what it's like when you're in pro-ball.

During the offseason, your coach sends you home, and your organization sends you a packet they want you to be working on, and it's up to you to do it.

I'm sure there will be kids who slip away and get lazy on us, but a lot of our guys get after it."

Houston head football coach ty hardin can relate to that.

With the cancellation of spring football, hardin has been using social media to post workouts and keep his players active.

Hardin: "i kno they're probably bored at home.

I know they're going to find some way to work out and have something to do.

I've had several kids text me saying 'coach, i've knocked my workout out today --what else can i do?'

Hardin isn't only focused on keeping his players up and moving but also his four-year-old daughter, evie.

One way hardin has been doing that is by implementing the "coron combine," wher evie has been showing off her 40- yard dash.

Hardin: "as football coach, during season, there's not much time you get to spend with your family.

I'm trying to use this time to create some memories you might lose in the future."

Courtney: "yo going to have your daughter ready for the nfl draft by the time this is over?"

Hardin: "she migh be.

She has that swag.

She's something else."

Social media has quickly become a trend and a tool for remaining active.

Challenges such as the "se ten, do ten, send ten" are popping u all over social media.

Glenn parker: "jus to see other people going through the same thing, they're going through and pushing each other to work out is very beneficial."

As a personal trainer, parker has taken to social media to promote exercise in the home and show his clients simple movements that require no equipment.

"squats, jumpin jacks, jump rope if you have it, push- ups.

There's plenty of things you can do without equipment.

I incorporate that into the workouts."

However, berkery says the most straightforward exercise for families is merely getting outside together.

Berkery: "get ou and do it with them.

That's what my kids love about it.

When we get out in the yard and see me running around or jumping, rolling in the mud.

I think it makes it more exciting."

Reporting in columbus, courtney robb wcbi sports.

High school sports in mississippi remain suspended at least through april 17th who knew it was so glamorous in genoa city?

A cast photo when

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