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Monday, May 27, 2024

Routine Changes

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Routine Changes
Routine Changes

President Trump has extended guidelines for social distancing until the end of April.

President trump has extended guidelines for social distancing until the end of april.

Now families are facing an extra month of staying at home to help flatten the curve of virus.

Our stephanie poole spoke with three families about how they're managing their new way of life.

Social distancing has placed a temporary hold on normal everyday routines.

People are now homebound and are trying to cope with this new change as much as possible.

" we're trying to keep the kids busy and somewhat educated while we're trying to get a-lot done.

So it's been stressful but good at the same time."

Amanda stone is a mother of 2.

After weeks of being at home, stone says her family created ways to stay active and connected with friends and family.

"we go to the wildlife refuge alot, we walked around our neighborhood alot, and we are lucky where we have a big backyard.

They can do painting and water activities and stuff outside.

My older son is 4 and he has been zooming with his classmates a few times so that's has been helping him see his friends and get some interaction."

However, others say social distancing is creating more stress than usual.

" i have to work from home so that's been a challenge mentally."

Parker lee says he and his wife have to rotate different rooms in their home to utilize the amount of space.

And they try keep a normal routine everyday.

" keeping a sleep schedule semi- regular right?

Don't sleep until 10, get up at 8 like you normally would, get some work done, get dressed, take a shower, just keeping some form of rhytm in their life is huge."

But for some people who live alone, the pressure of self- isolation is starting to kick in.

" i don't have any family here so the few family and acquitances that i do have i haven't been able to see much at all.

So it's gets a little lonely sometimes.

I'm reading articles and just trying keep up to date locally and nationally.

It's a little bit of a struggle but i'm just trying to stay positive."

All they can do now is wait and try stay in high spirits until quarintine is over.

These families say they will continue to practice these routines to keep a busy schedule.

Reporting in lowndes county, stephanie poole, wcbi news.

The cdc is still encouraging groups no larger than 10 people and to stay

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