Love Wins: Relationship Expert Nicole Moore

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Love Wins: Relationship Expert Nicole Moore
Life Coach turned Love Coach helps us make it thru weeks of unending quarentine.

Home others.

Jodie o'brien with how to deal with family and stress.

>> nicole moore is a well renowned life coach turned love coach.

She's taught thousands of people the in and out of of romantic relationships.

Here she is helping our navigate our loved relationships make it through quarantine.

Welcome nicole.

>> thank you for having me.

>> absolutely.

So, i can relate.

I'm working from home now and is my spouse and our children are here.

It's a big family.

We're trying to navigate.

There maybe not enough time to make sure everybody is well taken care of and loved like they need to be.

Give us the experiences that you have been having.

>> yeah.

I work from home too and have a toddler.

Here's what i can say.

First of all, you have to know you're going to get things in smaller doses.

You have to be okay with a little less work.

Focusing on what is less essential.

A little less love but trying to keep all the plates spinning at the same time.

Just not as much as they were.

We're in a pandemic people.

So, you just want to keep them, we want to make sure they're spinning just a little bit.

I instructed my clients who have kids that work from home.

I sit with my husband and say, what is our game plan for the day?

That helps the day go better if you have a game plan.

Everybody kind of knows, this is when i'm working.

This is when you're watching the kids.

If we don't have that, we already feel chaos right now.

Without a strict schedule we feel more chaos and everybody knows their place.

They know their rule.

So for instance right now i'm doing this.

My husband is watching our son.

When he comes back, we're going to rotate.

So it's all about getting together in the morning and saying here's what i need.

What do you need?

And how can we come together and create a schedule that makes sure as much as possible we get the things that we need knowing they might be in smaller doses and we have to be okay with that.

>> absolutely.

I know the roles we have a typical every day home.

Just kind of have changed because of quarantine.

What advice do you have about maybe like alternating the bulk of the work and making sure that everybody is in a good place mentally?

Do you have advice for that?

>> yes.

This is the time to check our egoes.

And come together and collaborate.

We shouldn't be enemies against each other.

The enemies out there, the virus, we're trying to protect ourselves from the virus.

So in my household for instance.

I find myself doing a lot of work right now.

While my husband is watching my son.

As the mamma, i have to have a conversation with myself and say, this is okay for this moment right now.

I am still the mom.

I'm still my son's favorite.

It's okay.

But you know it's beautiful because my husband and my son are getting a chance to bond even more.

So rather than looking at it as i'm missing out on something, i have to be the provider and the person who cares for the home or whatever it is.

This is a beautiful opportunity to open up different aspects of ourselves.

I'm not a cleaner.

I don't know how to run the dish washer, but i have been finding joy in being the person that sprays the counter tops and wipes them.

I understand i have to give a little bit right now in terms of cleaning to help everything stay together.

So i'm just trying to find a little joy in that aspect of myself.

So it's an opportunity to open up other sides of ourselves and there's good to comes out of it.

If we look at it if we're a team, we're partners.

We will make sure to get through this as healthy and sane and connected and loved as we can, then it's a beautiful

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