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Sunday, January 23, 2022

Tupelo Distance Education - aired May 20

Credit: WTVA ABC Tupelo, MS
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Tupelo Distance Education - aired May 20
Tupelo Distance Education - aired May 20
May 20, 2020

>>> good morning and welcome toe a ba.

About today i'm joined by miss danielle rat live the tupelo high school.

Music teacher and show choir director.

For all ages for all grade levels for everybody to have have as music, make us feel goo and all different technique that is you use with music.

>> yes.

So are you ready to get started?

I'm ready.

>> all right.

Well, let's miss a beat.

No pun intended.

Let's get started with music with ms. rat live >> okay.

So um i want to start with technology related activities.

So, we're going to go ahead and start.

First one that i have is this really awesome website called incred box.

It talks about an improvisation or utilized improvisation for students and no fear.

A lot of times we talk improvisation you come up with something off the cuff.

That can be very scary for students.

They don't want to get it wrong.

Nobody wants to get anything wrong.

So this a 92 fear improvisation app.

And website.

You can do both.

You can talk about forms like the structure of the songs, texture, how thin or thick a texture how many layers of voices you have.

Also you can talk about interfering a parts you can listen to how a bunch of different sounds combine together to make song.

So you can just shut out some of the voices and hear some of them you can add to it just really cool.

So, you just go ahead and click and you will come up to the website, and if you scroll down try web version i've already clicked on one to make sure that we went ahead and got pulled up.

So, basically, little guys pop up.

And all of the little icons you see at the bottom or different beats, different sounds different voices, baselines and all you do is click and drag.

>> so you kind of create your own orchestra or band.

>> you do.

Just keep clicking and you keep adding.

You can never get it wrong.





We have ad ad texture here because all of them are singing but i can make a thinner texture because i can make it take away voices in big context of song >> it's pretty neat you can keep adding to it and record yours and make it a complete song you can listen to other people.

And you can hear their songs and share them.

And you can even go as far as unlocking different songs.


You're enjoy it that much but they do have free web version, that is incred box.

When you introduce this to your students what are they wanting them to get out of this?

That program specifically?

I really enjoy that it really it's that no fear improvisation.

Really was creating and not being afraid.

I use it bell ringer sometimes.

And i is have them share their composition.


I think it's real fun way to not be afraid of improvisation.

You give them free license to be creative >> yes.

Be creative.


>> okay.

So getting back to our keynote.

So another technology activity would be to go to website music tech

Pretty cool because they have a lot of different less ones for music literacy how to read and write also music history a ton of fun games for both of those things.

So when you pull it up you come to this screen.

You can access all of the lessons by going to the lessons here on the tab.

And for games you get a quizzes and games.

And you click and just.

Holy moleya ton of games.

Super, super fun.

Going to reinforce prp note name invaders.

Going to reinforce note names on the trouble and bass clefs.

So to play, you play just like old space invaders.

>> oh love it.

I already died.

You play for a little bit.

And going to ask you a question.

The second space in the bass plus is c.

You know how to read music you bass clef will all cows eat grass from bottom.

Second space is c.

We will type right.f will all c grass from bottom.

Second space is c.

We will type right.

You kind of get graded questions and playing.

Your answer correct.

Then, no then you get to play more if you don't die like i do.

>> this is why i'm not a gamer.

Anyway so there are just ton of games on that.

Space invaders this basketball games, there's soccer, there's something for everybody.


Aids in learning process.

Yes to make it fun.


All about fun.

>> i had that when i learned how to play piano.

>> right.

Me too.

Me too.

>>> all right.

And that is it for our technology related activities.

Then we have some other activities that are for our people that might not want to use technology or don't have access.

Going back old fashioned way.

Going back old fashioned way.

>>> all right.

So the first thing that we're going to do is talk about high sounds versus low sounds.

>> okay.

Sometimes i find that students get confused with high and low.

They confuse that with loud and soft.

High and low sounds, it refers to pitch.

>> okay.

So it's, going to be a real high sound up here, or real low sound down here.

Not exactly volume.

Loud or soft.

So basically, we just want to make sure that we're reinforcing high versus low.

Some high examples would mickey mouse his voice.

Hello boys and girls real high voice or bird's chirping low sounds would like lion roar a gong a large bell.

So we have a little science experiment to talk about pitch dwa.

You will knee same size glasses a spoon, water, and food coloring is optional but who doesn't like food coloring.

We will use this today.

>> when you came in with all of your goodie bags i thought you were going to picnic on the show.

All right.

Are we're going to get set up and we're going to use magic of tv to do this.

When we have fun with water and pitch.

In just like that, here we are.

Here we are.

So you're going to want to find glasses that are all same.

First thing you will want to do is to tap each one make sure that they all sound the same.

Going listen to it.

>> does it matter.

Doesn't matter.

You're going to listen to what they sound like before you put anything in them.

And then, we're going to fill them with different levels of water, so i'm going to hand this to you to you.

We will go from no water to a little bit all the way to more water.


This much better than spanish class or art class where i had to draw a peacock that i'm still getting made fun of.

You can do it just like it if you don't have food coloring.

Let's use some for fun.

We will do red here in this one.

Art project next would be in rainbow after red we would have orange.

I don't know the rainbow.

Orange to make orange we're going to need we don't have primary colors, we're got to put red and yellow.

You can heist orange.

Then we have yellow.

Then we'll have a green.

>> rainbow and colors.

All things pretty and the fun.

All right.

If you would, quick stir real quick.

Doing a great job.

Appreciate it.

It's like you've done this before.

About to die easter eggs.

From here we're going to since a science experiment, we need to make hypothesis.

And so i will let you do that we're going to think about the water in each glass and think about which one do you think will sound higher which one is going to sound lower in pitch versus water.

>> i think the less water the higher pitch >> okay.

>> am i wrong?

And more water the lower the pitch?

>> okay let's find out.

We got to test the hypothesis.




That was interesting >> that doesn't surprise me.

Surprised me too.

That one didn't.

Oh, yeah.


So you were pretty much right.

More water definitely the lower the sound.

To make this a little bit more difficult for our more advanced musicians you could try to create a song with it you can do simple like mary had little lamb.

Try to fill it, to the right levels to create the right notes for something like mary had little lamb.

That would take lot of time and patience.

We will not make you do that today.

But it is a possibility.

Or you could just create your own song with or whatever you have here.

So yeah.

>> it neat to see that the pitch difference with the water glasses.

And it makes sense.

Because there's.

There's less air.

Liquid in there that take away pitch.

>> less places to resonate when you have more there's a lot residence areas without the water.

>> all right.

Is that eggs?

We don't have any eggs today i wish i would have brought some that would have been fun.

Awesome we're going to take quick break.

And music teacher and tupelo high school.

When we come back, she's got more fun projects for us to do again.

Welcome back.

Distance learning 101 i'm greg ellis i'm with music teacher hey tile.

You spent a lot time at the high school.

You're 2002 graduate of tupelo high school.

You went on to mississippi college.

Got your degree in music.

You went on to ole miss got your masters in music.

Music is just big part of your life >> it's everything to me.

I love it.

It's wonderful.

And of course you were involved in show choirs.

Show choirs ma ma dry gals choir you name it, i did it all.

Then when you went to college were you in group in college as well?

>> yes.

We had a collegiate choir we traveled across the nation really, really cool things.

So a good way to get a scholarship.


That's awesome.

Well, this has been a very unusual show.

And i promise you your tv is not messed up lighting we turned off lights here in classroom.

We're also here a church street filming and you were a student at church street.

>> my favorite building i love it so much.

So good to be back here.

Come full circle.

It has.

But did turn out the lights i'm really intrigued not told me what we're about to do.

A light show of some sort.

>> yes.

I will let you explain what we're doing here.

Perfect like i light show with music.

How can it get any better.

>> right we're goings to use light to talk about form today.

You will need two flashlights permanent park marker plastic wrap three rubber bands pick any song.

Today we will pharrell's happy.

We will tech you to you how make the little flashlights, let's talk form for a second.

Form is the overall structure of a song.

So different parts of the pop song are generally called a verse, chorus, and a bridge.

Musicians call these different sections by letter names.

First section called a, second one is b, if there's next section we call it c.

Any time you hear something different you have in order heard before we call it next letter name.

So, it's kind of like a builder when they build a house they need a house plan.

This is the plan for the song.


So, yeah.

So we look a this song happy.


When you look at the very first verse, we can see i put it in blue on screen because we're going to use a blue color with our flashlight.

All right.

So any time you hear a verse, we're going to flash our blue lights.

And any time we hear a chorus we're going to flash our red lights.

And then, when we hear the bridge, bridge will be r c, and we will do our clear, clear lights.

So the form is a, b, abc, b c d d.c.

Kind of long but if you listen to a lot you will hear it.

So just to make sure we understand what the different sections are, let's go ahead and play those little sections so you know what they are when they come up.

>> okay.

So, very first section sounds like this.

That's our a section.

Our b section sounds like this ?




Because i'm happy ?


>> that's an our b >> i'll number good mood today.

>> b section and c section, the bridge it sounds like this ?


>> called bridge because you pull the two together?

>> yes.

Look at you.


So, the way that we're going to put these together is just with simple flashlights get dollar store permanent marker and a little bit of plastic wrap.

We will put those together real quick.

>> flashlight.

You'll take one of these little pieces.

Love plastic wrap.

Just put it over the top carefully.

And then you put a little rubber band.

Looks like little braces.

You will color top you could actually color right on right on flashlight.

Mom and dad might not like that.

So, just color gently on top.

So by time you get all of this put together after you've colored it when you shine it, it should show red or blue and then you have a clear one that is just white light.

So again, to go back over that, blue is going to be our a section.

Red is our b section.

And the clear is going to be our c section.

Sop once let's see.

How it's working out here.

You ready?

>> sure.

Move around.

Make circles.

Up and down.

Get ready.

Here we go.

Because i'm happy ?


Clap along if you feel like room without a roof.



Because i'm happy clap along if you feel like happiness is your truth ?


>> i like all of this.

>> that's right.

>> glitter.


You can make it real concentrated.

What's going to happen?

We're about about to go to our bridge.

>> whoa wp we go back to b.

Go back to b.



You just go through like that with different parts of the song.

Literally with any song.

Because they should all have repeating parts quite generally.


That is our light show for today.


All right.

>> all right.

You're going to do magic and make lights reappear >> and the magic appears.

That was lot of fun now you have another activity.

Explain why these activities are important too.

We're not just doing it to have fun on show but it learning tool for kids.

>> it is learning tool the whole point is to have fun while you're learning music.

It should be fun.

When i was planning all of this i had not put music with it yes ai was just going through this doesn't seem fun when he put music whole lot more fun we should having fun while we're learning we use music to make that fun learning process.

Something that really fun for kids to play the freeze game.

You can use any song from anywhere.

Whatever you want, and all you have to do is just play the song, and when ever they pause the music, the person has to stop.

Whoever dancing has to stop and freeze.

Just a freeze game we will do this today.

>> okay.

If you want to click on that one, all right.

Here we go.

>> a little jackson 5.

Very good.

All right.

So you could do this again.

We told you we were going to have fun today.

>> we beat you by half a second.

>> you did.

Good thing about that is they are working on their motor skills.

So they are moving.

They also have to learn how how to stop their body from suddenly being so it's control.



And you can work out during that.

Work out.

So getting up and moving.

So last activity is geared for really all ages.

But i think that our older students will really enjoy it.

>> okay.

It's just making a personal play list.

>> okay.

Sometimes words or not enough.

To express how we feel.

Music helps us express things.

So when you put music with words, it increase that meaning exponentially.

We don't always have to have words to express what we're feeling.

But, basically, making a play list if everybody has ever made one before mixed tapes back in day we were making some of those you just put together songs that have meaning for you.

Right now i think we are feeling a lot of thingsi put a small little play list together for myself.

Basically it's been really nice outside.

And i'm never able to get outside like i am now.

I'm really enjoying my first song was walking on sunshine of course.

Because it's so pretty outside.

And i'm enjoying the nice weather.

We made it work this way.


>> the second one is, sometimes i wake up and i feel pretty chill but real happy but everything seems good of course that you had again in its right play.

Just really like, mellow, but, good.

>> yeah.

That's, that's how it feels for me.

>> sometimes i wake up i feel kind of sad.

I feel sad about what's going on.

Our world, people struggling.

And so i picked this song it's for strings by samuel barber.

Just the way that pool denotes the melody and long drawn out phrases it feels like pulling of my heart >> very emotional.

>> yes.

You can't listen to it without just oh.

Opera feel.

>> oh it's wonderful.

So good.

I love musical theater.

I picked one from a musical haitis town when chips are down.

You know when things are hard what are you going to do?

And that's kind of how i felt recently some days i've had to pick myself up.

And i like it because it has some irregular rhythms which is how things kind of feel right now sometimes.

And feels not normal.

And i enjoy of the percussion.

It's really speaks to me right now.

Also child who grew up in 90s, so sometimes you just want to have music that makes you feel good and fun.

And you can't have it without nirvana.

Just have to have it on there.

[ laughter ] fwru strags anger that guitar.

That's best i also really enjoy again, an acquired nerd i love choral music so much more than that for me i really feel like it acquires about bunch of people coming together do something bigger than themselves.

And they create this beauty by contributing their little part.

It's wonderful on eric whitaker my favorite current composer.

He's amazing.

Called waurth nights.

>> and really interesting.

Lyrics that are poetry.

He heard the poetry.

That somebody had written.

And he sat down in 30 minutes wrote this piece.

It is just incredible.

So, you can honestly you can either sit and make play list like i did you can write it out or keep a daily log.

That would be really interesting i think right now if you just picked a song today about sum up your day like end of everything really cool list of songs to remember.

To remember how we felt.

Just a lot of feelings i think going on right now.

Good way to express them.

>> absolutely great.

And, and a music, and technology.

We had it all.

Thank you so much for what you do for our students.

>> thank you.

Our music department.

We look forward to school getting back to normal and show choirs everything.

>> yes speak of show choir we still have auditions for next year a little bit different you want real quick tell us about that.


So audition will open up on friday the 22nd.

And submissions are due on the 29th.

And basically, the students who are pick a song that they think shows their vocal ability and/or range.

So they will just make a video of 60 seconds of whatever that is.

And then they'll learn a dance in 27th we'll up load a video and they will learn a dance teach it to themselves video themselves doing it and turn that in to complete their submission along with other forms. feels a little different but where we're at right now.

Until things get back to normal at least we have technology to be able to do it.

Very grateful for it.

Awesome thank you so much for joining us.

And we'll see you next here on distance learning

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