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Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Tupelo Distance Education - aired May 27

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Tupelo Distance Education - aired May 27
Tupelo Distance Education - aired May 27
May 27, 2020

By ashley >> good morning, welcome to another edition of distance learning 101.

I am greg ellis with the public school district.

We are so honored to be joined by ashley.

You have a lot planned for us today.

>> yes, i do.

>> welcome to the show.

I know you missed your kids and they missed you, too.

>> yes.

>> tell us about what you are teaching us today.

>> today we are going to just have many lessons on story elements and summarizing.

>> these are refreshers to sprint the student's brain throughout the summer.

As a parent, i have heard my three year old trying to learn abc's an learn songs.

I wanted to teach comprehension through story elements.

>> for a three year old.

>> awesome.

>> let's dive right in.

I am excited to read a little bit and comprehend and see how many characters we learn about today.

>> all right.

I chose the story in the buy because it lends itself to teaching things, story elements, anything you can think of literature wise.

So the first step of comprehension, we want to hone in on the pre-reading strategies.

So the title is enemy, what do you think this is about?

>> interesting title.

I could go in many different directions with that.

>> first thing i think of is the pie is going to come to life.

>> bright imagination.

>> whoo.

>> that sounds like something the students would say.

>> [laughter].

>> just grab an enemy.

>> describe an enemy?

>> someone you don't see eye to eye with at the same time you are in competition.

>> exactly.

How do we act around?

>> often times not very cordial.

>> it is not cardial at all.

What is the opposite of an enemy?

>> friendship.


Somebody you share interests with.

It is okay to share friends you don't -- but you see a lot today that is not the case.

>> that is an adult.

I am going to scroll down.

It should have been a perfect summer.

My sister at camp three whole weeks.

I was on the best baseball team in town.

Should have been a perfect summer but it wasn't.

It was all good.

Move to the neighborhood right next door to my best friend stanley.

I did not like jeremy roth.

He had a party on the trampoline.

I wasn't even invited.

My best friend stanley was.

I will stop and ask questions.

This is a reading strategy parents can use.

>> first is that we are introduced.

>> we have jeremy roth.

>> he is a newcomer.

>> stanley.

>> that is the boy's best friend.

>> who got invited to the trampoline party.

>> what i will have the kids do at home, i love striky notes, love them.


I was preparing to write the character's name.

That way we can keep track of the story elements while we are reading.

>> that helps with the reading comprehension?

>> i have the five fingers.

You can print this off online.

Many resources online.

I just google.

I wrote who, what, where, why, how.

Use paper and pencil.

What happens is the plot.

The key events.

For events or actions that happen in the story.

All right.

We left off my best friend.

As soon as he came along.

>> that will be what on the anchor chart?

>> that would be the setting?

>> exactly.

We know it is in the summertime.

>> i didn't mention he introduced his sister.

He hasn't given his name yet.

Would you identify them as characters?

>> yes.

The boy.

When he was my age, he had enemies, too.

He knew of a way to get rid of them.

I asked him, tell me how!

Off the kifrp -- [laughter].

So dad says he is going to show you how.

>> you maybe wondering what exactly is in?

I was wondering, too.

Dad said it was so secret he couldn't tell me.

I decided it must be magic.

Begged him to tell me something, anything.


Have we encountered a problem yet?

>> the problem is i don't want to say bullying.

Kind of a form of pullying.

We have identified the enemy.

Not being very nice.

>> okay.

So i read the first couple of paragraphs of the story.

Here i would have the students to again identify what happens in the story.

What else happens we can add if we were writing on our sticky note?

>> planned situation, he is looking for an answer, for help.

Dad obliges.

Pulls out the recipe.

It is how you handled, a way to deal with people.

>> that is a great answer.


I will tell you this, he said: enemy pie fastest known way to get rid of enemies.

I brought him weeds from the garden.

I brought him earthworms. >> i am ready.

I went out to play alone.

Never game back to me.

Also lends itself to character analysis.

What would be a character that described jeremy at this point?

>> enemy, bully, not a very nice person.



What would be an adjective to describe the boy?

>> kind kid.

>> but he is ready to unleash terror.

>> voice of reason.

>> yes!

Don't we all need that sometimes.

>> all right.

Before we continue, we are going to take a quick break when we come back.

This is -- 101, we'll be right back.

>> i am greg ellis, we have been reading enemy pie.

We are now at the point where the boy and the dad are creating the pie to go with enemy.

I would like to say proud west point product.

>> i am, go greenway!

>> i am.

>> ole miss, undergraduate.

Master's degree west alabama.

>> arkansas state university.

Let's get back to it.

>> we are continuing reading enemy pie.

This is a minilesson on summary.

I like to refer to my handy daddy anchor chart.

Also who, what, when, where, why, how?

Just depends on what type of text you are reading to determine which strategy you would like to use.

Parents at home can define a powerpoint.

Somebody that is the main character.

What did the main character want?

What happened in the story created a problem.

How was it what happens at the end.

I have to add finally.

If you go back to enemy pie.

I went out by a long shot.

It is going to be awful.

I tried to imagine how horrible.

Worse yet.

When i was in the backyard looking for lady bugs, i smelled something, really, really good.

It was coming from our kitchen.

I was confused.

I went in to ask dad what was wrong.

Dad was smart.

I could tell he made enemy pie before.

Here i think the boy is thinking this is enemy pie supposed to be terrible.

It is not.

He has mixed feelings.

How do you think he is feeling at this moment?

>> he was hoping jeremy was going to get the nasty pie.

Makes sense.

Put something nasty in front of me, i am going to eat its.

He is confused.

>> dad put on the other.

Pulled the pie out of the oven.

Good enough to eat.

I wasn't sure how this enemy worked.

What exactly did it do to enemies?

Maybe it made their hair fall out, breath stinky.

I asked dad what he was no help.

He filled me in on my job.

Talked about quitely.

One part of enemy pie i can't do in order for it to work from you.

You need to spend a day with your enemy.

Even worse, you have to be nice to him.

It is not easy.

That is the only way enemy pie can work.

Are you sure you want to go through with this?

Sounded horrible.

Scary, worth a try.

All i had to do is spend one day with jeremy.

I road my bike to the house.

Still on the other side of the screen door.

I was nervous, can you play i asked.

Mom walked around the corner to say how low, all right.

Let's go back to the second page we are going to talk about relevant and irrelevant details?

Everything is not important.

Irrelevant, non essential.

>> we were writing a summary at this moment would that be relevant or irrelevant?

Play on trampolines.

Threw them at the neighborhood girls.

Jeremy's mom made us launch.

I was having fun with the enemy.

Almost seemed nice.

Worked so hard to make this enemy pie like basketball.

He said he wished he had a basketball.

They didn't have room for one.

I let him win a game just to be nice.

I let him win again just to be nice.

Would that be relevant or irrelevant for our summary?

>> i don't think that would be relevant.

>> that is not relevant at all.

>> i would be.

Might be relevant for me, personally.

>> doesn't matter.

I can't play sports.

First thing jeremy noticed is my tree house.

If i sister wanted in, i didn't have to let her in.

If jeremy wanted in, can we go in, he asked.

I knew he was going to ask me that.

The only person on my enemy list.

He did teach me to throw a boom rang.

He did let me play on his trampoline.


I climb up ahead.

Exactly, he had to turn it off.

All right.

Would that be relevant or irrelevant.

>> that goes to the who, what, when, where, why.

That could be a why on our here somebody wanted so then finally i again free off the internet i wo will use after i read a part of the story.

Don't have to read the entire story.

If a parent wanted to have day one page one, page two day two.

Still lessons going on without the child being burned out.

Let's see what happens.

I had a check board clouds in the tree house.

My dad called us down for dinner, we pretended we didn't hear him.

Maybe jeremy wasn't bad after all.

Maybe we should forget about enemy pie.

After dinner, dad brought out the pie, i watched as he cut the pie into eight thick slices.

I was trying to get his attention.

I think he thought i was just pretending.

Side by side six pieces of pie.

He passed one to me and one to jeremy.

Wow, jeremy said.

My dad never makes pies like this.

He was my friend.

I couldn't let him eat it, don't eat it, it is bad pie!

His foot stopped.

Then why is it that he ate half of it.

Sure enough he was eating enemy pie.

Good stuff, he mumbled through and that was all he said.

I sat there and watching him eat enemy pie a few seconds.

I took the tiny taste.

Enemy pie delicious.

Jeremy rolled by.

I still don't know how to make it.

I still wondered if enemies hate it but i don't know if i i'll ever get an answer.

I just lost my enemy.

>> okay.

It was an enemy.

What he did to me key to the story making them spent the time together.

>> another story element would be theme.

What is the more mall of the story what lesson did he learn?

The boy learned they may not be.

Friendship, many things to this story.

That enemy pie's recipe.

We talked about relevant and irrelevant details throughout the book.

>> you have about 30 seconds, let's fly.

>> step one, save delicious pie.

Step two, spend the whole day with the enemy.

Step three be nice to your enemy.

Step four, have fun with your enemy.

Step five, realize your enemy is really a friend.

Step six, share pie with your new friend.

I never read that fast.


>> that was a fantastic story.

Especially this is for every age level.

Even old people.

>> it is.

>> who knows might get a new friend.

>> thank you so much.

I know miss them at peer street.

I know they miss you.

This took place in the summer any way.

>> right.

>> all right.

Thank you so much.


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