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Monday, June 17, 2024

Noon A block 07022020

Credit: WDEF CBS Chattanooga, TN
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Noon A block 07022020
Noon A block 07022020
Noon A block 07022020

The u.s. has surpassed 50- thousand new coronavirus cases in a single day.

Wednesday's total shatters the previous record of roughly 45- thousand cases, which was set just last friday.

California had the most new cases, with nearly 10-thousand.

Chris martinez reports from los angeles.

:13 :30 :35 :52 1:10 california is shutting down indoor service at bars, restaurants, wineries, and movie theaters in 19 of it's 58 counties to stop the surge of covid-19.

We just started getting business back and we're still only at 50 percent.

In the last two weeks, cases in california are up more than 48% .

And statewide, hospitalizations are up more than 50%.

We were able to bend the curve in the state of california we're gonna bend this curve again, here in los angeles county, the governor ordered all state beaches and parking lots to close over the holiday weekend.

He has also asked cities to cancel their firework shows.

Texas has the second highest number of cases.

Statewide nearly 7-thousand patients are hospitalized with covid.

We are really overwhelmed right now in the emergency department.

It's a very busy right now.

Covid-related deaths and hospitalizations in arizona hit all-time highs wednesday.

Lesslie lopez lost her husband, bacilio , last week.

I told him, when you get home, i'm going to buy you a really nice cold beer.

And he nodded, yes.

And then and then it just broke my heart because then he started crying and we just all started crying.

And that was the last time that we actually talked to him or saw him.

New emergency orders are in effect in florida, which has the third highest number of cases.

In miami-dade county, masks are now mandatory in all public spaces both indoors and- outdoors.

Chris martinez, cbs news, los angeles.

The miami-dade mask order does not apply to people who have respiratory conditions that make it difficult to cover their mouth and nose, people doing strenuous activities, such as jogging, and children under the age of two.

Georgia govorner kemp is having a "wear a mask" flyaround tour today encouraging everyone to follow the guidance of public health officials to stop the spread of covid-19 ahead of the july fourth weekend.

News 12 now's taylor bishop joins was their this morning in dalton and joins us live with more.

The governor's message this morning was clear ...wear a mask to stop the spread of covid- 19.

He along with other health officials stressed the importance going into the 4th of july holiday weekend.

In his plea to georgians the governor stated that he wasn't going to order a mask mandate just yet saying the people of georgia know what needs to be done to get numbers back down.

"it is a small sacrifice that we can make if we're out in a public setting, to drive the numbers down and get us back where we were just a few short weeks ago.

We can do that very quickly as doctor adams just said , that is really what my message is.

Is why were on this tour is to encourage people to do that and i think that's the way we should handle it."

Surgeon general adams spoke alongside kemp thanking health care professionals who are working during the covid-19 pandemic.

Adams also stated that minorities are being hit hard at this time, and it's important to communicate on a level that everyone understands.

Governor kemp and other health officials will also visit augusta and brunswick today.

Reporting live in-studio, taylor bishop news 12 now.

Both hamilton county and tennessee set record numbers of covid-19 cases on wednesday.

Governor bill lee said the state hit a new high of more than 18-hundred cases.

Five more people have died.

In hamilton county, there were 118 new cases yesterday.

The county's covid death toll remains at 30.

46 are hospitalized, with 18 in the i-c-u in hamilton county.

The coronavirus has led at least one restaurant in the tennessee valley to no longer operating as a full service dining room... community pie announced yesterday they will only be operating through take out right now.

The restaurant owners claim this will allow them to work in the safest environment and social distance.

If you plan to order take out at the restaurant.

They also ask that you wear a face mask when you pick up your take out order.

Time to check in with chip now for our first look at the weather.

Here's a live look from news 12 studios camera from atop the building on broad st., from the epb fiber optics, whether work a lot of white puffy cumulus clouds dotting the landscape an will continue to see this as we throughout the day a much nicer afternoon we had wednesday cloudy, gloomy, overcast most of the day.

Already we are at 85 degrees.

Humidity at 60.

Humidity at 63 percent.

The satellite and radar perspective not showing a whole lot of activity happening here and we won't see a great deal of activity popping up at any point during the day tellico dunlap coalmont and winchester still into the upper seventies 84 in rome and forgo will for factor in the humidity.

It feels like 90 here downtown 89, the heat index in rome feels like 90 as well and i'm in these heat inde numbers for us here in chattanooga later on today.

97 work 98 air-quality indexes in the moderate range of 51 pollen count remains low.

As i mentioned a few moments ago you do have some changes about seve- day forecast will tell you all about it.

Within minutes, thank you.

Tim often amount police an they have found the body of a man who has been missing or weak def needs 12 now delete well and is now live with the details on the investigation gentlynear si police say he has been missing since june 22nd.

Officials say david's body was found by a hiker on a signal mountain trail near his home.

Pio for signal mountain police department says this is never the outcome they want to find jennifer sullivan / pio "it's not easy ever to deliver this kind of news but in a good way it gives the family closure.

So they can end that chapter" police say once the medical examiner finishes the report then they will take the proper next steps in the investigation.

A chattanooga man is in jail in knoxville awaiting transfer to hamilton county in connection with a murder and attempted murder on june 22nd.

22-year-old montrell franklin, also known as montrell crayton, was arrested yesterday in knox county.

He and 22 year old tremaine dillard are charged with the shooting death of 31 year old robert dowdy and the wounding of another man on east 38th street.

Dillard is charged with criminal homicide and his bond is set at one-million dollars.

Still to come here on wdef news 12 at noon... chip says expect a dry fourth of july in the storm team 12 seven day forecast.

And later... how the nation's biggest retailer has teamed up with other business to transform their parking lots into drive in theaters???

Details are coming up in your moneywatch report.... but first, let's look at today's cleveland daily banner.

The paper reports... cleveland church doors closing again due to spike in covid-19 cases.... for more on these stories, check out

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